Hands-on with the (near-final?) February 2020 Xbox dashboard build

Microsoft is gearing up to roll out a fairly hefty update to the Xbox One dashboard user experience, tweaking key aspects like the Games & Apps section, as well as the way content is handled on the main dashboard.

No longer will the Xbox dashboard have a horizontal scrolling experience, separated by tabs or "twists," as they're known internally. Instead, things like the Mixer tab, Xbox Game Pass tab, the Microsoft Store tab, and beyond, will exist as customizable blocks you can add and remove at will beneath the main section.

To customize your dashboard, you can just hit the view key on your gamepad, and tweak to your heart's content.

Beyond the dashboard, Microsoft has also revamped the Games & Apps section, separating the full library into its own section. It may be a few extra steps to get to your uninstalled content, but the trade-off is a speed boost, as you can see in the video above.

What do you think of the Xbox dashboard update? Have you tried it for yourself on the Xbox Insider Program? Let us know in the comments, and subscribe to our Windows Central Gaming YouTube channel for more content like this.

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Jez Corden
Managing Editor

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  • It's always been slow to respond and laggy for me. So unless thats addressed I'm unenthused
  • It seems to be faster than what it once was.
  • Don't like the games and apps... Tiles look worse, and the extra steps don't help. And what's with the blue icons on the ready to install selection, looks shocking.
  • I really don't like it
  • It's nice. Seems faster.
  • For some reason, I've had this since November/December as a regular update. It's a great update. So fast and way less cluttered!
  • "Yeah, hopefully the next update will be a bit more significant, and there will be some interesting features in there... " Seriously Jez? What could be more significant than an entirely new dashboard experience?
  • LOL. "Entirely new". There's nothing entirely new about this update (and I've been on the Alpha/Skip Ahead ring for quite a while). It's evolutionary, that's all.
  • I have one game. I rarely play it, since the PC version is a lot better. But have the one game. So, speed isn't really something I noticed as a problem. I do like not having as much of Microsoft's fluff being shoved at me, though, so that's an improvement. In the end, I miss the original dashboard. I miss it a lot. Heck, I miss a lot of features that Microsoft just abandoned. These days, with so many apps available on a smart TV, the usefulness of the Xbox in our home is just about gone.
  • But will the store interface be quicker to navigate and browse? dang that's lame you still can't customize your main home screen. you have to scroll away to another screen of pins.
    the little 3DS had a better home screen customization than this
  • Have they considered making a good UI experience?
    You know.. instead of reworking mediocre ones every other year
  • Not sure. It is a bit faster to respond. But there is more button presses to do things. It's more like the PS4, which I never liked due to needing so many different button presses to get to anything. The same issue applies to this new Xbox update. To many button presses to do things that took 1 or 2 presses before.