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Grover Pro universal podcast app now available for Xbox One

Chances are, listening to podcasts is something you mostly do on either your phone or your PC. But if you've found yourself wanting to tune into your favorite podcasts on your Xbox One, you now can with the latest update to podcast app Grover Pro (via Reddit).

Grove Pro was already available for Windows 10 desktop and mobile, and it was our favorite universal podcast app when we took a look at it last year because of its straightforward design and myriad of options for power users. Now you can check out all of what makes Grover Pro a solid choice on your Xbox One. Here's a look at some of the app's features:

  • Stream audio podcasts directly from app
  • Search and subscribe to podcasts using the search box.
  • Option to automatically remove podcasts already listened
  • Option to show system notification when there's new podcasts available
  • Option to automatically download new podcasts
  • Reorder the podcasts catalog (Drag / Drop)
  • Themes Light and Dark

If you're up for checking out Grover Pro, you can grab it from the Windows Store now for $2.99. There's also a non-pro, free version of the app, but it's only available for PC. Still, it's a good way to check the app out before committing.

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  • But where is Windows 10's stock UWP Podcasts app? Still old WP 8.1 app on W10M.
  • I tried this app out just now and uninstalled the other two I was using. Its the best by far of any podcast app I have used. It runs perfectly smooth on my 650... Amazing. I am blown away right now :). 
  • This^
    It turns out that for podcast apps, simpler is indeed better. I have tried several flavors and varieties, and I always come back to the smooth, simple, clean 'old' 8.1 podcast app. It just works, no drama :-)
  • MS podcast app doesn't "just work" but failed me multiple times. Use Grover Podcast. It's so much better. I had difficult time even finding some podcasts on the ms one. Plus, it syncs across your mobile device, pc, and now Xbox one. It downloads podcasts automatically, has a good design and just
    Works. Get the pro version and experience the best podcast experience you can get.
  • good question never came to big windows.
  • The latest redesign really stepped this app up a notch. It's been my go-to for podcasts for a very long time now. Highly recommended!
  • Attention Microsoft, buy this app. That is all.
  • Agreed. I dont know if they really care about the podcast app, but if they do, this is the app to use. Its probably the best perfoming app I have on my 650. Cant wait to sync it to my pc at home. 
  • All MS needs to do is add podcasts to the Groove app and i'm good
  • Why MS need to buy that app? Let them as they are. No need everything to be first party.
  • After it was apparent that Pocketcasts was basically being left to rot and a glowing review from WC I gave this a try. This app has went from decent to great in a short time span! Worth the few bucks spent!
  • Awesome.  I've been using Grover Pro on Win 10 and Windows mobile for a while.  Has its issues, but has been the best podcast app I have run across.  Glad to see it come to XB1 as well
  • Looks strikingly similar to the Groove music app.
  • background play..? =s
  • Yes.  At least on PC and phone.  Haven't tried on the bone yet.
  • Just $'d it. I hope it was worth it.
  • Great podcast app, Imo the best for Window so I decided to buy it. It does have syncing issues between devices at times, I think I found the issue and fix but its pretty manual for every time you add new podcasts. Also I wish it had a bigger difference between listened to and not listened to podcasts, sorta like podcast addict I used on Android before I switched. I could tell what I listened to very fast with that app.
  • My favorite feature is the ability to synch between devices: Read/unread status, where you've listened to in a podcast, playlist, etc
  • Grover Pro is awesome. Best podcaster.
  • I don't use any AdBlocker but the site always redirect me to the page the "AdBlockers make you sad".
  • Yes!!!! Thank you Grover Pro, you are awesome. Been waiting for this. One happy Panda here.
  • It really is thye podcast app to get. UWP, progress sync, let's me choose dl location, and so much more! Basically it feels like the dev actually knows what features are really needed for a good podcast app.
  • I'm not finding progress sync across devices which was a great feature of Pocket Casts. PC also syncs with Apple devices whereas I don't find this for GP. If it proves equally stable as PC (i.e. randomly crashing or freezing) then I'm back to PC. But the interface is nice despite micro buttons.
  • But when will the developer include the Hungarian translation I sent him weeks ago?
  • Looks like the latest update messes up using it with Continuum. App only shows on a quarter of the screen...
  • Stuff every podcast-app maker should know
    is that minute play controls are a huge nuisance. When you are on the go and need to jump forward/backward a few seconds
    the very last thing you need are teeny-tiny buttons.  One wants to concentrate on the content of the podcast 
    and not on handling podcast-app itself. -
  • Maybe I'm misunderstanding what you are asking for but the app does have buttons to jump back/forward X number of seconds under the main play screen. You can set the number of seconds under the option screen you want it to jump ahead or back by. The app also let's you change the Windows default overlay volume controls to skip ahead/back by your default set seconds which is really quick and handy.
  • I have been using this App since it first came out. I used to use Podcast Lounge but since moving to Windows 10 Grover Pro is the only app I use now.
    I tried all of them but Grover Pro is the most stable and it syncs across all my devices.
    I uninstalled all the other Podcast apps and use Grover Pro exclusivity now.
  • Very well done app. Will have to check it out on the Xbox.
  • I agree with a lot of these people that the official one works the best, but I have one huge issue with it...often I cant find a podcast with its search. And after that I cant find a way to add it.
  • Yep...thats worth a down vote. Lmao
  • Purchased Grover Pro sight unseen solely based on this 'review' article. I don't mind spending a little bit of coffee change for apps that hopefully will encourage Windows/WM devs to stick with the platform. I have been using Pocket Casts and had a bunch of podcasts loaded on my 950XL. Oddly Grover didn't discover these and I had to re-download them from within Grover Pro. Also the "Unplayed" tab does not populate with any of the new/unplayed podcasts. Hope this is just a bug considering WP is on Insiders Fast Ring Build. Otherwise, Grover looks to be pretty good so far.
  • Grover is an awesome app on Windows Mobile.