Halo Infinite on PC is not good enough

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Recently, I ran a Twitter poll asking Halo Infinite players on the PC platform if they've been frequently experiencing serious issues, minor issues, both, or few to no problems at all since the game officially launched in December 2021. Nearly 3,000 people responded, and the data is rather shocking: Only 22% of the respondents report that their experience with the game has been relatively smooth. A whopping 78% of users, regardless of the hardware in their gaming rigs, have frequently dealt with a myriad of issues that hinder their gameplay experience.

Admittedly, this Twitter poll is far from scientific, but its results line up with many of my own experiences, and I think it does a good job of representing the overall state of Halo Infinite on PC — especially since it's not hard to find countless reports of PC-specific issues elsewhere online. Ultimately, the game simply isn't in an acceptable state right now.

The list of issues that players have reported while playing on PC is massive. Everything from wildly inconsistent frame rates and instances of horrendous stuttering and screen tearing to infinite loading screens and frequent crashes to desktop due to memory leaks are common problems, and many have also experienced serious rubber banding (jerky movement glitches that "pull" players back to a previous position) despite having a perfectly fast and stable internet connection. Desync with the game's servers is another frequent problem on PC, resulting in situations where players fire bullets that do no damage and get killed by opponents who never even appeared on their screen.

Visual glitches are a problem in Halo Infinite, too. PC players have reported several instances of the textures for player models, weapons, vehicles, and even entire pieces of map geometry "stretching" into the sky (see the above images), often completely obscuring the player's view and making the game unplayable (this issue occurs in campaign cutscenes as well). The game also often begins to look like a blurry mess whenever performance issues start occurring, indicating that there's something seriously wrong with the game's resolution scaling. Sometimes the game's customization menus won't even display properly regardless of how long the player waits, requiring a restart.

There are ways to combat these issues somewhat — disabling Xbox Game Bar's background recording and enabling Async Compute in the video options can be an effective workaround for performance problems — but fixes like these only work for some. For many, there's no way to make Halo Infinite's instability more tolerable.

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Then there's Halo Infinite's cheating problem, which has rapidly begun to get out of hand in recent weeks. The game's current anti-cheat measures have proven to largely be ineffective against hacks being used by cheaters on PC, resulting in widespread instances of aimbotting and wallhacking. This issue has ruined the multiplayer experience for many PC players, and it affects Xbox players too since there's currently no way to disable crossplay in Halo Infinite. Reporting cheaters is a chore as well, as Halo Infinite currently lacks an in-game reporting system and instead forces players to dig through the Halo Support website to do it.

343 Industries' Head of Creative Joe Staten previously confirmed in November that "more anti-cheat measures are in the pipeline," and recently, Community Director Brian "Ske7ch" Jarrard commented that a patch coming in mid-February will attempt to address the cheating problem. Hopefully this update effectively patches Halo Infinite's vulnerabilities, because if it doesn't, the hacking problem will only continue to worsen.

Source: Xbox Game Studios (Image credit: Source: Xbox Game Studios)

It's just not an acceptable state for Halo Infinite to be in, and PC players aren't going to tolerate these issues forever. In fact, the average player count on Steam has already declined significantly since Halo Infinite's multiplayer launched last year, and the game's rating on Steam recently dropped from "Mostly Positive" to "Mixed" at the time of writing due to the problems I previously mentioned.

At the end of the day, the PC version of Halo Infinite simply isn't good enough, and the fact that we haven't heard anything from Microsoft or 343 Industries regarding major fixes for the game's glitches and performance issues is very concerning. Halo Infinite was supposed to be the franchise's triumphant first step into the PC gaming space, but so far, it's tripping over its own feet and delivering a subpar experience (at best). Halo Infinite has the potential to become one of the best PC games, but that won't happen until the developers are able to get the game in shape. And based on how quickly many PC gamers have put the game down for more polished alternatives, those improvements need to come sooner rather than later.

