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Skulls are the iconic collectible of the Halo franchise, laced throughout story campaigns, and each coupled with a massive impact on gameplay. Once found throughout the world of Halo Infinite, these modifiers can be switched out on the fly, shaking up the fundamentals of combat.

Halo Infinite's skulls are some of the hardest to find in the entire franchise, and as such, many will likely have trouble getting their hands on them. Because of that, we've created this guide to find all skulls and their respective locations in the world. Here's an overview of each skull location in Halo Infinite, as well as what each skull does when activated (we'll add skulls to the list as we find them).

What are skulls in Halo Infinite?

Skulls have been a big part of Halo campaigns since 2004's Halo 2, and that hasn't changed in the Halo Infinite campaign. By activating skulls, players can alter various aspects of the campaign experience, including enemy behavior, enemy rank, HUD elements, and more. Much like previous Halo titles, Halo Infinite incorporates its skulls into the game as collectibles for players to discover as they journey across Zeta Halo to stop the Banished. For many, the challenge to find hidden skulls is almost as enjoyable as the core campaign gameplay itself.

Some of Halo Infinite's most notorious skulls change everything about the game, making even the game's hardest Legendary difficulty a cakewalk, in comparison. The infamous Legendary all-skulls-on (LASO) difficulty tier is the ultimate test, seeing players face a near-impossible playthrough, with all odds stacked against them. However, fun skulls are also out there, playing into the quirky side of all past Halo games.

We're still hunting down the skulls as we find them in Halo Infinite, but in the meantime, we've rounded up all the locations so far, and their effects once activated.

Halo Infinite Boom Skull location

The Boom skull can be found in Halo Infinite's opening mission, Warship Gbrakkon. During the level, you'll come across a large hallway with three lifts on the right side that are moving Banished supplies and materiel.

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

After killing the Banished troops in the room, ride up the middle lift. Before it lifts you into the deadly energy field above, look to the side to find the Boom skull.

When the Boom skull is activated, the radius of all explosions is doubled.

Halo Infinite Cowbell Skull location

The Cowbell skull can be found in the second main story mission, Foundations. Shortly after recovering The Weapon, you'll come across a large symmetrical room with struts and rafters near the ceiling.

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

Using your scanning tool, look up and scan until you see the outline of the Cowbell skull. Then, use your Grappleshot to climb up the struts and the rafters until you reach the skull's location.

When activated, Cowbell increases the acceleration caused by explosions.

Halo Infinite Catch Skull location

The Catch skull is in the northwestern corner of the open world map within a small canyon. The skull can be found nestled within a broken tree trunk that's next to a shallow pond. There are generally some Banished troops in this location, so be ready to fight.

When the Catch skull is activated, enemies will throw grenades more often.

Halo Infinite IWHBYD Skull location

The I Would Have Been Your Daddy (IWHBYD) skull is located on top of the Banished Tower structure that the player fights Chak 'Lok in during the main campaign, which is located on the western edge of the map's center region. Note that to reach the top of The Tower, you'll either need an air vehicle like the Wasp or Banshee or the upgraded Grappleshot that allows you to scale large vertical structures thanks to its shorter cooldown. You'll find the skull sitting on a crate.

When activated, the IWHBYD skull increases the chances of enemies and allies saying rare and goofy phrases.

Halo Infinite Fog Skull location

The Fog skull is arguably the hardest one to find, as it's located in a spot that's very difficult to reach. You'll need an air vehicle to get it, preferably a Wasp since it's more maneuverable than the Banshee. Once you have one, fly to the western edge of the map where there's a tall cluster of interconnected metal pillars. Search the lower part of these pillars for a hidden tunnel that's just large enough for your air vehicle to fit through.

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

Fly into the tunnel to find a platform with a sniper rifle, some grenades, a pile of Banished and UNSC armor pieces, and the Fog skull.

When activated, the Fog skull disables your Motion Tracker.

Halo Infinite Blind Skull location

To find the Blind skull, travel to the southwestern portion of the map until you reach the massive ravine that's located there. Walk along the edge of the ravine and look down until you spot a small metallic platform with a blue light reflecting off of it.

Jump or Grappleshot down to this platform to find the Blind skull in the back left corner of the platform.

When activated, the Blind skull completely disables your HUD.

Halo Infinite Famine Skull location

The Famine skull is located in the southeastern edge of the map on a tall isolated island, which means you'll need an air vehicle to get to it. On this island, you'll find the Famine skull next to a dead Elite wearing golden armor.

When activated, the Famine skull reduces ammo drops from slain enemies by half.

Halo Infinite Thunderstorm Skull location

The Thunderstorm skull can be found on the top left edge of the southeastern region of the map, on top of a single metallic hexagonal structure. You'll need an air vehicle to reach it.

When activated, the Thunderstorm skull increases the rank of most enemies on the battlefield.

Halo Infinite Black Eye Skull location

Near the western edge of the southeastern region of the map, you'll find a hot spring that flows down the side of a large piece of mountainous terrain. Use jumps and the Grappleshot to carefully move down the cliffside until you see golden light illuminating a small platform next to the waterfall. Grappleshot to this platform to find an opening to a hidden cave that you can crouch-walk through.

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

In this cave, you'll find the corpses of a squad of Banished troops as well as the Black Eye skull, which is located on top of a large and jagged tree branch.

When activated, the Black Eye skull prevents your shields from recharging until you land a melee attack against enemies.

The Halo Infinite campaign is available now for $60 on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and Windows PCs. It's one of the best Xbox shooters ever made, so you should definitely pick it up and give it a shot.

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