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Grounded guide: List of all known bugs, issues, and upcoming fixes

Image of Grounded 1.0.
(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

Grounded is scarcely recognizable when compared to its original launch state in July 2020, as the game has undergone an endless number of changes leading up to its fated 1.0 public release. Now that Grounded is putting the finishing touches on its epic survival-adventure story with a massive final content update, a huge influx of new players is expected — as well as some new issues.

The completed Grounded should be considerably more polished than during its initial debut. Still, it's almost certain that some lingering bugs will make themselves known after more players get their hands on what is already one of the best Xbox games of 2022. We'll be monitoring the game's launch, and the official Grounded and Obsidian Entertainment channels, to collect every known issue and any nascent bugs, as well as recent or upcoming fixes and potential workarounds.

It should be noted that, while we appreciate reports on faults we may have missed or additional information on known issues, this is not how players should report problems to the Grounded team. For that purpose, players can head to the Grounded forums or Obsidian Support. There's also the Grounded issue tracker, although this resource is not always the most up-to-date.

Grounded: All known issues and bugs

Screenshot of Grounded.

(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

As more players begin to explore the Backyard in Grounded, more imperfections are bound to be discovered. We'll update this section with any and all known issues we see reported by players and Obsidian Entertainment, as well as what we notice from our own time spent in Grounded. If workarounds are available for any more egregious issues, we'll also include them below the bug in question.

Grounded 1.0 update not available yet

Some players are expressing frustration because Grounded's 1.0 update doesn't appear to be available yet, especially on Xbox. This is completely normal behavior for a major game update, as it will take time to roll out to players and populate in the Microsoft Store. Regardless, the Grounded team is monitoring the situation to ensure the update is releasing smoothly.

Workaround: Some players have reported success getting the Grounded 1.0 update after restarting their consoles.

Grounded: Recent or upcoming patches, hotfixes, and updates

Official screenshot of Grounded.

(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

It's certain that, as issues and bugs surface in Grounded, the team at Obsidian Entertainment will immediately begin working to resolve them. Here, we'll list the most recent patches, hotfixes, and bug squashing updates for Grounded, so you can be aware when an issue plaguing your time in Grounded is fixed. We'll also include any upcoming fixes or updates that are rolling out to players in the near future.

Grounded 1.0 — Sept. 27, 2022

The Grounded 1.0 update officially brings the title out of early access with a huge amount of fresh content, including new creatures, areas, bosses, crafting recipes, secrets, and more. It also completes the Grounded story, letting players explore the entire Backyard for the very first time. Below, we've included all the changes and bug fixes included in the Grounded 1.0 update.

The Grounded 1.0 changelog includes:

Factional reactivity changes

  • Faction payback attacks note what creature faction is attacking
  • The cooldown of days between payback attacks has been reduced as it was tuned high for the Home Stretch update
  • The minimum number of creatures that participate in attacks has been slightly increased, as it was tuned too low for the Home Stretch update

Systems changes

  • Weapon / Armor Upgrades
    • Stone of Toughness has been renamed to Quartzite. Rock of Style has been renamed to Marble
    • Tough Nugget has been renamed to Quartzite Shard. Style Nugget has been renamed to Marble Shard
    • The tier naming convention has been changed to Brittle Quartzite, Sturdy Quartzite, Supreme Quartzite, Brittle Marble, Sturdy Marble, Supreme Marble
    • An additional crafting step has been added to the weapon and armor upgrade process; you must now process the Quartzite and Marble in to usable upgrade resources:
    • Quartzite to Whetstones. Processes at a 1 to 1 ratio
    • Marble to Armor Plating. Processes at a 1 to 1 ratio
    • You'll still unlock alternate crafting methods for each tier of upgrade resource as you progress through the game, but now you'll be crafting whetstones/plating instead of Quartzite or Marble
    • Tier 3 crafting recipes for creating Supreme upgrade materials have been added into the late game
  • Milk Molars
    • All Mega Milk Molar stack size upgrades have been increased from +3 to +5
    • The Hunger Drain and Thirst Drain upgrades have been combined into a single purchase upgrade
    • A new personal upgrade to purchase has been added: "Healing". The more this is increased, the more health you receive from healing items
    • All personal Milk Molar points have been refunded when loading a save from Game Preview / Early Access so you can apply your points to the new categories as you see fit
    • There are now enough Milk Molars and Mega Milk Molars placed in the yard to fully max out your character

