Great British Chefs help get kids involved in cooking with tailored Windows 8 app

Great British Chefs ( - Cooking With Kids is a sweet cooking companion app for anyone looking to prepare some dishes with children. The app itself delivers 210 easy-to-follow recipes, ranging from dinners such as 'pizza hearts', 'campfire chilli con carne' to special treats like 'bacon roly polies' and 'choux caterpillar'. There's something for every kid to cook and enjoy.

Following on the success of the Great British Chefs app, which is already available for Windows 8, Cooking With kids takes recipes from leading chefs and devises them to encourage kids to get more involved in the preparation and cooking of individual dishes. There are a range of How To videos available, also catering to children with some of the basic (alongside the more complicated) techniques covered.

Great British Chefs - Cooking With Kids

In this new app, developed for Windows 8.1, the team have improved the image quality of supported recipes, as well as the in-app search system. Snap View is also supported with more customisation regarding on-screen real estate and there's also Symantec Zoom included. Here are some highlights of the app:

  • Recipes include cooking times, equipment, cooking tips and clear method steps
  • Intuitive navigation and search functionality so you can find the recipes you're after, whether searching by category, course, complexity or chef
  • Share all of the recipes with friends via email and social charms
  • Full information on all the chefs and their restaurants
  • Shopping list allows you to combine all recipes and view the ingredients by aisle, recipe and email yourself or a friend the list if you prefer paper
  • Metric to US Imperial switch
  • Informative articles delivered straight to the app

Great British Chefs - Cooking With Kids is a great idea for an app to help get kids involved with food, be it preparation, actual cooking or just researching numerous dishes and ingredients. You can download Great British Chefs - Cooking With Kids from the Windows Store. You can also pick up the standard Great British Chefs app from the same store.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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