Hands-on with the tiny InFocus Kangaroo $99 Windows 10 PC

There are a lot of Windows 10 PCs to be seen at CES 2016, but one of the most interesting products is the Kangaroo from InFocus. It's a tiny 0.5-inch desktop PC that can be bought right now for just $99.

We got a change to go hands-on with the InFocus Kangaroo, which is currently on sale on the NewEgg and the Microsoft Store websites. While the base model cost $99, you can expand it with additional modules for more money that offer more USB ports, along with an Ethernet, HDMI and VSA ports. The PC even has a fingerprint reader that works with the Windows Hello security feature in Windows 10.

What do you think of the Infocus Kangaroo? Let us know in the comments!.

Buy the InFocus Kangaroo at the Microsoft Store (opens in new tab)

  • Every Tom, dick and Harry wants to be part of Windows 10 bandwagon... Microsoft and Samsung are also working together on internet of things. Good news everywhere
  • Agreed, Microsoft's plan to get WIndows 10 in a billion of devices by end of 2016 is right on track, and don't forget HoloLens coming in to change the video game industry forever.
  • End of 2016?  I thought they said by the end of three years availability.
  • HoloLens isn't going to change the gaming industry forever...not even close. Gaming is no way the primary focus of HL despite the neat tech demos Microsoft has shown--gaming is more of a side effect and but one small possibility for HL. I think VR has much better gaming applications and HL has much better business applications, thus in keeping with Microsoft's typical strong suits.
  • I will definitely be purchasing one of these Kangaroos in the next 60 days!
  • I've had one for about a month now and love it. It's really awesome, especially since the connectors are in a modular format. It's my understanding they are already working on additional modules, like hard drive bay, etc. The fingerprint reader makes me wish the 950 had one instead of the camera for windows hello.
  • Bingo. Windows hello with camera is useless on the phone. Great for the desktop or laptop but not for phone. With fingerprint reader I could unlock the phone by the time it comes out of my pocket.
  • Why do you say useless? Works fine for me.
  • Works fine for me too.
  • Me three or four
  • But you have to remove your glove in the cold harsh weather just to sign in your damn phone every time.  Iris works fine, although a second or so slower, in all weathers.  It is a good compromise.  Iris tech will improve over time while fingerprint can't.
  • When polar vortex hits with sub-z temps, I'd take IR camera over a reader any day. 
    Both the cam and the fingerprint reader have their pros and cons and the phones should have them both.
  • Works great for me... and it will only improve over time. Its slow but it works.
  • I wish it had both so people would stop complaining!!!!
  • This is pretty awesome, actually. Although it does render Continuum on WP kind of useless. Which is why I think the "Surface Phone" really needs to be running full blown Windows 10 going forward instead of WP10. With these miniaturized PCs poping up everywhere, it just makes sense.
  • Absolutely!
    In my view Surface phone have to run full W10 to stand any chance. Real challenge will be battery life.
  • Battery life is a challenge on existing phones now.
  • That's the first thing which popped into my head too... But we are forgetting one thing... This es essentially just a pc. Sure apps are same... But the mobility..... Where as the Lumia with continuum... Are full fledged beasts of a smartphone which can very well double up as your pc (UWP)... This is remarkable... But still underappreciated by the larger tech community..
  • Actually full blown Windows 10 has the ability to morph into what WP10 looks like. A Lumia with WP10 can't double as a PC. You lack tons of functionality and even in Continuum only certain apps work. By ditching WP10 altogether and putting full Windows 10 on a phone you get the full functionality of Windows PC apps on your pocket plus the already available mobile apps that will remain only available for install on phones. It's not about being able to run PC programs on the 5" of the phone. It's about being able to carry that power with you all the time and when needed unleash it unto a proper screen. The promise of Continuum, in my POV, will only be realised once Microsoft definitely burries Windows Phone and puts full blown Windows 10 on a phone. Currently the 950/XL and other Continuum-enabled phones are a nice novelty that shows the promise of Continuum but they're nothing more than that. Far far from being "beast of a smartphone".
  • This^^^
    I believe that is the ultimate goal, maybe we are 3-5 years from realizing this, assuming MS and particularly Intel keeps pushing hard. IMHO, Intel is the key or limiting factor here. The Intel atom chips are getting very close to delivering mobile levels of battery life (comparable to the legions of high performance ARM chips), while being able to still run the full blown, no boundaries, Windows 10 at decent performance levels. What we would simply have is a single full blown Windows 10 on every device (MS would have to part ways with ARM based architectures though) capable to morphing into a Mobile interface on a phone screen and transforming to a proper unlimited desktop when docked or in continuum mode. That would be awesome!
  • I see Continuum in its current form as an awesome WindowsRT and I love it and use it a ton, especially after my dock came in, it is a good feature that will improve in its greatness.
