Intel's upcoming i7-14700KF hits almost 6GHz in new benchmark

Intel core promotional image from the intel newsroom
(Image credit: Intel)

What you need to know

  • The i7-14700KF CPU which is part of Intel's upcoming Raptor Lake Refresh has new benchmarks shown off through Geekbench.
  • The Geekbench score is very close to last generations flagship i9-13900KS CPU.
  • Raptor Lake Refresh will be releasing later this year.

Intel's 14th generation of CPUs is launching this year, and more benchmarks have popped up for its high-end i7-14700KF. The new benchmarks were found by X user Benchleaks on Geekbench. It shows the 14700KF hitting a clock speed of 5985MHz, just shy of that 6GHz threshold. 

The Geekbench score reported is 3097 points for the single-core score and 21196 points for the multi-core. The exciting thing is that this is close to the i9-13900KS, Intel's flagship CPU last year. It's worth noting that these are simply Geekbench scores, which don't necessarily reflect how the new CPUs will perform in real-world tests.

It was initially thought that Intel's 14th-generation CPUs wouldn't bring that much of an improvement over the 13th Gen, but as noted with previous leaks that we covered, this doesn't seem to be the case. These Geekbench scores are further proof of this. However, the 14700KF was expected to clock a little lower, so it will be interesting to see what clock speeds the i9-14900KF manages to hit, as there's clearly more headroom here than was expected.

This will make consumers more likely to purchase a 14th Gen CPU from Intel. It desperately needs these performance increases to remain competitive against AMD, with its Ryzen 7000 series being hugely popular. This is also the end of the line for the LGA 1700 socket before a totally new one arrives with Intel 15th Gen next year. 

Do you think it's worth shelling out for a new 14th Gen build, or will you wait for Intel's 15th Gen "Arrow Lake" hardware? 

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