Acer's latest Swift laptop refresh joins the AI boom with Intel Core Ultra and the new Copilot key

Acer Swift 16 OLED lifestyle image. Powered by Intel Core Ultra.
(Image credit: Acer)

What you need to know

  • Today at CES Acer announced new laptops as part of its Swift line-up.
  • These new laptops are the Acer Swift Go 14, Swift Go 16 and the Swift X 14.
  • All three are powered by Intel's new Core Ultra processors bringing AI features and Microsoft Copilot.

Following on from Acer's launch last month of its new Swift Go 14 laptops featuring the all new Intel Core Ultra processors and a slew of AI features, the company has announced its 2024 range of Swift laptops including even newer Swift Go 14's, Swift Go 16 and the Swift X 14. 

These all come with Acer's suite of software features such as Acer PurifiedVoice 2.0 and Acer PurifiedView video enhancement. Underneath, Intel's new Core Ultra chips power the show, and the brand-new Microsoft Copilot key will be adorning the keyboards. 

The Swift Go models offer 14- and 16-inch OLED designs and include Intel Wi-Fi 7, new usability features and AI powered abilities. 

The Swift X 14 is made for content creators and students, with up to an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070, NVIDIA RTX-accelerated apps and loaded with NVIDIA Studio drivers. This is topped off with a Calman-Verified 2.8K OLED display.

Here's what James Li, General Manager, Notebooks, IT Products Business, had to say about the new range of Swift laptops:

“After unveiling our first Intel Core Ultra laptops last month, we’re debuting even more products in our Swift line to help a wider range of customers take advantage of premium laptop experiences and AI-supported technology for more exciting and effective PC use. Plus, these laptops feature impressive updates that help customers do more – and do them even better.”

Acer Swift Go OLED powered by Intel Core Ultra

(Image credit: Acer)

Jim Johnson, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Client Business Group at Intel had this to say:

“Through our deep, technical collaboration with Acer, we are building beyond the CPU focusing on power efficiency, graphics, and AI usages. The Acer Swift Go and Acer Swift X 14 laptops are excellent examples of AI PCs being delivered to market, powered by Intel Core Ultra processors and featuring an all-new NPU to enable AI on client. We are excited to have our customers experience the enhanced collaboration, productivity, and creativity these AI PCs deliver.”

Prices and availability for the new range are as follows:

  • Acer Swift Go 14 (SFG14-73/T) - Available in North America in March, starting at $749.99 and in EMEA in February, starting at €1099.
  • Acer Swift Go 16 (SFG16-72/T) - Available in North America in March, starting at $799.99 and in EMEA in February, starting at €1149.
  • Acer Swift X 14 (SFX14-72G) - Available in North America in February, starting at $1399.99 and in EMEA in February, starting at €1799.

Acer Swift Go 14 OLED with Intel Core Ultra and ARC.

(Image credit: Acer)

We reviewed the Acer Swift X 14 recently as well as the Swift X 16 a few months back.  There were lots of positives to take from these laptops, and hopefully Acer has brought enough to the table for this upcoming 2024 range to improve on a promising formula.

As with Acer's competitors, 2024 laptops will be leaning hard into AI, not least with Microsoft leading the push with Copilot. By using Intel Core Ultra chips with the new built-in NPU, Acer's new Swift laptops will be able to benefit from on-device AI capabilities, too, with a raft of software expected to take advantage of it throughout the year. 

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