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Grounded gets its first update, resolves login issue through Steam on Windows 7

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Grounded Landscape Image (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Grounded, the latest project from Obsidian Entertainment, just came out in Early Access and Game Preview.
  • The game is already a ton of fun, but is suffering from lots of early bugs and issues.
  • One issue has players on Windows 7 playing through Steam unable to log in to Grounded.
  • Grounded's first hotfix is rolling out now to resolve this specific issue, with more updates coming in the future.

If you've been trying to get into Grounded through Steam on your Windows 7 gaming rig, you might have run into an issue with logging into the game. This is a known issue in Grounded's Early Access and Game Preview, and Obsidian Entertainment is rolling out an update to resolve the issue right now. Any players running into this bug should go and install this update right away.

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This update marks the first of many expected for Grounded, especially with the long list of known issues and bugs that currently plague the game's early access. The small team behind Grounded are undoubtedly working night and day to resolve these issues, while continuing to update the game with new content and features.

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If you continue to run into an issue with logging into Grounded while playing on Windows 7, please be sure to let Obsidian know on their support website so they can keep track of any unresolved issues with the game.



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