Hands-on with the new Phone Screen feature in Your Phone on Windows 10

Microsoft is now testing an upcoming new feature in the Your Phone app on Windows 10 that lets you see and control your smartphones screen straight on your PC. Right now, the feature is in preview and is very early meaning many of the features planned in this area aren't working yet, so this is an early look at the work Microsoft has done so far.

In this initial preview, Microsoft is testing the ability to successfully connect and stream your phones display to the app. You can't yet control the phone directly on your PC, but that is a feature that's in the works and will show up later. For now, you still have to hold your phone to interact with it. Initial impressions of the streaming quality is pretty good. It operates at around about 60fps constantly, and there's very little latency between the phone and the app when streaming.

In fact, I was even able to play a few mobile games while looking at the Your Phone app, and didn't feel like I was lagging behind. Of course, it's not instant, but it's definitely not delayed either. It feels buttery smooth and quick to respond to touches.

In the app, there's a button that automatically changes the orientation of your device, and there's also a button that looks to allow the phone screen to pop out of the Your Phone app to be placed wherever you like. That feature currently doesn't work just yet, however. Overall, this first preview doesn't give us much to go on, but at least it gives us a good idea at how well the streaming function is going to behave when it's complete. So far, so good.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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