Waft Emitter changes

  • Additional creatures can now be pissed off by the Waft Emitter:
    • Fire Ants
    • Black Ox Beetles
    • Bombardier Beetles
    • Charcoal Larva
    • Tiger Mosquitos
    • Wolf Spiders

Mutations changes

  • Natural Explorer now requires more POIs to unlock each tier
  • Javelineer now also increases damage dealt when throwing spears

Movement changes

  • New jump animations for the player

Tech changes

  • Playthroughs are now limited to 10 manual saves max. Game Preview saves and auto-saves do not count towards this limit
  • Xbox users can now swap profiles at the Main Menu

Camera changes

  • BURG.L's conversation camera has been adjusted for better framing with various player / wall collision scenarios
  • Improved existing in-game cutscenes

Audio changes

  • New music track that occasionally plays while in the Grasslands
  • Dropping or throwing items on various surfaces will now have correct audio play based on the surface type
  • Teens will remark about things in the yard more

Accessibility changes

  • New options for adjusting the size and opacity reticle have been added

Combat changes

  • Defeating the assistant manager now awards a unique mutation
  • Auto-saves now trigger right before any MIX.R is activated, any boss fight is manually triggered, or any Payback base attack begins
  • Creature stat scaling when multiple players are fighting a creature will no longer decrease if one of the players goes away while that creature is still in mid-combat
  • You will now see the "Gas Hazard" warning icon on your HUD while in the middle of a Stink Bug gas attack or inside of the radius of any gas arrow attack
  • You can no longer hurt yourself when throwing an item
  • Throwing weapons does more damage on hit than before
  • Spears now have their thrown damage scale up in several ways
    • Higher tier spears have a default higher thrown damage
    • Weapon upgrades affect thrown damage
    • Javelineer now additionally increases thrown damage of spears

Pets changes

  • Pets that are stored at a Pet House will no longer show a Pet icon when you are away from them

Interface changes

  • Map has a new art style
  • Map has better feeedback for when map marker has been toggled on / off
  • Improved map panning on Gamepad
  • Any save made during early access will display a warning noting the save is from Early Access and has a chance of not working properly (much like the old "Ancient Save" warning)
  • Game Preview / Early Access elements removed
  • The Player List now asks for confirmation before kicking a player
  • The load screen has a new animated loading graphic
  • Dragging and dropping items in inventory / container screens with the mouse is less visually janky
  • Respawning will now have the game do a quick fade from black
  • Survival Quests that have a key control attached to it will show a button backing behind it
  • Improved gamepad navigation of the Data page using gamepad
  • User-generated strings are now filtered for profanity while playing in multiplayer
  • Languages in the language dropdown are now shown in the current language as well as their own language
  • Lab resource surveyors are now unlocked when found, instead of when the lab POI is unlocked

World & resources changes

  • Food items found in labs or chests no longer spoil before you find them
  • Husky weed takes fewer chops with stronger weapons
  • Daffodils have new art
  • Rose bush has new art
  • You can no longer save scum to get better loot

Creatures changes

  • Drowned creatures no longer drop loot. This includes gold cards. (No cheese!)
  • Flying creatures will start flying if they fall off something
  • Scarabs will burrow sooner after fleeing from the player
  • Creatures will no longer take items from dropped backpacks
  • There are no more Burrowed Larva near the Oak tree