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  • So far no issues for me.
    But to hear of so many issues its very baffling because the consoles are using same/similar architectures to PC.
  • I'd say 90% of my time playing Halo recently has been bug-free and snappy. The few times I've had issues, typically I can easily attribute it to either server performance or a graphics glitch after a long session. The graphics glitches get resolved with a simple app restart, and the server issues go away if I switch game modes and/or fireteams to avoid bad servers and/or lagging players. Other than that, my biggest gripe would be how long it takes to get "online" with my profile. I typically can't load into multiplayer for a couple minutes after launch. It's possible I've just been lucky and haven't noticed the cheaters, but then I also don't usually do ranked play where cheating might be considered worthwhile. For context, I'm running Win11, i7-9700K, RTX2080ti, 32GB RAM, SSD storage, and a 1Gb/100Mb internet connection. (edit: displayed at 32:9 1440p) Hardware limitations are not really at play, so I may be avoiding poor optimization for lower-spec systems.
  • To expand on my post citing no issues I am running:
    Win 10, Ryzen 1800x, RTX1080ti, 16GB RAM, SSD storage, 50Mbps point to point wireless I max every last graphics setting out @1440p and run without a hitch.
  • No issues here either and in 400+ matches I think I've seen 1 cheater. My specs... Win10 with gamebar on.
    Ryzen 5800x @ 5.6ghz all core
    3080ti FTW3 Ultra
    32 gigs Samsung b-die 4000mhz CL14-14-14-34 DDR4
    Samsung 980 Pro's.
    Gigabit internet connected via ethernet and the router is setup to give games top priority. You should never game on wifi. Max settings, 4k120 locked. I think allot of issues boil down to 2 things. Trying to run the game on hardware that doesn't fully support dx12u or running on too high settings for the PC. Also people need a Windows reset because they have a PC full of garbage and they probably have 10 different overlays and performance tools running alongside "game optimizers" like razer cortex. The game isn't perfect but no issues on either PC in my house and they have completely different hardware. One trick I've learned for nVidia users is to make a profile in the cp, then set your cp gsync settings to fullscreen only. Open the Halo profile in nvinspector and look for the gync settings and change it to fullscreen and windowed/borderless. Also disable Ansel, there are 2 settings for it. This will allow the game to use gysnc/VRR without anything else running with VRR. Also turn on vsync in your cp. Once I got VRR sorted out the game ran better.. much better. Gsync doesn't like borderless or windowed nearly as much as fullscreen.
  • Maybe I don't play enough to run into these issues. I have a amd 5800x cpu 32gb of ram with a RTX 3080. I occasionally play with friends on weekends and I have yet to run into cheaters or performance issues for that matter. I play on Gamepass.
  • You cannot have "a myriad of issues". You can have "myriad issues". Myriad is not a noun.
  • Merriam-Webster says otherwise.
  • Thankfully I don't have any issues and I can play it at 4k120 maxed out. Things like this are what happen when you have to make a game crossgen and there is such a massive difference in power better the base xbox and series x (and PC) that things can get weird as measures taken to make it work on the base Xbox have negative effects on better hardware. 343 will fix everything. Infinite is supposed to be the platform for 10 years. At some point they need to leave last gen behind so they can take true advantage of the new hardware. As far as cheaters go., In 400+ matches I THINK I saw 1. I reported them which also prevents you from ever matching them again. They should start banning based on some hardware id. Like the GPU serial number or motherboard serial. Then they can't come back or let them come back and only ematch them with cheaters. Back to glitch's or oddities.or cheaters... Has anyone played a COD in the past 15 years? They had all that time to come up with something and it was broken on day 1. There's also a cheater in about 1/3 of matches. So to call Halo out for significantly less issues... Is odd. I don't think any big game with sp & mp has really launched well this year... Well last year. You should have done a big article on a bunch of games, most of which won't ever be fixed
  • The only issue I is i can't hit 240fps. I hover between 170-210fps with 1.4 ms response time. Occasionally it will dip to 130s but nothing to bad. I have a feeling PC players are complaining that have a non RTX card and expecting it to play well. Its not the game your GPU is just old as **** and you need to upgrade to take advantage of the new tech in modern games. Only bad part is it's hard af to get a good GPU for a decent price. My setup is Ryzen 2700x 32 gb 3600 c18 EVGA 3080ti ftw3 ultra crosshair VII 1tb m.2 ssd and 1tb ssb. Monitor is Samsung Odyssey G7 1440p 240hz 32in. I also play controller with an elite 1