Intel Meteor Lake CPUs are coming on December 14 as the first Core Ultra laptop leaks out a little early

Intel AI Everywhere event
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What you need to know

  • We already knew Intel would be showing off its 14th Gen Meteor Lake CPUs before the end of 2023 and we now have a solid date for it. 
  • The company is hosting an event on December 14 called "AI Everywhere" and will be showing off the new chips alongside its next-gen Xeons. 
  • The first laptop containing the new CPUs, which will shift to a new branding, have leaked out early via one retailer in Eastern Europe. 

We knew it was coming, and Intel's Meteor Lake reveal now has a concrete date (via Toms Hardware). Team Blue is hosting an event on December 14 which it's calling "AI Everywhere," that will be used to show off its next-gen laptop CPUs as well as its newest Xeons. 

Further to that, as reported by TweakTown, the first Intel Core Ultra laptop has been leaked early thanks to a Bulgarian retailer jumping the gun with its store listing. 

Intel Core and Core Ultra is shaping up to be a big shift

Intel Meteor Lake from Intel Technology Tour 2023 in Malaysia

(Image credit: Daniel Rubino)

Unlike the slightly disappointing 14th Gen desktop CPUs, Meteor Lake is a significant shift for Intel. Not just in the tech, either, with the previous Core i branding being ditched for the new Core and Core Ultra branding. These will still be followed by numbers like 3, 5, and 7, to help differentiate, but Core i is dead. Pour one out for it. 

Meteor Lake is the first generation of CPUs built on the Intel 4 process, and will be adopting a tiled design, as well as boasting significantly improved integrated graphics. Intel has recently shown off a Meteor Lake chip playing Dying Light 2, and it seems impressive, with the technology from its Arc graphics line coming to integrated GPUs for the first time. 

The tl;dr is that we're expecting not only better performance from the CPU and GPU, but better efficiency, also. Our Editor-in-Chief, Daniel Rubino, recently spent time with Intel diving deep into what makes Meteor Lake tick, and you can read that here.

The next Lenovo Yoga Pro 7 looks to be packing Intel Core Ultra

Intel Meteor Lake from Intel Technology Tour 2023 in Malaysia

(Image credit: Daniel Rubino)

Given the time frame, we're not expecting to really play with any laptops featuring Intel Core or Core Ultra CPUs before 2024. But thanks to a leak from a retailer in Bulgaria, it looks like the Lenovo Yoga Pro 7 will be packing. 

Two SKUs have emerged so far, listed below: 

  • LENOVO YOGA Pro 7 Intel Core Ultra 7 155H 14.5inch 3k 400N 120Hz Touch 32GB DDR5 1TB PCIe W11H Tidal Teal 2y
  • LENOVO YOGA Pro 7 Intel Core Ultra 5 125H 14.5inch 3k 400N 120Hz Touch 32GB DDR5 1TB PCIe DOS Luna Grey 2y

The fact Lenovo will be among the first is not at all surprising, but given this comes from a retailer, perhaps the first units aren't as far away as we perhaps first thought. 

In any case, mid-December isn't too far away, and we'll soon have all the details we crave. 

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