Happy Thanksgiving! These are the Windows Phone apps for which we're giving thanks

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! You can tell a lot about someone from the apps they have installed on their phone. Knowing some of their favorite apps gives you even greater insight into that person. Today we're going to give thanks to the apps on Windows Phone that the team at Windows Central appreciates.

Below you'll find three apps that we're thankful for. Check out some the apps and then head to the comments to list the apps on Windows Phone you're glad to see on your phone! After that, go spend time with your friends and family today. We'll catch you all tomorrow.

Daniel Rubino

Sam Sabri

Mark Guim

George Ponder

Seth Brodeur




It's fun to see the apps my co-workers don't just frequently use, but are thankful for on Windows Phone. Daniel is active on Twitter, so it's no surprise that Tweetium is an app he likes on the platform. Mark lives in NYC, so relying on Uber to get from point A to point B is a good reason for him to be thankful for the app. George is big on photography, which is why he edits and is thankful for Adobe Photoshop Express. HappyCow is a useful app for finding vegetarian and vegan restaurants, so you'll find Seth using it on his Windows Phone. Abby is a newshound, so what better app than MSN News to aggregate content from a variety of sources. Jon plays on his Xbox One every day, which is the exact reason you'll see him using SmartGlass. Paul uses a variety of video apps to get his video fix on Windows Phone.

Overall, a solid list of apps. You can't go wrong with using any of the above in their respective categories. Sound off below with the apps on Windows Phone you're thankful for and have a great day!

Sam Sabri