Halo: Spartan Assault now available for Windows Phone 8

It’s been teased for a month now and we even told you that it was coming out today, but now we can tell you officially that Halo: Spartan Assault, is live in the Store for Windows Phone 8.

Building off of the hit franchise and 18 months in the making, Halo: Spartan Assault is Microsoft’s attempt to capitalize off of the famous first shooter game for mobile. Instead of just “porting” the FPS model over though, a paradigm that is difficult to translate onto tablets and smartphones, Microsoft and 343 Industries opted for a third-person overhead view, which is more arcade style. The game’s timeline takes place in the four years between Halo 3 and 4.

In addition, the developers spent months honing game play to make the frame rate as high (and smooth) as possible and just as importantly, ensured that the game controls were fluid and flexible. From our last 24 hours playing with it, we can confirm that as a “casual gamer”, we found the game highly accessible and extremely well-polished.

From the game description:

“Halo: Spartan Assault brings the excitement of Halo combat to touch-based devices for the very first time. Battle your way through 25 action-packed missions against the Covenant as you explore the origin of the Spartan Ops program and Halo 4's Spartan Commander, Sarah Palmer.”

And don’t let those 25 missions fool you as Halo: Spartan Assault isn’t a one-off game for Microsoft, but rather the beginning of this game’s story. In the future, we can expect more missions and add on packs to be released, ensuring the game’s longevity long after you beat all of those levels (2.5 hours of gameplay).

In addition to Windows Phone 8, the game is also available for Windows 8 PCs and Tablets (including RT), scaling up the action to your larger screened devices.

Game Features

  • Original "Halo" gameplay. An action-packed, single-player campaign spanning 25 missions in battles never before experienced in the Halo Universe, all played from a top-down camera view.
  • New and immersive storyline. An original story set between the events of "Halo 3" and "Halo 4," experience a new war with the Covenant, the first missions of the Spartan Ops program and the rise of Commander Sarah Palmer, all with best-in-class graphics and audio.
  • Built for simplicity. A unique fusion of touch and console-like controls for easy pick-up-and-play gaming, with the added flexibility of keyboard and mouse controls on Windows 8 PCs and tablets.
  • Integration with "Halo 4." Earn experience points (XP), all-new Achievements, and unlock emblems for your "Halo 4" Spartan career, with additional integration features available after launch.
  • Nonstop competitive fun. Compete against friends in Leaderboards or hone your skills against an onslaught of Weekly Challenges while collecting more than 40 in-game Achievements and Medals.
  • Only on Windows. Available only on Windows 8 PCs and tablets and Windows Phone 8 devices.

Finally, the game also supports optional in-app purchasing to gain more credits (credits are earned with normal game play too). We wrote about the IAP system back in June, noting:

“Those credits can be spent on different equipment to customize your loadout with prior to starting a level. Loudouts include both primary and secondary weapons, armor abilities, and boosters. A few armor abilities we know of: a health regeneration field, overshield, and sprinting. As for boosters, they make the game easier to play by increasing the damage that players deal and other beneficial effects.”

Overall, Halo: Spartan Assault for Windows Phone 8 was a worthwhile wait. Microsoft and Windows fans finally have a notch on their belt of one more “must have” game and the title should appeal to everyone from casual gamers to the hardcore user.

Pick up Halo: Spartan Assault here in the Store for $6.99. Windows Phone 8 only, 1GB of RAM, 691 MB.

In the US, restricted to Verizon wireless customers only for 30-days. 512MB devices to receive support in August, 2013.

Head to the Windows Phone Central game zone to discuss Halo:Spartan Assault, get help or look for tips! forums.wpcentral.com/windows-phone-games

