Hands-On With the Touch Dual

We grabbed some face time with the Touch Dual, which is just like the original Touch Dual except that it sports that US-friendly Quad Band interface. We're hearing that HTC is going to forego trying to wrangle carrier relationships and just sell the thing unlocked in the US (price unknown) in the next few months. Better news: it should sport Windows Mobile 6.1 and it's highly likely that it will be the first official Windows Mobile 6.1 device available in the US, way ahead of the carrier-slowdown that will keep the new OS off current devices until this summer.

We're still fans of the 20 key version of the Dual and also really like the “Quick Start” sort of menu that pops up when you open the slide. TouchFLO 2 is still here (the kind you saw on the Sprint Touch) of course, and overall it feels much snappier than the original GSM Touch.

Pricing and availability indeterminate, of course, though your best bet is probably going to be the same retail channels that HTC has already got going (namely, Best Buy).

WC Staff