The Grand Tournament expansion pack for Hearthstone is coming on Aug. 24

Blizzard has now confirmed that The Grand Tournament, the second expansion pack for its hit free-to-play collectible card RPG Hearthstone, will officially be released on August 24 in the US and Europe, and in Asia on August 25.

As previously announced, The Grand Tournament expansion will add a total of 132 new cards for Hearthstone players to purchase and collect. Blizzard is throwing in a new keyword, "Inspire" into the game as well.

Minions with the inspire keyword possess a special ability that may only be activated by using your Hero Power. Deploy them in force to gain tremendous value, or drop them at just the right time to give your play the perfect boost. Can you really inspire an ogre? Absolutely! It just takes finesse (or a ham).

There's still time to pre-purchase a 50-card pack from The Grand Tournament expansion, which will have a special card pack, for $50.

Source: Blizzard

John Callaham
  • Should be in the store...
  • I tried it, but I think magic is far better and more tactical.
  • Hearthstone is still pretty fun, being it available on phones and tablets/computers. You should try playing the actual card game from Blizzard: WOWtcg. We don't get around to playing it anymore, not to mention the cards and the game has been cancelled and no longer in production. It was one of my favorite card games.
  • Fair enough. I bought magic 2015 on xbox one last year and still play now. Its not that I dislike hearthstone. It was pretty fun. I just find myself reverting back to magic within an hour.
  • As an old Magic player I have to say I really enjoy Hearthstone. Its a different game, but has some aspects from Magic. What got me on to this game, is that after several years away from Magic, the game has evolved exponentially and its not easy to get back in the game. Last I really played Magic, Shivan Dragons were among the top creatures. I stopped with Magic sometime after the Tempest edition. Hearthstone has gotten me back in the "game"
  • I hope we got a WP app after that
  • Not to be negative, but I can't see Blizzard making the game for Windows phone 8.1 but wait until Windows 10 mobile.
  • Really hope to see it for W10
  • They'll bring it to WP after it's dead on all other platforms.