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • 805a0194 error :(
  • Same thing here, and I've been waiting all day for this download.
  • I restarted my phone and was able to get it now.
  • It *just* went live, give it a few minutes at least...
  • Dan, is there a way to trick the phone region to get this game if I'm US? I've trying changing region in settings to UK but no luck. Is the only way to debrand then rebrand Verizon?
  • Two ways 1. Borrow a friend from with Verizon's SIM if your phone is unlocked, or 2. Go over to XDA, Windows Phone 8 Development & Hacking forum and follow directions for Nokia app hack, you can use the program to trick the store into thinking your phone is a Verizon phone. Think the app is only live for a few days longer btw. I haven't tried it because I have a Nokia on Verizon, but other people seem to have it working for other apps
  • It works... tried it earlier playing on an USA Lumia 920 with at&t
  • Worked with a trick from the forums too. Tmobile 8X playing it and with unlocked ATIV S. Works wonders now that have my daily driver running it (8X) I play it at work all the time!
  • No free trial kills me.
  • Love it, tried link. Store error. Guess they weren't ready.
  • We've been thru this a billion times: try again. Just went live.
  • Hi Daniel, i understand it just went live but still they should have ensured that there was enough capacity to handle the request. Ignore me though, just want it now.
  • Yup
  • Uhm, what he means was that the link barely went live so give it a few mins before it's fully propagated everywhere.  Nothing to do with server capacity.
  • I can't think of any highly anticipated product with a website that actually was able to cope with demand. People that make the projections aren't the same as those that want the products. Look at any number of PC games in recent history. Hehe, its amazing! And when people like me build according to specifications we inevitably learn after the fact that those projections "were off". And that Is with padding. #failplanning
  • This is actually about the time it takes for the install packages and databases to deploy to each country's specific server, rather than capacity. It takes time; if they made it instant it would effectively nullify the reason to have them.
  • Any word on if it is compatible with Windows 8.1?
  • Indeed it is.
  • Did you get it to download on 8.1? The link just takes me to the store and it doesn't show up in any store searches on my surface pro
  • I've told you 999,999,999 times to stop exaggerating Daniel :)
  • Worked for me
  • I suppose I have to pay for this game twice if I want it on my Surface and my WP?
  • Error :(
  • same error here
  • Me too:(
  • This is the greatest day of . . . Oh wait -- I have AT&T :'(
  • LOL good one
  • At&t too, why can't I download?
  • Read second-last paragraph
  • Downloading now!  Can't wait to play this.
  • :( error
  • Link works now, but no trial which is a downer, wanted to try it and desktop version to see which is better regarding gameplay
  • Ditto on that. I was hoping for a trial because I wanted to see how it played on both  my Lumia 928 and my Surface RT before buying. Anybody with both a Lumia and a Surface RT with insight into how it runs on both?
  • I was wondering the same thing, also if you buy it on the Lumia can you then download on RT as well without paying again?
  • ^ coip, this. And the fact that there are no universal purchases kills it. I'll probably still get it on my tablet.
  • Error
  • Error
  • Tried it not working will go bed now try again tomorrow. UK Here
  • Same, im in the UK, if anyone gets it working in uk plz let us know!
  • It's working for me on my unlocked Samsung ATIV S on O2-UK
  • Not working on my EE lumia 820... Any advice??
  • Says: not available for my device..... L920
  • its only avalible on verizon right now....
  • Has anyone changed region yet?
  • Yes, to Canada and UK, to no avail.
  • In Canada it seems to be exclusive to Rogers, it's available on my 920 but my wife's on Bell and doesn't show in the store on her 8X.
  • Only in the USA will it be exclusive. It should be releasing around the World now. But I'm also getting "not available for your devide" on my non-American L920.
  • Same here... L920 in Hong Kong. :<
  • Same here, HTC 8x, Vodafone UK
  • Try the link, didn't work first time for me but second time worked fine.
  • not appearing on mine (
  • Noooooooo the windows phone store wasn't readyyyy! *Kevin harts voice*
  • Working for me in wales (UK) on Lumia 920. About to try on surface RT No luck on the tablet yet but tine for bed will try tomorrow
  • Upon refreshing several times I got the link to get me to the store and It's saying that the app is not available for my device (L920)
  • Its only available on Verizon right now
  • Yeah I have to wait 30 days :/
  • Also in europe?
  • No
  • Don't see it on Windows 8 tablet
  • ...
  • http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/en-tt/app/halo-spartan-assault/8fe2d69...
  • That's the Windows 8 version not the WP8 one and it's also the Trininad and Tobago store not the US/EUR one
  • Not available for my device. Who do I sue?
  • can i have it on windows 8?
  • Keep clicking link sooner or later it will go through
  • Works now, try it!
  • Not available in my region (uk) what a waste of time.....im out...ios here i come !
  • Lemme know how smooth halo plays on iphone
  • :D
  • Rage quit..
  • It is available, I have it installed on my ATIV S on O2-UK. So you're going to switch from a device that can't get it yet to a device that won't get it ... ever, that's a fantastic idea /s
  • To be honest I'm expecting Microsoft to release it on Android and iOS just like they have with numerous other games.. Kind of defeats the purpose of having a windows phone but aw'well.
  • Jesus not available for my device lol htc 8x lol
  • I'm pretty sure you can't download Jesus to any OS. :)
  • LOL Nicce xD
  • Jesus is a name of an app.
  • Yeah, link works now, but won't let me download. (changed region to UK)
    Trying a different region now
    Update: doesn't work for UK, Aus or Canada.
  • I tried UK region, did another region work?
  • <iframe src="https://skydrive.live.com/embed?cid=650245646EB8D5C4&resid=650245646EB8D... width="192" height="320" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>
  • Same, not available for me, French Samsung Ativ S, so shouldn't be an exclusivity issue... 'will give it a try later
  • No love for W8 yet? :(
  • Try: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-8/apps
  • I'm not sure on that link. It takes you to the Store, but there is no price listed, so IDK what I'll be charged, or if the DL will even work. Would rather not risk a charge going to the wrong account (my dad's credit card's on the account).
  • Here is another:
    It may take some hours, says Microsoft, for the download to work in some regions.
    The link is from here:
  • I'm not from that country, nor do I use PayPal, but I knew about that alternate method.
  • Thank you :D. Only £4.99! Cheaper than WP8 at £5.49, interesting.
  • This app is not available for your phone and I am from Mexico L920. :(
  • :(
  • Not available in India .. O.o
    Verizon exclusivity is only for US or whole world ??
