Groove Music update makes creating playlists a bit easier

If Groove Music is your music app of choice, you've got some new playlist features to play with thanks to its latest update. An update now rolling out everyone includes some new ways to help you create playlists.

Groove New

Here's a look at what's new, according to the release notes:

  • Create a playlist: Pick artists and genres, and we'll help you make a new playlist.
  • Tell us what you like: Get recommended playlists and more based on your musical tastes.

They're both relatively small features, but they should take a bit of the tedium out of curating a full playlist manually. And though bits of Microsoft's new Fluent Design starting rolling out to production users in late April, it seems as though this version is bringing a touch of the acrylic transparency to more people on PC and Mobile.

In any case, you'll want to make sure Groove is updated to version 10.17042.14111.0 to check out the new playlist features. Everyone should be able to grab the update now via the Windows Store.

Download Groove Music from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • This must have been an A | B test or something. I've had this for a month or so.
  • Just filling in slow news day and wasting my time again.
  • Blaming someone else for your behavior now that's a waste of time. 
  • Agreed haha
  • Then don't read the article and go do something productive
  • Groove is terrific. OneNote, Word, Excel, and the Store apps are all terrific.... In my opinion if People, Photos, Phone, and Messaging, we're as nice as Groove, and the others, Windows on Phone would be an excellent OS.
  • Exactly my friend. Just now there's the best player of others...if the people compares this playlist so enough comes out for the next players, it's probably more easier than them...
  • What are you trying to say? Your English is incomprehensible to me.  O_o
  • Well at least we know Photos is gonna be 10x cooler with the fall creators update.
  • 🤔🤔🤔🤔How do we know that??
  • Story Remix, Bing integration, Intelligent Search bar and a UI update. But mostly Story Remix.
  • You know what makes creating a playlist even easier? Star ratings and user defined criteria such as years, or last played, or most plays. How hard can this be to implement this?
  • Zune FTW!
  • Well.... They create those playlists in the "Recommended" area of Groove. I always see playlists like "Your All Time Top Plays", "Recently Added", "Music From Finland", "Rock in the 1990s", etc.
  • Ican't make a playlist of songs from my highschool years (1988-1992) or have a playlist of 5 star songs that i haven't heard in 6 months or any other criteria I define unless i do it manually for every song. I guess I'm in the minority who likes to curate their own music rather than whatever computer algorithm decides I should like. 
  • Hear, hear. Someone at MS needs to load up a copy of Zune and look at the options we used to have. I need a playlist of rock that lasts about  30 min for my workout. I need a playlist of 5 star songs that fit on an audio CD (because that's what the Bose 6 disck changer in my Miata takes). I need a continuously updated playlist of music acquired recently that automatically updates on my Zune wirelessly, while it charges and I sleep...yea, that was a thing.
  • I love Groove ! I got this update a few days ago (Belgium), but only the feature "Tell us what you like", not the other one "Create a playlist...". But I was very disappointed when I understood that the recommandations based on "Tell us what you like" is only available for Music Pass subscribers. Can anyone check this ?
  • The "Create a playlist" is also not available to me (Brazil). :'(
  • Groove is getting better and better by the minute.  However, is anyone else seeing that random isn't really random?  It seems to be playing the same things over and over for me.
  • Do you have a Music Pass subscription ?
  • Yep, ever since Zune Music Pass.
  • I've been using this like crazy! It's awesome. It is one thing from MixRadio that I missed.
  • I gave it another try. I think the music must be stored on OneDrive, or you must have a Music Pass subscription. But it is not working of the music files are only store locally on my PC or phone. Am I right ? Could anyone of you confirm this ? Thanks !
  • That depends on the device and its OS. On Windows you can use manually copied local music. However, likely it is best to use the Groove functionality to make OneDrive music available locally.
  • I want auto playlists based on criteria on meta data since the beginning. Still not there.
  • I have the new update and simply think it has some great new features. Especially, the option to play available music videos like the Groove desktop app version (U.S.)
  • I like it. But I will only sign up again when they have a family plan. 
  • Auto suggestions only work with music pass, am I rite?
  • Yes, I think so. It would be great if it was also available without Music Pass and without having to pull my music on OneDrive.
  • we need opus playback support!
  • Strange because the current build of Grove is 10.17042.14112.0 which is incrementally above 10.17042.14111.0 as stated in article ! Hhmmm
  • Wish apps would update on their own again in the windows store on my L950!!
  • How about the play controller buttons be a little larger for us old people or easy to see while driving! yes I know .
  • As others have mentioned, "Recommended" is now gone from the Windows UWP app, even if you have your music in OneDrive. For me that was the only reason I kept my music there. This may not be relevant, as the dev cycles differ slightly, but I still see Recommended on Android and iOS.
  • Many time crash 💥