This great Microsoft Teams feature is finally making its way from Windows 10 to Mac

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What you need to know

  • Microsoft Teams on macOS now supports sharing system audio within calls.
  • The feature is rolling out now globally and should be available to everyone within a few weeks.
  • The option to share system audio within meetings is already available on Teams for Windows 10.

You can now share your system audio within Microsoft Teams on Mac in meetings. The feature makes it easy to share audio from video files and streams when you're in a meeting. The feature is rolling out globally now and should be available for everyone over the coming weeks.

Mike Tholfsen, product manager on the Microsoft EDU team, shared a video of how to set up system audio sharing on a Mac.

Microsoft Teams on Windows 10 already supports sharing system audio within meetings. With support for system audio sharing, you can share YouTube videos, local videos, and other content within a meeting.

Turning on system audio within a meeting is fairly simple:

  1. Open the share tray of Microsoft Teams.
  2. Toggle the option for "Include computer sound."

Tholfsen's video only shows how to set up sharing system audio once you're already in a meeting. If the feature works the same way as it does on Windows 10, you should be able to set up sharing system audio in the settings before you enter a meeting.

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