  • Verizon is only in US, there is no Verizon elsewhere, only in the US.
  • No .. I mean will the game come to other countries or just remain exclusive to Verizon in US
  • It should be available in other countries today and in the US only to Verizon customers. If you live in France for example, the Verizon exclusivity shouldn't be applied because you don't live in the US,
    Only people with AT&T, T-Mobile, etc. in the US must have to wait 30 days. If you live outside of the US, it should be available today in your marketplace (Indian if you live in India, etc.
  • Doesn't look like it, seems exclusive to Rogers in Canada.
  • well, that's real BS from MS and from Rogers, releasing another exclusivity just for Canada. Fido and Rogers are the same company, using and sharing the same network.
  • I get it but the game is still not available on my unlocked L920 ;(
  • not available in India....
  • I have a Lumia 920, and am in Canada. Store says its not available for my phone ... 
  • I have a L920, and am in Canada on Rogers. Currently downloading.
  • Can you show the link that you downloaded it from? Or was it through the phone store? And yea I'm with Rogers as well.
  • I followed the link that Daniel provided. It doesn't show up in the app store yet.
  • Weird; it says that its not available for my phone if I do that. 
  • Actually I should clarify that I'm using the WPCentral app and selecting "Download App".
  • I'm on Rogers too. It looks like it might be Rogers exclusive?
    I noticed there is a rogers logo in the details page.
    The only way to confirm is if someone else from canada tries to buy it from another network.
  • Installing now from Rogers -located in Vancouver
  • It has a Rogers logo in the store so might be a exclusive for them also for the 30 days. Can anyone not on Rogers download in Canada?
  • It doesn't show in the store at all on my wife's 8X who is on Bell.
  • i am on Fido and the game is not there neither
  • omg i want the game T.T, it's supposed to be a worldwide lunch except for usa, why Costa Rica dont work!!!! T.T
  • Purchase succesful! Ativ S at Finland.
  • Works on Rogers!!
  • The link works for me. It still doesn't show up in the actual store though.
  • I have a Lumia 920 from Rogers (unlocked if that matters), fully updated AFAIK and I tried buying this and it said this isn't available for my device, exclusive to another providor or its not in my country yet (I'm in Canada)
    What the hell? I guess its one thing if it just isn't in the Canadian app store yet but if Verizon has exclusive rights even over Canada...WHAT THE HELL??!?!
  • I'm on Rogers (locked, but it shouldn't matter), and I'm downloading. Are you currently on Rogers?
  • Nope, I'm currently running this on Wind.
    FFS, don't tell me I'll have to grab a Rogers sim card just for the store to let me buy it?!
    If so, thats horseshit and well...horseshit on MSs part for doing that.
  • I assume not; there's no announced exclusivity for Rogers. Have you tried downloading through the WPCentral app? That's what worked for me.
  • How would I go about doing that?
  • Well, you download the WPCentral app, then open the story and select "Download App."
  • Tried that as well, no dice since I get sent back to the same page saying not available for your device.
  • Tried that too, using unlocked L820, with Fido sim card, living in Canada and marketplace region set to Canada. App not available for my device. Tried scanning the QR code or via the WPCentral app.
  • I think it's Rogers exclusive. There is a huge Rogers logo when I go to the buy it.
    So you won't be able to get it on Wind.
  • That is such bullshit!
    Ugh.  It would be nice if WP could gather some more info on this. I'll live, but heads up that this was going to be a Rogers only deal would've been nice. Why they even did this I can't fathom, its shafting those of us that avoided that network.
  • Yeah, a quick search for news about exclusivity yields zero results. Very bizarre.
  • What's odd is that there is absolutely no news about an exclusivity deal. Given Rogers's (lack of) support for WP, it wouldn't be surprising, but still.
  • This would be a time I'd happily support a crack or two so I can install it on my own. This is just not cool, its not direct punishment but I'm being shafted out of an app just because I'm not on one of the carriers. Why is this even allowed?
  • Theoretically for marketing, but if where you are is like where I am (K-W), there's none of that happening. :S
  • I shouldn't be upset but I feel sandbagged. At least a heads up saying "Oh, Rogers has it too"
    We don't have that, we don't even have a limit. For all I honestly know given how Rogers does this, it'll be a Rogers exclusive forever. 
    Oh well, I can settle for having it on my desktop. 
  • I am on Fido and it's not available (unlocked L820) for me. Tried the WPCentral app, scanning the QR code, same result.
  • if that's the case then it's a huge mistake and a complete BS from MS not announcing this in the news. The only exclusivity should be in the US with Verizon, if there are more, we should be notified. I am with Fido in Canada and the game is not even in the store. If they are 2 exclusivity (1 for US and 1 for Canada), then it's a very bad move from MS, really.
  • Are you guys sure there is any other exclusivity?
    The carrier logo on the purchase screen is for the "pay on your phone bill" option. I wonder if some people are confusing this with that?
  • How do you want that i test this, I am with Fido and i don't have a Rogers sim card to test this out.
    But until now, it seems to be Rogers exclusives too, I am with Fido, another person is with Wind and 1 more person is with Bell on a HTC 8X and we cannot get the game to download. i see that peoples with Rogers were able to download it.
    If you have another sim card (Bell, Fido, Chatr, Koodoo, etc.) test it with your phone and let us know if the game is available.
  • No other app I try to download has that logo. If it was for the pay on your bill option, shouldn't it show up for every app?
  • Thats a very valid point. 
    This would be a first for any app on WP8 that I've come across.
    At this point I'd just like some level of clarification from MS, Rogers, WP Central; anyone. Whats up with Canadians?
    Is this punishment for us having maple syrup and healthcare?
  • Ay
  • and poutine ;)
  • not every apps and games have that logo indeed.
    Some guys at France have the same deal, the SFR and Orange logos are visible on Halo: SA but not visible on a 1$ application. If the logo is for the pay on your phone bill, it would be visible on any paid applications/games, not on some of them only.
    So I am 100% confident that in Canada, Halo SA is exclusive to Rogers only because it's not available at all with the other Canadian carriers. My phone is unlocked, SIM free, using Fido (wich is Rogers sub-division btw, using the same network)
  • Yeah, I'm on Wind with an unlocked Rogers Lumia 920 too, and it reports it as "not available to my device". Frustrating.  (I'm not seeing this Rogers logo others are talking about, either).
  • Because you have a Wind sim card, that's why you don't see the Rogers logo. The logo is related to the sim card you are using.
