Halo Infinite Weekly Ultimate Challenge: This week's reward and how to complete

Halo Infinite Last Spartan Standing
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While purchasing and progressing through the Halo Infinite Battle Pass is the primary way players can earn cosmetics in Halo Infinite's multiplayer, it's not the only way. Each week, players have an opportunity to complete an Ultimate Challenge, at which point they'll be rewarded with a special reward. 

In this guide, we'll go over what the Ultimate Challenge and reward is this week, what the best way to complete the challenge is, how to get Ultimate Challenges, and when they refresh each week.

How to get Halo Infinite Ultimate Challenges

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To get the Ultimate Challenge that's available each week, players will need to complete all of their other weekly challenges for the week. Currently, players are given 20 different weekly challenges every week, though this number could change in the future. Once all 20 of these weekly challenges are completed, players will then be given their Ultimate Challenge for the week.

Halo Infinite Ultimate Challenge and reward this week

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The Halo Infinite Ultimate Challenge this week is Fire in the Hole, which requires you to kill an enemy Spartan with a grenade in Land Grab PvP. Completing this challenge is self-explanatory; simply load into Land Grab and attempt to kill another player with a grenade. One consistent way to do this is to damage an opponent's shields with your weapons, then throw a grenade at them when they move to cover to try and recharge them. The explosive power of the grenade should finish them off.

After completing the challenge, players will unlock the Nomad Sutler armor coating. This coating gives your Spartan red armor plates with accents of dark gray and a beige undersuit. You can equip the coating in the Customization menu.

Halo Infinite's multiplayer is free to play and is available on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One consoles, and Windows PCs. It's a ton of fun, and paired with the Halo Infinite campaign, it's of the best Xbox games available right now.


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