The GT Omega Racing backpack is the best laptop bag you're not using

GT Omega Racing backpack
GT Omega Racing backpack

GT Omega Racing as a brand is best known for its range of gamer-focused accessories, most notably its racing fashioned chairs and its cockpits for keen sim racers. The company's latest product is something smaller, very useful and extremely well priced.

It's hard to get excited about laptop bags, but this is probably the best one I've ever tried.

Not just for gamers

GT Omega Racing backpack

The company may target gamers, but aside from a little bit of red in the styling, this is mostly just a well made, pretty smart looking bag. The one I have is the Strike edition, while there are also Apex and Nitro editions. The only difference between the three is the design on the outside.

It boasts a maximum load weight of a whopping 40kg, but don't do that to your spine. It's got something for everyone. Not only will it keep your laptop safe, there are enough pockets to hold a camera, lenses, battery packs, tablets, that mess of cables you never seem to leave home without, water bottles, and anything else you can think of to take on your outing.

But if you are a gamer, you'll love this backpack. It can hold up to a 17.3-inch laptop as well as your mechanical keyboard, mouse, and headset. And there's still plenty of space left to fill.

Thoughtful details

GT Omega Racing backpack

The build quality of this bag is excellent, there's no other way to say it. The material used to make it is thick and feels really durable, but it's not the whole story. Neither is the crazy amount of pockets you'll find literally everywhere. There's even one in the padding that rests against your lower back.

But there are little things that make all the difference. Like giant zips that you're not going to be fumbling around to find. And that you can open up the laptop compartment entirely and wrap your expensive machine up safely, rather than having to slide it in and out (this is particularly useful if you are carrying a 17-inch notebook). The compartment is also advertised as shockproof, though I didn't feel like giving that a real test with my precious tech.

Part of the padded area can also double as a stand that you can rest the laptop on while maintaining optimal cooling beneath it. In practice, this isn't as awesome as it sounds, but it's a nice touch and may be useful to some.

Take it anywhere

GT Omega Racing backpack

I've already said how durable this bag feels, and GT Omega Racing says the stitching is reinforced. I'm no sewing expert, so I'll take that as fact, but there's no denying a quality feel.

This backpack is a one size fits all situations solution. It's big, yet comfortable to wear, especially with the chest strap helping take a load off your back and shoulders. The backpack is also waterproof without the need for a cover, which even makes it perfect for leaving my house in the UK.

The bottom line

GT Omega Racing backpack

It really is hard to be excited sometimes by something as mundane as a laptop bag. But for the company's first attempt, GT Omega Racing knocked it out of the park. It's big, it's well made, comfortable to wear and best of all it's very affordable. At the time of writing in the UK the price is an extremely reasonable £34.95, which is a special offer for a while, but even at $70 in the U.S. it's worth the price.

You spend a lot on your laptop, so you should look after it. This will look after your laptop, anything else you can think of to stash inside its cavernous insides. It's an easy recommendation.

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