  • Didn't realize non-vzw users will be missing out on the weekly challenges. Great move, Microsoft.
  • OK I give up. How did the video in the story above get the game to run on a L925 via T-Mobile... What about the Verizon exclusive talk....
  • Lol! Think...
  • Sooo, what about that Windows 8 version? When does that go live? Having no Verizon that may be my shot at some earlier access.
  • Downloading my first Halo game (Lumia 920, Germany)!!
  • My L920 says "your device is not supported". Germany.
  • tempted to try a verizon sim card...... on my 920
  • Is it coming to india?? Its showing device not supported on 820
  • Try again, it gave me that error too at first. I understand this is a global release.
    Finland, non-carrier Nokia Lumia 920 reports - at first it gave "not available for your device" but now it works with the QR code.
  • Still not available.. :/
  • I guess I'll check tomorrow.. I remained awake till 5 in morning to get this..
    still not availsble in india... though its on the windows 8 now..
  • I'll wait for the rt reviews
  • :( not compatible with my device Lumia 920
  • Try again. It gave me that error at first too and then it worked. (Reporting from Finland.)
  • I have a lumia 928 and i cant find it in the windows phone store. Can anyone help?
  • K I give up for now. I tried like 5 different regions.
  • US Windows Phone Store user with a China Unicom SIM card. Game showed up on my phone all right, and there's the buy button, plus an absurd China Unicom logo. Looks downloadable all right, without free trial though. Didn't buy yet, for I'm still waiting for the Windows 8/RT version. When is the game released for tablets and PC? I thought they should be made public about the same time? Games of this genre always play better on bigger screen...
  • I believe those carrier logos are probably just carrier payment options (pay on your phone bill), not signs of exclusivity or anything like that.
  • Lumia 920, Costa Rica!!! T.T Not available for your phone T.T
  • I think I know the answer to this, but if I buy it for WP8 does that purchase carry over to Windows 8?
  • No
  • Epic fail lol always is the 1st day
  • En México está solo con Telcel
    At Mexico its available with Telcel
  • Pues yo estoy con telcel y no puedo bajarlo. :(
  • Estoy en Lumia 920, en el 820 con Movistar aparece pero no deja bajarlo
  • Can I change regions to Verizon?
  • Verizon is not a market region. Windows Phone Store checks your cellular network and SIM card before allowing you to download the game. But if you happen to have any non-US SIM card, shove it in and hit the Windows Phone Store, the game should be right there available, even in the US Store.
  • Link worked for me in Australia. Searching on the store didn't work though. Thanks guys, so happy!!!
  • Won't let me buy says don't have enough storage, last time I checked 2GB > 700MB but I could be wrong
  • Download was 6 or 700mb, but now it's installed it's taking up 1.1gb, plus whatever 'app data' its taking up. Games just ain't small :( but i guess that should be a :) really
  • I have 3.3gb available and it still doesn't download. :(
  • OMG life is so awesome right now. This game is just great! Thank you Verizon and thank you Nokia. Best game evar,so much fun. So sad for the people that can't play this game with me!
  • You don't thank the developer or publisher? Come on...
  • I've reached the storage limit on my phone???? I have 7.2gb of space left??
  • HTC 8X Buyed on T Mobile USA unlocked, Now in Colombia: not available for your device
  • if there was a time to test the cracking scene, right now is the time. ill be waiting because this is sure to piss off some peeople enough to try to bypass the verizon check
  • I keep getting it not available for my device I have 810
  • Those getting the "not available" error, try again. It didn't work for me at first either. Of course inside the U.S. exclusivity may result in a 30 day delay on non-Verizon.
    But, man, are the pipes clogged. Mine has been downloading 10 minutes or so now and... oh, it finished while I writing this message.
    I can confirm a successful buy and download on an unlocked Lumia 920 in Finland. :)
  • Might be carrier exclusive in other countries too. When I go to the store it has my carrier logo(Telenor in Norway) on the same place Nokia has their logo on the Nokia exclusive titles. When I open the store it is the featured app at the moment. I have set the region to UK on my phone, but the game still show up with my Norwegian carrier branding in the store.
  • Those carrier logos are probably just carrier payment options (pay on your phone bill), not signs of exclusivity.
  • Its definitely seeming like a carrier exclusive thing. I'm on Rogers in Canada and it has that branding for the game as well, which is very uncommon.
  • It's not an exclusivity thing. Period. I have carrier branding too here in South Korea. Nobody uses WP here. It's not an exclusive. Ignore the carrier logo.
  • Yet some people on networks not of original WP origin can't download it. I have an unlocked rogers 920, I can't download it and I'm in Canada on another network. Something is definietly going on.
  • Are you guys sure the carrier logo isn't just the "pay on your phonebill" payment option you are seeing?
    That option shows a carrier logo on the app purchase page.
  • No other app I try to buy has the Rogers logo. Halo did.
  • OK. I guess anything is possible then. But FYI, the operator payment option also shows the operator logo on the screen. Maybe this is different from that.
  • Thanks, couldn't find it in store. Downloading now.
  • Is it really only for Nokia phones?! :'( ..Wth
  • Started downloading this the second this post was up. No errors on my naked 920 in France, SFR!
    Can't wait to play! Still waiting for it to appear on my Surface!!!
  • i have not available on my U.S. 810 wth
  • Verizon exclusive. Come on man...
  • o.o i can download the game :O in my htc 8x from at&t (usa market) 
  • How, it's exclusive to Verizon in the US?
  • I don't know, but I can't install it, I don't have enough space :(
  • I've tried waiting for quite a bit and can't find it at all in the app store for my Windows 8 computer. Also, according to Halo Waypoint, it says the game is $45.00...http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/en-tt/app/halo-spartan-assault/8fe2d694-baa2-4011-99c0-3a22216223bb
  • I saw that
  • Url says en-tt.. That's not 45 USD or GBP don't worry.
  • The "en-tt" means you're not looking at the US Windows Store, but the Trinidad and Tobago one.   1TTD = 0.1558 USD.
    It hasn't been published to the US store yet.
  • Ooooooooh. I didn't even notice the "TT" part, just the "$45.00" lol.
  • Not available on device. Lumia 925 t-mobile uk
  • Don't like why Microsoft is trying to make us fight amongst ourselves. Sure we'll get it in a month but why not have it now?. Making it available on all devices will mean more publicity on the exclusive app only for W8 and WP8. But I guess MSFT has lost the plot, please support us, the loyal customers.
  • verizon出钱了啊,有本事你也出钱啊
  • I would imagine it's part of an arrangement to get WP8 support on Verizon.... Hmm, an exclusive game for 30 months in exchange for Verizon (the largest carrier in the USA) carrying/promoting WP8? No brainer...
