Grounded's Public Test for the 'Pond Update' gets new patch, makes changes and fixes bugs

Grounded Pond Update Diver
Grounded Pond Update Diver (Image credit: Obsidian Entertainment)

What you need to know

  • Grounded, Obsidian Entertainment's budding open world survival game, is currently testing its largest update to-date with a Public Test.
  • The Public Test just got a new patch update for insiders that makes some changes, fixes some bugs, and more.
  • If everything goes well with the Public Test, the Pond Update should come to Grounded's early access soon.
  • The Pond Update overhauls the existing pond biome with new creatures, areas, and a giant koi fish.

Grounded is a surprise gem in the gaming world, coming out in early access and immediately amassing a sizeable playerbase eager to shrink down to the size of insects and survive in a brutal suburban backyard. Obsidian Entertainment's game has a decent chance of making our list of best Xbox games with its full release, especially with the upcoming Pond Update, which is currently undergoing a Public Test. That Public Test is now getting a new patch, hopefully bringing it closer to a final release sometime later this month.

Patch Update makes a ton of changes to existing features, as well as fixes some bugs. The changelog includes:


  • Removed Private Games for the time being in order to further work on this feature

Changes / tuning


  • Running out of air underwater will now instantly kill you as opposed to slowly reducing your health


  • Bombardiers now have a new set of attacks to pick from
  • Fixed issue with Larva attacks so they miss less often


  • Shovels are easier to harvest with underwater


  • Liquid Gills recipe has changed


  • Drowning now has a fade to black effect as you run out of air


  • New music added to the Upper and Lower Pond

Bug fixes

Top community issues

  • Fixed issue where Cloud Saves were not always properly redownloading when updating / reinstalling the game
  • Fixed a random crash that could happen when loading into the yard
  • Fixed issue where clients that save or disconnect while dead are not loading back into the game correctly on join
  • Cloud saves should properly delete when you delete a save game from the Save / Load interface


  • Science spawn points that were patched into the game and haven't yet been collected will now spawn correctly
  • Fixed issue where Raw Science spawns that were added in patches were not showing up for people who were loading a save from a prior patch
  • Client movement will no longer be blocked by dead bodies that were killed before the client joined

Items / equipment / resources

  • Items and harvestables will no longer respawn while the player can see them


  • Fixed the O2 meter overlapping the Mutation Unlocked notification

Ominent Practical Technologies

  • Dramatically decreased the increased REDACTED

Public Test changes

  • Added more Diving Bell Spiders
  • Fishbone harvest nodes are larger
  • Wedding Ring is now a discoverable landmark
  • Fixed the Pond Dome closing after save/load
  • Diving Bell Spiders will not attack all nearby Tadpoles for no reason
  • Added unique Moonpool door asset
  • Changed the bubble spawners to actually spawn bubbles instead of needing to interact with them
  • Additional set dressing art pass in the Pond
  • Better prevention of water creatures getting out of the water (Note: Use the "Fix Creature Locations" button in the Options menu to fix up any creatures that are already in bad locations)
  • Slight objective/quest adjustments to the pond quest
  • Audio pass for the pond lab and creatures
  • Tuned movement values for Koi to help them navigate better
  • Adjusted underwater fan VFX to be more visible
  • Fixed HUD Markers pointing in odd locations for dropped items
  • Lighting improvements/fixes in the pond
  • Added map icons for the pond discoverable landmarks
  • Fish bones respawn after 3 days now
  • Koi's aggro range and attack distance have been increased
  • Koi's attacks are no longer blockable
  • Diving Bell Spiders have a small poison effect on their attack
  • Diving Bell Spiders now drop a unique resource
  • Tadpole meat can now be placed on the Jerky Rack
  • Pebblets and clay have been added to the pond
  • Eelgrass harvesting will add the items directly to your inventory
  • Fixed some raw science spawns being inaccessible in the pond
  • Fixed diagonal walls not placing correctly
  • Removed Private Game option since it needs more work
  • Removed eelgrass from the shallow areas of the pond



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