GroupMe for Windows 10 PC adds document sharing with latest update

Microsoft has updated its GroupMe app for Windows 10, adding the ability for users to send and receive documents with others on the PC version of the messaging app.

GroupMe document sharing

This feature, which was previously reported as coming to GroupMe a few weeks ago, is now available to download (via MSPU). At the moment, document sharing appears to just be included on the Windows 10 PC GroupMe app; it does not yet show up on the Windows 10 Mobile version. However, its addition is certainly one that will benefit its PC users.

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John Callaham
  • SHouldn't this be merged with Skype? Why do we have GroupMe when Skype is supposed to have Slack like channels...
  • I feel the same. Skype should be the only messaging app built into the phone.
  • That's going to confuse many average customers who may not even use Skype, and even if they do those people probably wouldn't know it's getting SMS features so it would just confuse them. The basic Messaging app still needs to be there
  • I think they really need to work on skype alot.I mean I can't even do a basic thing like deleting a convo.Makes me mad.
  • There are features of GroupMe that are definitely not duplicated by Skype. Primarily the ability to use the Groups via text messages. I know some of the sports teams my boss's kid is in use GM for their groups because even if people don't have a smartphone they can still use it via text.
  • Why cant they be duplicated in SKype? Is it a resource issue? Or a simplicity issue? Does MS want us to have 4 different apps for UC?
  • Yeah, GroupMe can be a better replacement to Skype Groups, plus the added benefit of being integrated to (unpolished) People app. They seriously need to have one brand for their messaging that avoids fragmenting their users having multiple apps that have similar functionality under one company. Though based on how unpolished current Skype is and how the MS doesn't market Skype enough to convince users to use for their messaging needs, maybe having GroupMe seperate for the meantime.
  • I have a feeling GroupMe will either eventually replace Skype or Skype will become enterprise messaging and GroupMe will be for consumers.
  • yes, Microsoft is itself on the conflicting lines whether skype or groupme should be the only instant messaging app. Having more than one will mean distributing the user base.
  • I can't actually find anybody I know who uses GroupMe, and nobody is that interested in trying out a new messaging client when everybody already has either WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. I really like the look and feel of the app, I just don't actually have anybody who wants to use it, they are already using one of the above to chat with me, and a small number of contacts use Skype (Small number of them, but probably some of the people I talk to the most)
  • It does show up on mobile.
  • yeah I see it too.....
  • I see it on mine also.
  • I am really looking forward for what Microsoft is preparing with Skype for Teams. I hope they once and for all hit the nail in the head and make Skype great again - and much more than just a videochat service. For instance the research team I work on is still stuck on emailing stuff back and forth, once in a while sharing OneDrive links, so something like a full-featured Slack-style app, with seamless collaboration features and integration with Office 365 for sharing/storing/commenting on documents (plus the usual Skype text/audio/video communications) is definitely a segment that remains unfilled or at least split between different apps/services and if Skype for Teams turns out to be this kind of all-in-one solution, it would be a great productivity boost, if anyone from Microsoft is reading this. And no, don't suggest Sharepoint, it is too over the top for small/medium teams.
  • But when will we get video? I use this app for work and I need video upload...
  • This update adds video sharing also.
  • This is useful!
  • This is great. BUT, has GroupMe broken notifications on Windows 10 Mobile for anyone else?! The app is fantastic on desktop but the mobile version fails to send any push notifications at all. I am using a 950 on production build and GroupMe is not even listed in the notifications list in settings. Anyone else have this issue?
  • Try reinstalling the app
  • I have tried that and had no luck. There has to be something going on with my phone. There is no reason why I should not be getting notifications
  • Then try hard reset at once
  • I have done that twice as well :(
    Head on over to this article I wrote if where I go into more depth if you want.
  • how many users GroupMe has?
  • I use GroupMe
  • No one I know. It's a shame, love Groupme
  • I've tried to get my friends on GroupMe, showing arguments about how we could set up meetings easily and that the concept worked as a "Chat Room" so you're not lost between who sent what and where and you can find all the files related to the subject... But nobody cares :(
    Everyone is on Messenger or Whatsapp. These apps lack the integration of other services rather than just "messaging". I find it a bit annoying that I need to get out of Whatsapp, open my Outlook Calendar app, enter the date/subject and then share the appointement with my contact's email, only to the receive the confirmation of the appointment on my email app... So 3 apps where I could have used one that centralised everything.  I think I'd need GroupMe to be a Sharepoint, kind of thing, but lighter. I don't know how you could improve GroupMe popularity to be honest. Any ideas?
  • I'm still not seeing the documents option... I made sure it was updated to the latest version, but still nothing
  • Is there a comparison of GroupMe and Skype and why (or when) I would chose one over the other?