  • Then August it is for me...
  • Download worked in AUS on Telstra Nokia Lumia 920
  • Tired of waiting, going to watch a movie. Piss off Microsoft
  • Might as well be a sad girl movie since you're already crying.
  • Heaven help us all if you have to wait for the popcorn to pop.
  • This makes carrying my broken trophy around and waiting for a good windows phone on Verizon finally worth it.
  • +928
  • Still not available in the UK on Surface RT or Windows 8.
  • Disregard
  • No free trial?
  • Yeah, that is disappointing. I wonder if they'll offer one later on. I guess it's such a big name game that they figured they didn't need to, but I wanted to try it out both on Surface and Windows Phone to see which I liked better.
  • I know this is a VZW exclusive, but is it also a Nokia exclusive?  I'm getting the "you've reached the storage limit" glitch (even though I have about 3.5gb free space after deleting all my pictures and videos) so I tried the workaround of installing from the windows phone website and I get the error that "app is not available for your phone."  I'm running an HTC 8X on VZW. 
  • Yes, in the states it's also a Nokia exclusive as far as I'm aware.
  • Argh, that stinks. Odd too, since the article doesn't say anything about that and when I search for it on my 8X and it almost lets me buy it (before popping the storage space error).
  • Just found this showing it's for Nokia, HTC, and Samsung W8 Phones.  Guess it's just a bug getting it out to the 8X and hopefully will work soon. 
  • Same problem, but if you check the articles that talk about VZW exclusive, they show all 4 devices as being able to play.
  • I'm having the same issue.  I can find it in the marketplace on my phone, but get the storage limit message, and have 3 GB open.  Everything I have read said it was Windows Phone 8 exclusive to Verizon, and for all phones.  Get the app not available for my phone when on the website version.  Anyone have a link to where this is Verizon/Nokia exclusive?  I can't find it.
  • so after all that most of the worlds is left with "not compatible for your phone" even though we mostly have 1 gb ram lumia 920's...excellent microsoft....yet another success story....yay !
  • Yikes, these controls aren't very smooth at all.
  • Do tell us more
  • The character seems to only run in 4 directions at times instead of in any direction. As does the shooting until it locks onto an enemy.
    I guess it does play fine, just doesn't feel as smooth as say, Geometry Wars, which is what it reminds me of.
  • I got it! And abought to try it out. Wright now it is a Verizon exclusive...
  • ... only in the US, I'm in the UK on O2-UK and I'm downloading it right now.
  • Not working on Surface RT
  • Still now it is not available in India.
  • Can someone in the UNITED STATES please tell me if you have bee able to dl the windows 8/RT version. I can't find it, and the link in the games app dead ends when it takes you to the Windows Store. I have an AT&T L920, so this is my only avenue, for the near term.
  • Go to the windows app store on the web and it'll show up. I tried on my Surface RT but it says the item has been removed some the store. No luck yet for me. When/if it works, I'll be making a comment on here.
  • Found it http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-8/apps#Cat=t1
  • Matthoms, thanks, btw. I found it right after I posted that.
  • Damn you Verizon and 30 day exclusive
  • Believe it or not. China mobile can download it! Amazing!
  • I feel like I'm being bitch slapped for 30 days for being an early adopter to nokias premium att phones
  • I think people can handle waiting for 30 days. How long did AT&T have the 920 before VZW finally got the 928?  Roughly 6 months.   How long will AT&T have the 1020 before VZW will have their variant or the next big thing?  Just because you are used to getting things first on AT&T, doesn't mean you are entitled to it. Look, I get it...  you want the game and can't have it yet.  That sucks.  I understand and I'm sorry you have to wait.  I, like most everyone else, hate all the exclusive releases here in the US.  But right or wrong, from a Verizon customer's perspective, it's nice to actually have something first for a change...  I mean other than DataSense.   Which seems like the only thing we've gotten early access to and it's a background feature so not exactly the most exciting.
  • So in US we cant get on surface either?
  • http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-8/apps#Cat=t1
  • Just bought it and downloading now using the links that all over these comments.
  • It's only a buy now option...no trial? Bummer, I'm with Verizon.
  • It appears to be a Rogers exclusive in Canada. At least it has Rogers branding by it. Interesting.
  • It's available on Telus as well...and I also have a small Telus badge on the purchase page.  Probably has to do with ID'ing carriers for the whole Verizon thing in the U.S.  Normally I would guess it is "off" and a non-issue
  • Available on my unlocked L820 aswell using Fido sim card. My phone is not branded btw, so I don't have the Fido logo at the purchase page.
  • Arrrrgh WiFi only? I have 4g
  • They want to prevent those instances where stupid people break their data limits with the download, then try to blame Microsoft or the carriers for their actions.
  • Yeah I know I just wish there were settings to take the limitation off. But you know someone will screw it up.
  • Should MS advertise this game on tv? I they should let the world know what they are missing
  • +1
  • Agreed.
  • Yeah and where is the review on freakin IGN?
  • I have a L920 and from Mexico with US setup since I live in the border , apparently the restrictions are related to sim card not phone configuration
  • I tried taking the SIM out, changing the region, turning off cell data, etc and nothin worked. Boo.
  • Where's that link for the story on getting past the carrier/oem checks??
  • do what I did below and it works perfectly!!
  • I actually ended up doing that! :)
  • Not working on my Lumia 720....says it requires 1 GB of ram......pitty!
  • 512 MB version is said to come in August.
  • 512 ram devices will receive support on august.
  • If anyone has gotten it for Surface RT, how does it play? Decent performance?
  • http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-8/apps#Cat=t1
  • link works on the surface just not reg windows 8 odd
  • For the record, installed/played on RT and it's great!
  • Performance is good on the Windows 8 version. It seem to be running off my laptop's Intel chip instead of the Nvidia graphics though.
  • Not available in india..
  • I've played the first couple levels and have loved it so far. Controls were a little hard to get used to but overall it's been awesome!!
    Definitely the best game on my WP8!
  • i cant find it in store on my surface rt.
  • http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-8/apps#Cat=t1
  • I am in the us and that link still isnt showing it
  • I went to Microsoft's website itself and downloading it now
  • Ok did anyone notice the 1080p Nokia screen showing four Shorts cuts?
  • I'm using an At&T Lumia, but currently in Barbados using a Digicel SIM card. It doesn't work for me, and switching my region doesn't work either. Maybe Microsoft is smarter than I thought.
