Hands-on with MSI's powerful P65 laptop for content creators

MSI may best be known as a go-to brand for gamers, but the company took to the show floor at IFA 2018 with a fresh play for creators, the Prestige P65.

In terms of design, the 15.6-inch P65 resembles its gaming sibling, the G65 – just in silver or white, rather than black. Built to give creators access to enough power for speedy rendering times and multitasking, the P65 is loaded up with Intel's 8th Gen Core i7 processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, 1060 Max-Q, or 1070 Max-Q graphics, and up to 32GB of RAM. All of this is packed into a chassis that's 4.14 pounds and 0.69 inches thick.

If the P65 piques your interest, it's expected to go on sale in October for around $2,000. In the meantime, we had a chance to get some hands-on time with the creator-focused laptop on the IFA show floor, and you can check out our initial impressions in the video above.

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  • About time, I have never seen this category mentioned before now. Mostly is ultra book and gaming laptops
  • @Steve Adams. To be honest, most (if not all) gaming laptops can be used by content creators... just most aren't that understated. Drawing can be handled using a drawing tablet, you can get a fairly decent on for about £10.
  • TechFreak1, Could you share a name of such drawing table? interested in a very low cost one.
  • @ asoyemi. sure, the cheapest one I can think of is the H420 by Huion. I've seen it for £10.00 on amazon time to time (but that was over 2 years ago). It's £26 right now on Amazon. The version cheaper than that is 420 at £21 but it doesn't have any buttons on the tablet. When I bought one (H420) in Jan 2016 there was a smaller drawing tablet which was cheaper, but it was very small and Huion didn't have a decent website.
  • Seconded.
  • I would never use a drawing tablet now since we have surface devices. and touchscreens with ink/pen capabilities. And Yes. I know that gaming laptops have the horsepower, but it's nice to see a "catagory" for creators/graphics users. I do it on my dell 2 in 1 now. No need for wacom tablet additions or antyhing else.
  • Looking forward to the review of the P65.
  • Its a terrible idea to invest into an expensive laptop now when the RTX 20 cards are just around the corner and most likely we will see laptops with them by CES 2019 early next year.
  • Agreed, for these prices you want to have at least some future proof gpu. Better to wait for the new batch or buy a laptop like this in sale.
  • That could be said for the RTX 20 cards when the RTXXX XXXX cards are just around the corner.
  • We have some MSIs because our CAD app switched to "gaming" GPUs and the corporate PCs did not support them yet. We have had ALL KINDS OF PROBLEMS with these MSIs. Just not quality PCs IMHO. Now that Dell is finally supporting the GPUs we need in their XPS line, we are switching to those.