New game experience changes

  • Larva no longer randomly roam the starting grasslands during the day and stay closer to their home territories
  • Wolf Spiders sleep through nights 1 and 2 on a new game
  • A tutorial popup explaining how to swap First / Third person camera will trigger during gameplay
  • The "Build a Lean-To" Survival Quest will point you to the nearest Clover and Sprig to help you find those resources since night will be shortly approaching
  • Kid case now has a light on it so you don't spawn in pure darkness if you spawn there
  • New tutorial quest for crafting a torch on the first night or entering into a dark cave will show you where the nearest Sap is since that is the hardest resource to find
  • Block tutorial now triggers shortly after equipping your first weapon you can block with. Tutorial now mentions Perfect Blocking as well

Major fixes

  • SCA.B themes are properly saved and restored for clients
  • Antlions should no longer launch the player (or other bugs) to the moon with their burrow strike
  • Players who join a game after a non-repeatable boss is defeated will unlock the mutations associated with defeating said boss
  • Dew drops on grass will now be correct after loading a saved game
  • Game works on Win 7 and Win 8.0 again
  • Simplified and Traditional Chinese will now use appropriate Chinese fonts
  • Fixed random crashing on Xbox One and Xbox Series S when loading into the yard
  • Loading a save made while incapacitated no longer causes a soft lock

Shared Worlds fixes

  • You will no longer sometimes load into a Shared World as if the game was a New Game due to a save download failure
    • The player will receive a "Failure to Host Game" message instead and stay at the Main Menu
  • You will no longer see that you are hosting your own world and not be able to load it if you happen to have a crash while playing and then try to rehost the world again
  • Preventing crashing that could happen when interacting with the Shared World system

Other fixes

  • You can no longer instant craft all items in a processing building queue by canceling the item currently in production
  • Scrolling the map with gamepad is more smooth and reliable
  • Using Quickshot properly syncs the arrow portion of the crossbow reload animation
  • Pupa, gum, koi scales, and sunken bones no longer count toward the Rock Cracker mutation
  • Zipline Wall Anchors can no longer overlap each other
  • Visiting the Four-leaf clover area no longer keeps a green overlay on your screen
  • Fixed Ants going on a weevil murdering spree and leaving noses everywhere
  • Clients see dew drops again after joining a saved game
  • Ants no longer loot dead pet gnats, causing potential item loss
  • Spiders and other large bugs should no longer phase through soda can openings during attacks
  • Saves made in the Hedge lab no longer say "Unknown" as the location
  • All parts of the shed deck can now be built on
  • The cursor will no longer jump to the end of the Storage / Pet name input box after typing
  • Replacing doors with walls and vice versa can no longer cause the walls to stop supporting
  • Half-screen interfaces will correctly display the target object when playing in Arabic
  • You will no longer gain negative reputation towards ants when exploring empty cave systems that have nothing to do with ants
  • Fixed issue where you could not navigate the Share with Friends menu if all of your friends were already on the Shared World Shared With list
  • The Crafting recipe list properly sorts recipes by tier
  • The Crafting menu no longer shows the "Missing Ingredients" element if you have all of the ingredients for the selected recipe
  • Wide Interaction can no longer be used to interact through lab walls
  • When starting building placement, the player will stop crouching
  • When the player holds Ctrl when starting building placement, the placed building will now snap correctly
  • Dropped player backpacks will no longer bounce infinitely on bounce webs
  • Fixed rare crash that could happen when a creature destroyed a Garden Patch that no player was nearby
  • UI Blurring properly works with HDR
  • "Go To Entry" will show the correct gamepad control when hovering a "Recipe Used In" on the crafting screen
  • Read To Me will no longer narrate speech-to-text chat messages
  • Read To Me will no longer redundantly read quickchat messages
  • Read To Me will now read harvestable and interactable interactions more reliably

Xbox & Microsoft Store fixes

  • When a controller disconnects, you can continue playing using a new controller
  • Renaming a save immediately after making it works on Xbox and Microsoft Store builds
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The latest project from Obsidian Entertainment is a masterful addition to the survival genre, and is packed with hours of fun in single-player and online co-op. Grounded isn't entirely devoid of issues, but it's still one of the best games on Xbox.

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Grounded is a first-party Xbox Game Studios title, meaning it's immediately available in every tier of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate from day one. Jump into an epic survival adventure from the comfort of your gaming subscription.

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