  • try this...
  • There is no try mode.. :/
    Come on! I want to try before buying!
  • Is there really any reason why they couldn't just let me download the thing on At&t is it really that hard.. Is Verizon really expecting this to increase sales?...and im sure Microsoft does not need any money from Verizon they have plenty... I just feel this is the most unnecessary thing... Oh well cant wait till a month when they just press a button and let me download it -.-
  • I was able to successfully buy and download the game on my unlocked AT&T Lumia 920 by inserting an activated Telcel SIM card I have stored a few months ago. I'm in the US, btw. The game starts fine. I'm going to go play it now.
  • So I have an ATT lumia 920 unlocked with a Mexico SIM card.It should work or Im screwed?
  • It should work go to the download App section and you should be able to download it.
  • Yup. I can confirm that it does work by using a Telcel Mexico SIM card on my AT&T Lumia 920.
  • Thanks: Working on Windows 8 PC in US  10% dowloaded from this url http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-8/apps#Cat=t1
    Just downloaded...love WP8, but surface won this battle thanks to Verizon.
  • Waiting 1 month again ? :'c OMG
  • http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?p=5897467
  • amazing on the surface rt. waiting for carrier work around!
  • F verizon they were horrible at supporting wp7 I dropped em like a bad habbit and went to att cuz they actually had new phones
  • Same story. The 822 wasn't good enoguh for me, and the HTC devices lack effective software support for me, so I went with the $50 920.
  • I have 3 GB of free space on my phone but it still says I don't have enough storage...
  • Try to download it from the online store (www.windowsphone.com).
    It worked for me.
  • finally showing up in the windows 8 store
  • Installing it on my surface rt as I type!!!!
  • In the US, restricted to Verizon wireless customers only for 30-days.
    I live in Canada, using Fido as cell provider and Canada for the marketplace region and it's not available on my phone. The game should be released today for all countries in the world, including US but only with Verizon.
    Canada, Mexico, Europe, etc. shouldn't wait 30 days, if that's the case then the news is really missleading in some ways regarding the other countries.
  • More to the point, if Rogers does have exclusivity like Verizon, why were we not made aware of it?
    Maybe its restricted simply to Canadian devices running on their original launch networks? So the Big 3? Maybe its only Rogers? Maybe its only devices still registered on their home networks leaving others out to lunch? I honestly don't know since this was news to me as I tried to buy it.
    Imagine that, I want to give SOMEONE my money but they just don't seem to want it.
  • Me at this whole thing:
  • Verizon Lumia 822.. Not working in St Lucia not even Via US vpn.
    Oh well may the wait continue.
  • try it with your Verizon sim card. That  must the problem.
  • Just my luck. A few days after I returned my 920 to Rogers to get fixed this comes out :( . When is the version for window 8 coming out? I would love to get this for Surface
  • Hehe, you and me both ;-)
  • Cracking game!
  • Got it on Rogers -Lumia 920
  • Just bought the Windows 8 version on my Surface Pro. Plays pretty nicely.
    Now I just bought it on my AT&T Lumia 920, waiting for it to finish downloading. I don't know why this game needs so much space for an install, its certainly not as big as some of the other big games out there. Had to uninstall some stuff.
    Evidently it saves progress across both platforms, so that'll be nice.
  • You care to explain how the heck your downloading it on an ATT Nokia Lumia 920 when its a Verizon exclusive? Many of us not on Verizon would love to know.
  • There was no trial so instant purchase for me. No halo fan at all, but this game is just fun, plays very good!
    Runs great, crashed only once.
    Well worth the price.
  • No trial + 2.7GB wasted "other" space = no buy for me. :(
  • Where's "Multiplayer"?
  • Fao people getting device not supported error thing. Is your lumia a sim-free version ? Mine is and im wondering if this is the reason ut wont let me download it
  • mine is an unlocked L820 using Fido sim card. I had no problem buying games on it (with wifi of course) until now.
    I see that peoples with L920 using Rogers sim card were able to download the game fine without any problems
    Now, if there is another exclusivity here in Canada with Rogers, that will be a bad move from MS, seriously. That was not part in the deal, only US with Verizon, not Canada with Rogers.
  • try this :D http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?p=5897467
  • Daniel, will you please inquire and update the article as to the status of other countries with users who can't access this download?
    Case in point, several Canadians here on Rogers running the L920 have been able to download it, others like myself using the L920 and other devices on other networks (even on Fido, a Rogers subsidiary) are not able to download this at all. Personally, I'm using a L920 unlocked on Wind.
    Is there some exclusivity built in to the Canadian release as well?
  • Love how its only for Verizon Wireless for 30 days but they show a T-mobile Lumia 925 in the picture!!!!!!! Why!!!!!!!
  • maybe it's an unlocked L925 with a Verizon sim card inside. Only the SIM card counts for the download, the T-Mobile logo is just a....logo ;P
  • T-mobile UK...
  • T-Mobile is not in the US only, did you know that? UK, Hungary and many other European countries have T-Mobil as carrier. So it could be a T-Mobil UK and not a T-Mobil US. The Verizon deal is only for the US, Europe, Canada, Asia, Africa is not concerned about it.
  • Just throwing this out there... Fiddler and:
      if (oSession.uriContains(".windowsphone.com") && oSession.uriContains("&moId=att-us&")) {
    oSession.url = oSession.url.Replace("&moId=att-us&", "&moId=vzw-us&");
  • or full instructions here! http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?p=5897467
  • How much freakin' space does this game need to dl?  I've pruned things down and apparently have
    3.47 GB free and still it's not enough?  Anyone know the number yet?
  • I have 3.3 GB free after I installed the game. When I look at the space its taking up, it says 1.1 GB. So around 4.5 GB free to install I'm guessing...
  • I hit (or more likely just surpassed) the magic number on my ATIV S at 3.83 GB free.
    Ouch...all the stuff I had to uninstall hurt more than parting with the $6.99.
    I've got a 32 GB microSD card in this baby that barely gets used as it can only hold music/photos/videos.
    There's no reason MS can't open it up so that apps/game of a reasonable size can be stored on and run from SD....except what, maybe piracy fears?
  • Lumia 820, Optus, Australia.... Doesn't work :-(
  • Says requires 1gb ram
  • "Windows Phone 8 only, 1GB of RAM, 691 MB."
  • worldwide version!!!!!! whenn?!!!!!
  • From Brazil here, using US marketplace on a L920 from Rogers (unlocked)... Amazing game!
  • Tried to buy on Win8 pc, won't let me use my MS account money.
  • Any way to hack around the Verizon exclusivity?
