Halo Wars 2 expansion 'Awakening the Nightmare' coming this fall

Announced the day after the big Microsoft press event at E3, Halo Wars 2 is getting a full expansion pack later this year.

Halo Wars 2: Awakening the Nightmare is a brand-new full expansion coming to Halo Wars 2, featuring a new campaign, two new multiplayer leaders, two new multiplayer maps, and a brand-new cooperative mode, Terminus Firefight – featuring the return of the Flood!

The Flood is back, you can play as the bad guys and there's a whole lot of new, great Halo Wars 2 content coming our way in the fall. If you're keen to see more, be sure to watch Xbox Daily this Wednesday from E3 where there'll be some live gameplay.

The announcements from E3 just keep on rolling so keep it locked to Windows Central to make sure you don't miss a thing!

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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