Hands-on with Microsoft's portable Universal Foldable Keyboard

Interested in Microsoft's latest foldable Bluetooth-enabled keyboard accessory? So are we. Check out our hands-on video to know what's on offer with the Universal Foldable Keyboard.

The keyboard is portable, and connects to two devices simultaneously, with buttons available for toggling between the two. Cross-platform functionality means that the keyboard works on Android devices as well as iPhones and iPads, along with Windows tablets. Windows Phone compatibility is coming with Windows 10 for phones and Windows Phone 8.1 GDR2 (Update 2).

Pricing and availability details will be announced by Microsoft at a later date. How many of you are interested in picking this up once it goes on sale?

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

Harish Jonnalagadda is a Senior Editor overseeing Asia for Android Central, Windows Central's sister site. When not reviewing phones, he's testing PC hardware, including video cards, motherboards, gaming accessories, and keyboards.

  • Wait, so it doesn't work with wp8.1?
  • No, not unless they bring the required Bluetooth functionally in GDR2.
  • Yeah it will work with Windows 8.1
  • GDR2 brings support, correct.
  • It doesn't.
  • Been bitching about a proper BT stack for years..we have Xbox games, but no controller, OTG, so behind the times.
  • Of course it doesn't. Only stupid companies produce devices that are compatible with their own system... Amiright ??
  • Yeah like you are designated as Dr. without completing your PhD...Right!!!!
  • ?. That's effed up, I earned a Ph.D., and it sucked balls. Not overly difficult, but a mo fugger of a marathon....surly your joking about altin....
  • Works with w8.1,W8 < update required for some w8 oprateing systems
  • Haha
  • Ummm, it's a bluetooth keyboard. As long as the device in question supports bluetooth, then I see no reason why it wouldn't work.
  • If it worked with wp8.1 then it would be written in the article.
  • My mistake, I must have missed that in the article. That sucks and makes no sense.
  • Welcome to WP.
  • GDR2
  • We hope.
  • The woman in the video said you can pair it with the windows phone at 0:31 . what is with the confussion ?  Edit: My mistake, watched the video before readin the article.. Since she said it would pair with windows phone i assumed it is the windows phone in its current form .. 
  • Yes it does. It was featured in the Microsoft presentation. All it requires is a Bluetooth connection. Hence the "universal" part of its name.
  • I haven't used a keyboard which pairs with multiple devices before ... and then again, I always carry atleast 2 devices that can be used with a keyboard so I can certainly find it useful. Looks cool ... neat little keyboard would love to get my hands on one :).
  • Yup..Interesting concept..!! I'll buy for sure..!!
  • Nice for a 1520....now, toss in a mouse, office apps like ios and off we go.
  • A #1530 might just be a mini desktop with personal and office use+A nice cam with that PureView+Much more.
  • I hope, but the damn Mirracast needs to work, or OTG...
  • Yup forgot the OTGs.
  • No wp8.1 support? Boo Microsoft!! This shows MS cares more about other platforms... Its now official.
  • Oh Shut Up Whiners.
  • Since they haven't actually put this device up for sale yet and we don't know what's coming in WP8.1 GDR2 (or in later builds of WP10), I think it's a bit early to accuse MS of not caring about WP regarding this keyboard.
  • Does any keyboard support wp8.1? Or a better question: does wp8.1 support Bluetooth keyboards. Last time I tried to connect anything to my WP using Bluetooth I found it painfully difficult to do so.
  • No.
  • That's really redundant dude, do your research before whining
  • Are you so full of fat in your brains by eating CALZONEs huh??dat you dont even understand that you need a particular requirement to use a specific feature???
  • You mean Bluetooth? The vast majority of Bluetooth keyboards don't work with windows phones, including a Microsoft Bluetooth keyboard that is currently available on the market.
  • Bluetooth on windows doesn't support any bluetooth keyboards...
    That feature has been incorporated in windows phone 10... Is it really company's fault that it is launching compatible accessories prior to the software update when other windows devices can use it???
  • And besides it is incompatible with Windows phone FOR THE TIME BEING... But can be used with windows tablets!!!
  • Do you mean to say that your WP8.1 device won't get Windows phone 8.1 GDR2 or Windows 10 mobile..... Make your brain correct and learn that your phone will get update soon
  • You saw her using it with a damn Surface Pro 3 so stop asking stupid questions.
  • Surface Pros do not run WP8.1 (the P there stands for phone). And yes, this keyboard won't work with WP8.1. The article even mentions it.  Be careful calling people stupid especially when you clearly are........ well, you fill in the blanks.   