  • See my post above about Fiddler.
    Basically you partially follow this guide:  http://forums.wpcentral.com/huawei-ascend-w1/226150-[diy]unlock-your-locked-market.html
    Except instead of what it says, use:
    if (oSession.uriContains(".windowsphone.com") && oSession.uriContains("&moId=att-us&")) {
    oSession.url = oSession.url.Replace("&moId=att-us&", "&moId=vzw-us&");
    Also, skip the step that says to change the market.  After you put the proxy in the phone, you're done.
  • That works! Thanks! ATT 920 downloading!
  • Actually, it's just paused at downloading, with error "cannot connect to marketplace"... :-(
  • Sorry I should've clarified.   As soon as you see the screen with the buy button, you can switch to the Wifi settings, disable the proxy, and switch back and still hit the buy button.
  • Thanks many times over. Had the same issue as the person above (Store became uncooperative after purchase), but shutting off the proxy fixed it. Very good help indeed.
  • Bleh, now when I try it the correct way I get Error Code:8000ffff
  • I saw a dude on twitter crying because it wasn't available on his Mac.
  • ...no problem to download and play for my Lumia 920 Telcel México...I love my Lumia, enjoy is a great game!!!
  • Is it free?
  • LOL
  • It hasn't showed up. It says it's been removed.
  • Imagine they added multiplayer mode, co-op and deathmatch on the go..... Just imagine it.
  • Won't download this on my Verizon 8X. 1) im assuming large battery drain, 2) my tablet is used for gaming, and 3) cloud-saved games should have universal purchases. Hate to say it, but that is preventing me from spending 2x the amount of money for a game that should only need to be purchased once.
  • 屁话好多
  • I haven't experienced excessive battery drain (of course if you play it for an extended amount of time, like any game, you battery will drain), but I agree that it should be one purchase for your devices. I suppose this is because the stores are separate, maybe that will change after 8.1.
  • Unlocked L920 from Singapore here,, finished download the game and try the tutorial.. Great game but I have problem with the weapon controler...its laggy
  • Just downloaded it for my Windows Phone 8 Lumia 822. It looks like a gorgeous game, can't wait to play it tomorrow when I'll have plenty of time to finish the whole thing!
  • Not yet available in India
  • Just DL'd it on my ti-86 calculator
  • For those who got it does the battery get hot?
  • Got it working in the U.S. with a Samsung ATIV S (Rogers) Unlocked. I normally use AT&T U.S. for service.
    Step 1) Put a Verizon SIM card in the phone
    Step 2) Changed APN settings automatically to Verizon USA (this step may or may not be necessary)
    Step 3) Purchase!
    Even though I didn not have "service" the Verizon SIM was recognized. Just use the sim cards to exploit!
  • I did exactly this except without step 2.
  • I wonder how many people have multiple sim cards from multiple carriers... and why for that matter?
  • Switched from Verizon  to AT&T. Was lucky enough to have the old SIM card still so I cut my SIM down and got me some Halo
  • Still wish it had a trial.
  • It's fun, it's Halo, you can watch the videos, read the reviews... you either want it or you don't.
  • User experience is very important and different from just watching and reading.  Want it but the user exp can turn out bad. Point is they have trials on most games, why not this one that cost 6.99. 
  • Downloading now, Rogers L920
  • Not available for my device... =(
    I have a lumia 820
  • I'm playing right now, AT&T Lumia 920... US. But I used someone's Verizon SIM card ;)
  • That worked?? Nice.
  • Yes it did. Just popped it in, reset phone, no service but used WiFi and downloaded.
  • Can't download it here in Finland...
  • Now we only need a Lumia N-Gage with sticks and buttons.
  • I was so excited to play this game then Verizon got the sharpest blade they could find then stabed my in the stomach then through me off the blade anime style. I have att
  • ATT stabbed everyone else with their 920 exclusive, countless times in a few months span!
  • Not available here in India.
  • I can find it on my L920 through the QR code but not in the marketplace on PC. Large games like this should be installed from the PC to your L920 to save some installation / storage space correct?
  • Not available in india
  • I have an HTC 8X and it kept telling me I didn't have enough space (had 3.48GB). I removed a couple games I never play anymore and got to 3.81GB available space and then it worked. So that seems to be the magic number for 8X. Good luck.
  • Oh man, thank you so much.  I gave up deleting stuff when I was at about 3.5 gigs.  I still got the error at 3.6 and then I deleted one thing that got me to 3.81 and boom -- its in!
  • I've got a lumia 720 and I can't download it. Naturally this would be because it hasn't got 'enough' RAM.
    This, of course, happens more frequently, like with Modern Combat 4. There again, I don't see the point why. I mean, Gameloft stop whining, the iPhone 4's got 512MB as well and it is allowed to play on that particular device. Yet the Lumia 720 is dual core as well unlike the iPhone 4, which is single core. So the 720 should be more fit for the game ultimately, right?
    Which leads me to my question.
    Is there any way to trick your device into thinking it is allowed to download?
    Or is there any way to boycot Microsoft and Gameloft and them actually listening, lol
  • The game will be available for 512MB devices in August, read the news for god sake. Here: In the US, restricted to Verizon wireless customers only for 30-days. 512MB devices to receive support in August, 2013. What part don't you understand?
  • what ? not available for my device, i used lumia 820.. :|
  • MICROSOFT !......Creating smiles and joy all around the world !
  • Sadly the htc 8x losses out again. 4 gig bollocks u get nowt. In a shit 2 year contract.
  • Not available in Holland :(
  • Lumia 820 here in the UK. Says not available for my region/device.
  • Fan of microsoft for a long time, but this is is just amazing. The game appears on my store but I click on it and it says app is no longer available, Give a F break. How can they have such a bad user experience with the microsoft store. F crap.
  • Not availabe for your device message. Lumia 920 :(
  • This app is not available for your phone (lumia 920) whyyyy?????
  • Still waiting for it in the UK (Lumia 920/EE). Might have to put it on the tablet!
  • Read guys. About a month exclusive on Verizon WP8 before users from other carriers can download.
  • No trial? Not interested. Thank you, come again.
  • Can someone tell me why it is not available for my Nokia 925 and I have T-mobile I think its because we didn't get the gdr2 update yet also how do you know you got the update when you get it what version would it be?
  • Did you READ the article? It's only available for Verizon customers for the first 30 days.
  • T-Mobile is not only in the US did you know that? You have T-Mobile UK, T-Mobile Hungary
  • I don't think T-Mobile UK/Hungary/etc. are sellig the Lumia 925, but I could be wrong.