  • Totly agree. The minute there is a viable x86 chip for a mobile phone, that's the final nail in the coffin for "Windows Phone" as we know it.
  • Well it could make a good headless client using rdp
  • And more than being able to run full windows on that small screen... We need tabs instead! (what Samsung calls multiwindow)... On phones... That ought to remove the... "its still not a universal experience" feeling...
  • The Kangaroo actually points out the biggest issue for the surface phone. This is essentially the same basic hardware as the Surface phone will need (Atom powered) and yet it can only crack out four hours battery life in a "bulky" casing (by phone standards). Hopefully the next gen Atoms van solve this.
  • That statement is not fair and highly unfounded. You don't know the battery size in the Kangaroo, lest you miss it, the cpu/gpu in that almsot size of Lumia 1520 packs Coparable cpu/gpu in Surface 3. It is th X5 8500 in the little thing, with usb3, full hdmi, sd-reader, fingerprint scanner, another usb2. We currently use couple of them at home, got them in November from newegg (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16883722001), the extended port thing came in with it free for $99 each. I never expected it to have a battery, so with what ever panssy cheesy battery they have in there with 4 hours life is unbelievable bonus. I added feedback that I would have easily paid $130 if they had a 4GB RAM option and will gladly pay $150 for 4GB RAM + 64GB Storage option.
  • Agreed, Continuum on the Lumia's is limited because of the Software that runs on Windows 10 Mobile is very limited compared with the full desktop version.  Take education software like SciLab which is great for high school math students or college students, no app in Windows 10 Mobile has the richness of a MatLab clone like SciLab.
  • Finally a use for the iPad pro ;)
  • Absolutely.... Now it can really REPLACE A COMPUTER Waiting for Senseless comments on this Tim Cook & iVerge
  • Lol, It would be great to sych an iPad Pro on this stick to copy your music into your iPad Pro.  Who is your daddy now Apple. 
  • Nothing to know without the specs not being listed....
  • Still pretty cool though, can't expect much from a $99 dollar product anyway but for portability and versatility ill give it thumbs up.
  • Seriously, they are practically giving it away for free! Heck a type cover keyboard for a Surface costs more than the entire Kangaroo unit! Gonna get this asap, no question about it!
  • specs are pretty easy to find on newegg
  • Kangaroo Mobile Desktop Computer KJ2B#001-NA Intel Atom X5-Z8500 (1.44 GHz) 2 GB LPDDR3 32 GB eMMC Windows 10 Home Kindly go here, scroll down to middle of page and click on spec tab: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16883722001 Hope this help answer your question, Brand-Kangaroo,
    type-Nettop Computer,
    Processor-Intel Atom x5-Z8500 1.44 GHz, up to 2.24 GHz - 64 bit Quad-Core Processor, 2MB Cache -
    GPU-Intel HD Graphics
    Memory-2 GB LPDDR3,
    Sorage-32 GB eMMC,
    Power Supply- AC Adapter included - Input: 100V-220V / 1A, 50-60Hz - Output: 12V / 3A - Up to 4 Hour(s) (casual use)
    OS-Windows 10 Home (64Bit),
    Fingerprint reader,
    Integrated video,
    Wi-Fi 802.11 A/C (Dual Band), Bluetooth 4.0,
    Ports: 1 x micro USB (Side, charge only), microSD, 1 HDMI, 1 x USB 3.0 (total), 1 x USB 2.0 (total),
    Dimension-0.52" x 3.17" x 4.88",
    Weight-0.44 lb. (without adapter & power cord) / 1.04 lbs. (including adapter & power cord)
  • So it is a larger Intel Stick with internal battery and a dock.
  • Processor Intel Atom x5-Z8500 1.44 GHz with Turbo Boost Technology up to 2.24 GHz Memory 2GB LPDDR3 1600 MHz Hard drive size 32GB eMMC Operating system Windows 10 Home, 64-bit PC type Desktop Optical drive None Media drive 3-in-1 card reader (MicroSDSC/MicroSDHC/MicroSDXC) Audio Available via Bluetooth, USB, or HDMI output only Video Intel HD Graphics with shared graphics memory Ports 1 USB 3.0 (via included dock) • 1 USB 2.0 (via included dock) • 1 Micro-USB 2.0 (charging only) • HDMI (via included dock) • Dock connector Battery Lithium-ion 81WHr (up to 4 hours)** Camera None Wireless 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.0 Dimensions 6.20 x 3.16 x 0.50 in (157.70 x 80.50 x 12.90 mm) Weight PC only: 5.80 oz (164.42 g)
    PC + Dock: 7.40 oz (209.78) Color Black Other Model number: Kangaroo (MD2B, SD1B) • Includes dock with HDMI, USB 3.0, USB 2.0 ports • TPM 2.0 • Fingerprint reader • Action Switch (toggles WiFi hotspot)  
  • Intel also launched yesterday 2 sticks in CES with beefier CPU's: Intel Core M3 and Intel Core M5 (similar performance than the 2015 MacBook) and all running on a stick!  These are interesting times we live in!!!
  • Except that the Core M3 is $399 and the M5 is $499...the price/performance ratio has a huge gap between those 2 and the Kangaroo.
  • Does it play Titanfall at 1000 fps and when will it be free?
  • Did you know Razer launched an Ultrabook with on-board graphics in CES 2016?  It uses a Thunderbolt 3 external dock to use an Nvidia GTX Titan desktop class GPU to power your Ultrabook games.  So in theory what you say is not so far away, maybe in 5 years it would be possible to add Thunderbolt 3 to a Stick like this size.
  • How about dual mode like wp and full windows in sd card..??..its concept for surface phone..