  • True...or maybe he just didn't see the video and started criticizing the company just like that... Don't understand why people use a certain brand's product when all they have to do is criticise it in the end no matter what....
  • Can't you read? It clearly says GDR2 will allow it to support WP8.1.
  • Seriously, no F1-F12 keys? :(
  • There would be another input system like we use ctrl & shift with another keys to get some kind of copy paste cut etc.....
  • I actually need to check in windows 8.1 I'd there is a way to set the keyboard so it defaults to function keys, I hate having to hold down FN on the type cover (and I never actually use the basic functions of those keys).
  • I think I saw an FN key...
  • Are you guys deaf or what? Watch the video where the lady says "You can pair it with your windows phone.."  
  • I wouldn't give people such stick. WP8.1 DOES NOT support Bluetooth keyboards.
    It will require a whole new firmware update, with the associated multiple month delay!
  • Including Bluetooth keyboards made by Microsoft which are currently on the market, it makes absolutely no sense.
  • Yeah!! And that deprived you of typing on your Windows phone since you bought it....
  • Emeffer, it would speed things up, reduce autocorrect effups, fuck it, your not worth educating...
  • Yeah!! Correct choice of name...you should be BANNED (if not AGAIN).......
  • Lol, works with iPhone and Android but not WP
  • It will work with windows 10 for phones. It hasn't been released yet.
  • I now, just think its funny that it dont work with Windows phone 8.1
  • It does. GDR2. Looking stupid is really not funny ;)
  • She said in the video it works with windows phone ;) 
  • It is unreleased and works with unreleased WP10. Problem solved.
  • too much gap in the middle and centre keys are unevenly sized. not sure if i'm gonna be comfortable typing on that.
  • If your a home row typer, it shouldn't matter. The keys would be placed where they normally are relative to each other. You shouldn't have to stretch any fingers across that gap (if you type using the home row method.)
  • I prefer the two finger keyboard death punch method....gets expensive though...
  • Neat keyboard. I would definitely get something like this. Could use it with my phone and my tablet
  • Great, a keyboard that makes sense to have with a phone, i.e., similar in size. A normal keyboard is large enough that you could just have a tablet in the same bag. This will let me work even when I don't bring a bag with me to hold large things in.
  • Btr ms go n serve fucking crapdroids n isheeps.... Every damn thing is launched with android n ios... Btr i should buy an android or iphone to get first hand on new innovative things coz even ms will launch things for them first... Who the fuck cares for loyal windows customers
  • Atta boy, get em.
  • Not understanding the significance.
  • Bluetooth HID support for Windows 10...confirmed!
    That's kind of a big deal if you are the kind that can imagine connecting a Windows Phone to a screen, open up office apps, and get proper work done using a full size keyboard.
    I've been waiting for this feature for years (even my ZTE Blade from the dawn of time had Bluetooth keyboard support!)
  • Agree
  • It's amazing how long its taken for this feature to show up, you would think with the whole Office push that windows phones would have gotten keyboard support right from the get go.
  • Yep, it should have had it all along...
    However, I kind of like the drip feed approach in a weird kind of way....
    The reason being - I got my 1020, instantly thought it was the best smartphone I ever owned. Then WP8.1 came out, and most of my few grievances were resolved. The phone had a whole new lease of life, & I valued it even more.
    Now Windows 10 is going to bring a whole raft of new features that go even further to completing the package & make it a true productivity workhorse (along with a photographic legend!).
    I basically feel like I'll have had 3 new phones over the course of the update process...
    Never have I owned one phone for such a long time :)
  • It's cool so yes, I'm interested, and depending on price and availability in my country, will be interested to buy. Although I'm not sure I'll use it in my phone :)
  • It looks like a Surface's Type cover... I'm expecting a similar pricing. Now I can't wait to see a Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard equiped with bluetooth and allowing me to switch between my docked SP3 and my Lumia just by hitting just one key!
  • Similar pricing to the type cover? There's a grim thought. Hopefully it will be closer to their wedge keyboard price. No trackpad should make it cheaper to produce I hope.
  • interested
  • Interesting concept but I prefer my keyboards to only have Windows logos (no apple command key, home, etc) so if they ever come up with a variant that ony has those images in they keys I might bite.