  • How much space do i need to download this damn game!?!?!?!?  I freed up over 2GB on my Lumia 820 and it still says I can't download it.  I absolutely love my Windows Phone but it sucks for installing games.  The Marketplace should tell you how much space you need to actually install the app, not just how much space it will take up after it.  Or they should sort it out to let you play games from the memory card.  So frustrated that I got rid of loads of games that I now have to start again just to try and buy this thing.  Rant over!
  • Try to install it from the online store (www.windowsphone.com).
    It worked for me.
  • Expensive, AND in app purchasing? Seriously?
  • Cant be downloaded in Czech Republic, Lumia 820 
  • What about the unbranded phones outside the US? It doesn't appear on mine (Iraq)
  • Not available for my device (Holland) :'(
  • Not available for my unbranded 920 neither here in Sweden. Wtf is this? Daniel pls update with some info.
  • not avaliable for my UK HTC 8X on a 3 contract
  • Same! tried it without the sim in (my phone is unlocked) and still wont bloody let me have the game!? take my fucking money MS
  • Update: After playing 2 missions the battery boils to the point I had to let my finger off the surface. 
  • It doesn't show up in the store in South Africa, but the game can be downloaded from the link in the wpcentral app. Having difficulty downloading though - it keeps timing out.
  • Worked in Norway on unbranded Lumia 920
  • You should definitely bring some sort of rating system for comments. No one is going to see all of the 400 comments.
  • Not available in my unlocked L920, Philippines.
  • At&t USA Lumia 920. I'm actually happy for Verizon. Windows phone owners on all platforms need to feel special.
  • And it gives MS 30 more days to get reported bugs fixed.
  • Still says it's not available for my device... Unlocked L920
  • Not available for my 920. I'm from Singapore.
  • Is there ANY way to get it if i own an at&t lumia 920? Switching regions? Anything? Please say so if anyone has any ideas.
  • You could try this: http://wmpoweruser.com/how-to-get-halo-spartan-assault-on-your-att-windows-phone/
  • Looks complicated, but thanks I will try it!
  • Wait, is fiddler available for mac? :(
  • used a friend's pc and it worked! THANKS so much!
  • Unable to download.. Windows phone8
  • Not that I'm desperate to have this NOW, but these exclusive carrier deals for Windows Phone 8 apps really is a bad practice for the platform.
  • its not coming up onthe uk market place
  • Yes good game !....lumia 820
  • Not available on HTC 8X
  • Vodaphone UK here. Lumia 920 - Says not available for my region/device. wtf - talk about another c**k up launch !
    Where the limited WP8 phone in Halo Green in a Onmi packaging ?
    Where the Xbox dashboard adverts?
    some on MS step it up ffs
  • +1 billion
  • It says its not available for my phone
    Lumia 920 - Egypt
  • Gonna download this for my Surface RT. I'm @work now so I'm gonna have to wait till I get home... And guys? What do you think of the game? Please tell me it's kick-ass!!
  • Can't download it in Poland ;/
  • Still nothing in my L920, US configuration. I think the sim have something here. Costa Rica, Kolbi
  • WORKSS!!! :D and very easy to do!
    Downloading now!! :D On a Lumia 920 AT&T!
  • I tried on my phone using a Rogers sim card, I still can't download it. 
    I don't know what more to do at this point.
  • Hello Everyone,
    !!! NOT GOOD IDEA !!! the space is not enough and the phone started hanging when you get to 500MB free space.
    I was able to workaround the check of the storage using the Store Site and send the game to my phone, it worked with around 3GB of free space. You can give it a try.
    [UPDATE 2]
    Installing XAP form SD card is working fine I can confirm that 2 GB are enough.
  • Ahh,even though there's so much trollin on these forums im gonna END YOUR PAINS !.. This will only work for non American networks.any network whose primary network is u.s.a based will not let u download (except Verizon) ...i am uk ee and i saved the game from pc to sd card then put a o2 (uk) sim in my phone (lumia 820) then installed game from sd card via game hub...put back my ee sim And everything's working fine......i can only confirm this method for phones with sd.....so non usa,put a sim from your own country and it will install...i am legend.
  • I'm living outside of US, but I can't install it. It's not available for my device. WTF? I've got an HTC 8X.
  • Is it exclusive to any network in the UK? Why do they insist on pissing about like this, just release it ffs. Its not available on my 8X or 920
  • Hey got info that there's a problem with the game working outsides of the usa for some users and that they are working on it could take a day or 2
  • Game is available in Canada now, L820 unlocked, not carrier branded using Fido sim card. I can search for it and the game is here, for 7$ + tax and available for the phone aswell. :)
    The few people with Bell, Telus and Wind should test it again if the game is there. It is for me now :)
  • Game keeps crashing randomly on my l920... is it because of it getting hot? Or what... :/
  • I will gladly wait until August 15th to pick up this game, but I just have to say that I think an exclusive release to Verizon users was a slap in the face to die-hard Windows Phone users like myself. Yeah, I get WHY they did it...Verizon has the latest and greatest Windows Phone right now and they are trying to draw more people into the ecosystem. That's all well and good, so I understand the marketing of it. Let's flash back to a few years ago though when Windows Phone was new to the market.
    AT&T was pretty much the only option if a user wanted to pick up a decent Windows Phone handset, so those of us that were early adopters signed on with them and supported the platform. We showed our friends and family and helped get word of mouth out about the system, while Verizon was off saying things like "Windows Phone isn't an innovative, leading edge product..." When Windows Phone 8 came around, the best handset (arguably) was the Lumia 920...again, pretty much ONLY an AT&T option. So I would venture a guess that a good 80% of the people who have been early adopters of Windows Phone (and I'm talking in the US) are probably on AT&T.
    Now, it speaks volumes to the platfom that Verizon has gone from their position a few years ago to now carrying the latest and greatest Lumia handset...but my point is that most die-hard users of the Windows Phone aren't on Verizon and have to wait a month to get the game on our phones. Will we wait the month? Yes. Will we survive? Of course. Will this make us abandon the platfom? Never. I just wanted to point out that it kinda sucks.
    On that note...anybody have a Lumia 925 I could borrow for the next month?
  • Seems international users can now download it! Just got my UK unlocked, unbranded 920 with a US account being used here in Panama City, Panama it's much needed Halo: SA dose.
  • Playng and enjoyng on my L820 in India... Awesome game
  • Verizon has 1 month exclusive, they better advertise this.
  • Downloaded and installed onto my surface RT, works great....but won't install on my Tmob Lumia 810 here in the US, getting 805a0914 error message since the 18th....oh well, screen proly too small anyway....would love to know WHY though....space? carrier? phone type? exclusives?