Here's your first look at the redesigned Android 12L release for Surface Duo, coming later this year

Android 12L
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What you need to know

  • Microsoft has provided us a first look at the new Surface Duo.
  • The update brings Microsoft's Fluent design language to Android.
  • Microsoft says the update is coming "later this year."

Microsoft has given us a first look at the upcoming Android 12L release for Surface Duo, which features a new design that's more reminiscent of Windows 11's Fluent design language. It features an updated notifications panel, new blur effects, and a redesigned Settings app with Windows 11-style icons.

Microsoft has been working on the Android 12L release for Surface Duo since March, and marks the first time the company is applying its own design language to the Android OS. This is part of an effort to better represent the Surface Duo as an extension of Windows PCs, while still being a familiar Android experience.

The release also includes Android 12's new accent color system, which can apply an accent color that's based on the wallpaper you have set. This should offer more customizability compared to the Android 11 release, which was devoid of color in many areas of the interface.

Microsoft is giving no firm date for when Android 12L will arrive for Surface Duo, only saying that it will begin rolling out "later this year." We'll be sure to cover the update in-depth when it's made available in the coming weeks. We expect the update to be available for both Surface Duo 1 and Surface Duo 2 users.

The company just unveiled a handful of new Surface products, including a new Surface Pro 9, Surface Laptop 5, and Surace Studio 2+. It also unveiled a new Audio Dock and Teams remote, though sadly we didn't get any info on a new Surface Duo. Microsoft remains committed to the line, and we expect the company to return to the market with a new Duo late next year.

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