  • IMPROVEMENT idea - As it looks it would collabse between the knees if used on legs, how about a pvot strip of some sort where you can turn it on the back side when flat which keeps it rigid on the legs, same strip could act as 'legs' to raise the top end :)
  • It looks appealing, but I have a Microsoft Wedge bluetooth keyboard and the rubber on the hinge of the foldable cover tore after a few months. Curious to see how this one stands up to prologned folding and unfolding.
  • Weird, I have had mine for nearly a year nor tear
  • Can the USB port be used to connect it via wire? Bluetooth is nice and all, but sometimes I would prefer the speed and security of a wired connection.
  • You type lots of secure documents on the over at the NSA?
  • So this works with iPhones and not windows phone 8?! This is getting ridiculous
  • It likely works with WP8.1 GDR2 (as installed on the 640 XL). I dare say we'll also get support via Dev Preview in the near future.
    Better to have the accessories available ahead of W10 launch than not have them at all.
  • I can't wait to buy it
  • How much is it?
  • Thank you, Microsoft. I've wanted one of these for my Lumia 1520 and Surface for quite a while. My only concern is whether this new gadget will take as long to arrive as the Band and whether or not this will end up being one of those ridiculous USA exclusives... Please just take my money.
  • Certainly am gonna get one if is available here in Nigeria
  • Personal Preference but I'm not good with keyboards that have a gap in the middle, I'll pass ;)
  • Wedge is great and durable
  • I am very interested in it. In fact I'm so interested in it, I still cannot fathom that bluetooth HID certificate support is still not part of windows phone 8.1 even though microsoft clearly promised they would. In stead they're moving it to windows 10, which effectively means probably a wait of at least another full year before it will be available for most current lumias. That will put it a full 5 years after microsoft already supported bluetooth with windows mobile 6.5.x. Increadibly, uninmaginably mindboggling.
  • 8.1 update 2 adds the bluetooth keyboard support for windowsphone. no need to wait until win10
  • Not liking the gap in the middle, couldn't they have been more clever and eliminated it? Even the old ThinkPad from the 1990s had a fancy size reducing keyboard.
  • Just give me the price already.. This is potentially better than the type cover, as long as it doesn't cost a fortune.
  • Nice portable keyboard....!!!!!
    When it released in India ?
  • It is compatible with windows phone... Using windows 10..? Windows 10,for phones Not yet released though.. Ouch.. Honestly, it hurts reading those lines.... Well Microsoft does it again, releasing something that will not work/not yet on their own phone... The keyboard looks promising! "hopefully" gdr2 is the answer.. BTW if ever...when is gdr2..???? Boom..
  • Looks like the Surface keyboard folded in half.
  • It will be a perfect match with a 1530 and a Surface. Even better would be surface keyboard that would serve as a screen cover, detachable BT keyboard for the Surface and a phone.
  • It's a keyboard. It has keys cool.
  • Looks like a device I need to have on those occasions I need to spend time typing.  I'm in.
  • I'm getting one
  • Im buying it. I use a surface and iPad regularly at work. This will be nice to have when I jump between the two!
  • What are the fight. Is a Bluetooth device right? Then?
  • SORRY to say but the APPLE Bluetooth keyboard which I have used for some time connects with any platform, iOS, Android, or WINDOWS that has the required Bluetooth wireless capability.
  • I will get one when it works with windows 10 for phone
  • Sounds good to me, as long as it's priced right.
  • Since I have a Surface Pro 3, I really don't see a need for this. But for those that have handicapable tablets and such, this would be a good portable keyboard.
  • Would be cool if it had integrated wireless charging when it's folded!
  • Anyone notice iproducts logo and android??? This is officially first device made my microsoft with i products logo and also first device made my microsoft with android logo. lol
  • $100?  Ouch!  Maybe not so interested now.
  • $100 for the first month wait 5 months and the price get discounted.
  • If they added a touchpad this would have been a nice accessories for 7/8/10 inch small Windows tablets.
  • 8.1 update 2 adds the bluetooth keyboard support for windowsphone. no need to wait until win10
  • Backlight?
  • It would be interesting to see what the battery life is rated at and price. If it's reasonable (£20-30) will pick on up.
  • "you can put it in your back pocket" - then, big question: will it survive if i sit on it?
  • Does anyone know why they always put the 6 key on the left side of split keyboards? When I learned typing, you hit the 6 key with your right index finger.
  • Not or 100$. Now go ahead and down-vote me, groupies :D!