  • Hadn't seen this..... Very cool and hopefully this will be the route that Continuum goes. Wonder if inFocus will release a pico-projector module to attach to it? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I like your thinking
  • Gigabyte makes something similar but with an i3 and built in pico-projector. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00FRCK0SI?keywords=gigabyte%20brix&qid...
  • I picked one up at a Microsoft store last week. It was hinted at that a pico projector was in the pipeline. So far impressed with it, but its not a processing powerhouse, but being able to pack a personal PC with me every day. Works for me...
  • Still eating lotsa power, where does it go?
  • I bought one of these 3 weeks ago when I cancelled my cable and decided to use this as a HTPC. Ive installed Kodi on it to use as a primary viewing option. Ive done some netflix as well. My thoughts so far: Love the size. Super compact. Boots up quickly. For playing video does a good job with some occasional lock ups. For what I intended to use it for its getting the job one.   The negative, gets super hot. Has no fan or vents. I bought a cheap netbook fan to place under which is helping. In addition this thing is slow (lags), even mouse movement and navigating the web are pretty brutal. Try streaming music and browsing other websites and the unit locks up often. This thing is meant to do one thing at a time only.   Overall I like it and its serving my purpose of connecting to my TV and streaming Kodi for me. I just wish it didnt operate with such little oomph. Using my mouse to open kodi, select videos I want, or even typing in search, has quite a lag. Once you get to where you need to get to, it gets the job done though
  • Sounds like an android stick experience
  • With a quad-core processor, web browsing and mouse movement should not be slow. I think the heat is throttling your device.
  • I have couple of this device and they do not crawl, my kids watch netflix on it all the time, they do all their school work and perform light image editing with no issues. Now since it came out, there has been some critical drivers updates done and they helpped big plus improve the fingerprint reader. I use extemsively to remote desktop to work via VPN and worls flawlessly.
  • This units looks nice and work nice... but the problem I always hear is how they got messed up for not having enough space after a big update like 1511. althese ones have 32gb so all these might have a hard time with them. like what will happen when redstone is released. ​I would rather this one than the stick ones. these look more independent since youc an plug any display even with or without hdmi. and it's cheaper. At least these ones would allow ipad to run a proper operating system haha
  • You can also add an internal hard drive.
  • That would be cool, if they started to make more modular PCs like this and another case for storage and even a graphics block...lol, small boxes that you can just connect together =p
  • That could work for some people, RDP onto it from the iPad and carry both with you. The built in battery makes it feasible to access windows programs on the go from the iPad
  • Already sold out on MS Store... any other place to buy?
  • Try Newegg.  I saw it on there at one point.
  • So when in Europe/Germany?
  • Can it be downgraded to Win XP ??
  • Not sure if trolling or serious, but if you install Oracle VM you can install Windows XP on this stick, of course Atom X5 does not support virtualization as a better CPU like Skylake, so it would lag.
  • Had used this for about a week and it was ok but I felt Lenovo stick more promising,slick and cheaper. Lenovo stick was available for 70$.
  • The problem with this device is the terrible cooling. Any significant load on the CPU raises the temperature very hight and puts the CPU in throttling mode. The manufacturer himself recommends puting a fan close to the device. They should have designed a slightly larger chassis with proper heat dissipation. Next iteration I guess.
  • Would putting this on a cooling device work too, like on a mini fridge or maybe an ice pack? lol =p
  • You can experiement with a program called throttlestop...but the high temps it reaches makes me scared that I would damage it so proceed with caution...
  • Some specs would be nice.....like memory.....or CPU speed....something? Price looks ok. Oh and what's a vsa port?
  • I bought one of these over a month ago. An interesting feature is that it allows you to attach an iPad to it and use it as a touch screen. I have some smart devices, some of which require iOS (or Android) and others that require Windows (full, not mobile) so I thought it would be an interesting idea to set up one of these up as such so I can use both OSs from one device. This is for very basic use, like to control kitchen gadgets, etc. so there is not much load on it so performance and heat are not an issue for me.
  • Oh... And I've got a 128Gb SD card in mine. Support told me it could handle up to a 1Tb card!
  • I saw this device months ago with Lon Seidman in youtube, it's definitely interesting device since looks it will support modules like the project Ara but for desktop hardware.
  • 99 bucks !  what the hell, i'll take a few of them
  • I bought this the day they said it was available at Newegg! It is an awesome little beast. I leave the laptop at home now for my regular daily activities. Love it.
  • Love mine. Want a 4GB ram version though badly.
  • John Callaham, do you know what "hands on" means? You have said nothing of actual use here. Try again please.
  • Did you watch the video? =[
  • How in the..??