Grand Theft Auto V joins Xbox Game Pass on Xbox One today

GTA V (Image credit: Rockstar Games)

What you need to know

  • Grand Theft Auto V has joined Xbox Game Pass for Xbox One, Microsoft's Netflix-style subscription.
  • Xbox Game Pass for Xbox One starts at $10 per month, with an ongoing promotion granting three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $1. (opens in new tab)

Microsoft has kicked off the new year with an unexpected Xbox Game Pass arrival, welcoming Grand Theft Auto V to the Xbox One games library. Rockstar Games' open-world epic has joined the Netflix-style subscription service, available alongside over 200 titles under one flat monthly fee. It hits Xbox Game Pass as one of the Xbox One's most prolific series to date, still among top-selling and most-played titles six years from launch.

Grand Theft Auto V joins Xbox Game Pass after shifting over 100 million copies, still regularly topping sales charts since its 2013 debut. While a comprehensive single-player package kickstarted a bestseller, regular free updates with Grand Theft Auto Online have supported the title through 2020. And with the release of "The Diamond Casino Heist" in December, Microsoft opens the title to Xbox Game Pass subscribers on Xbox One.

Xbox Game Pass is available for Xbox One starting at $10, alongside a premium Xbox Game Pass Ultimate tier, bundling Xbox Game Pass for Xbox One and PC with Xbox Live Gold. That all-inclusive subscription is currently discounted to just $1 for three months (opens in new tab), providing an ideal entry point into Grand Theft Auto V, with an online membership to access the multiplayer features.

Microsoft also confirms existing Xbox Game Pass benefits translate to Grand Theft Auto V, including the 10 percent discount on in-game purchases. The Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack (opens in new tab) and Shark Cash Cards (opens in new tab) fall under those purchases, providing a head start on your GTA Online career.

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  • Hopefully Microsoft didn't pay too much for this one. Based on sales it's probably hitting market saturation soon.
  • Yeah I agree, but it still remains one of the best selling games each year, probably due to the sale prices.
  • They may not have paid much at all. It has been on PS Now, and just left. RStar got all the remaining people from Playstation, now time to finish getting Xbox players. Gotta eek out the last sharkcard sales. No real reason for thinking this, but it could be the final piece of GTA V and the start of GTA VI
  • Does MS pay a fix amount of money to get a game for some time or do they give money depending on number of downloads? Or some other way?
  • It would be nice to know.
  • The rates/deals are bespoke between studios, although understand Microsoft approaches the deals on a per-title basis. So sadly don't think we'll ever know.
  • Makes sense. Who doesn't own it by now? Rockstar makes all their money on this title with SharkCards.
  • I own only on PC.
    Later I bought Xbox One and I think It would be good to replay this stuff on Xbox One.
  • I have owned it on disc for a really long time but never actually played it, I actually might now (I'm often too lazy to put a disc in my console these days and just play digital).