The Gunk for Xbox Series X and PC: Everything you need to know

The Gunk Environment
The Gunk Environment (Image credit: Thunderful Games)

Microsoft's Xbox Series X showcase was full of blockbuster titles like Halo Infinite and Fable, but it also featured some charming games on a much smaller scale. The Gunk is one of those titles. From the creators of SteamWorld, it looks like The Gunk is taking us to an alien planet tom collect the titular substance. Players will be able to get their hands on it in 2021 for Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC.

The Gunk What is it?

If you're familiar with Journey to the Savage Planet, it looks quite a bit like that, aesthetically. According to publisher Thunderful Games, The Gunk is a fully explorable, stylized 3D world that takes place on a seemingly lifeless alien planet. As your character vacuums up the parasite gunk around the planet, you'll see it come to life and its vibrant nature return.

The Gunk What's the gameplay like?

The Gunk Slurping Up Gunk

Source: Thunderful Games (Image credit: Source: Thunderful Games)

Judging from its reveal trailer, The Gunk will be played entirely in third-person. Early prototypes for the game involved running, jumping, and vacuuming the gunk off of plants. It appears that there will be platforming involved. There's a quick scene featuring an unsavory creature that looks hostile, so we're assuming there will be some sort of combat element, too.

Other than the basics, we don't know too much about how the game will work or what systems will be in place. Games like this tend to have some sort of encyclopedia in-game and items to collect.

The Gunk What's the story?

The Gunk Strange Machine

Source: Thunderful Games (Image credit: Source: Thunderful Games)

The basic premise behind The Gunk is that two friends running a salvaging operation across the galaxy come across this seemingly dead planet. After realizing that getting rid of the gunk seems to bring the planet back to life, the characters struggle with whether they should save the planet or if it's really any of their business — after all, it looks to be a dangerous job, and who knows what caused the gunk in the first place.

The Gunk What platforms will it be available on?

The Gunk Environment

Source: Thunderful Games (Image credit: Source: Thunderful Games)

The Gunk is being developed exclusively for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC. The publisher made no mention of a PS5 or Switch release at this time.

The Gunk Is it coming to Xbox Game Pass?

The Gunk Environment

Source: Thunderful Games (Image credit: Source: Thunderful Games)

Yes, The Gunk will be launching into Xbox Game Pass. Members of Microsoft's game subscription service will be able to play The Gunk the moment it releases into the program.

The Gunk When does it release?

The Gunk Main Character

Source: Thunderful Games (Image credit: Source: Thunderful Games)

Currently, The Gunk is scheduled to launch in September 2021. It will support Xbox Smart Delivery and be optimized for Xbox Series X. These optimizations were not detailed. Xbox Smart Delivery means that if you buy it once on Xbox One you'll automatically get access to it on Xbox Series X should you ever upgrade consoles.

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