Micro Center offers up to 2TB SSD upgrades for Lenovo's Legion Go console for a fraction of the price

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What you need to know

  • The Lenovo Legion Go is a handheld PC gaming console similar to Valve's Steam Deck and ASUS' ROG Ally.
  • Micro Center offers in-store upgrades and installation on SSDs, up to 2TB from the standard 512GB.
  • Lenovo Legion Go launches on October 31, 2023.

The handheld gaming renaissance is fully upon us. With the entrance and success of the Steam Deck redefining how we play PC games and the awesome power of the well-reviewed ASUS ROG Ally, gamers are excited for the newest entrant into this exciting portable landscape.

We covered the original leak of the Lenovo Legion Go and have even had the chance to go hands-on with the device. Coming in with faster RAM than the ROG Ally and an 8.8-inch 2560×1600 IPS 144Hz screen, the Legion Go promises to be the most enthusiast-minded handheld on the market.

The Micro Center advertisement shows a breakdown of the Lenovo Legion Go specifications and features, including a kickstand, detachable controllers, and built-in trackpads. The ad also has the base model listed at an MSRP of $699 as well as an offer for a 1TB upgrade for $749 and a 2TB upgrade for $799. 

Should you upgrade the Lenovo Legion Go SSD?

We have much more coverage of the Lenovo Legion Go for those interested, but let's discuss whether or not upgrading the storage is worth it. The Legion Go does come with an SD slot to expand the storage, which is great, but it won't offer the same speeds and performance as the internal M.2 2242-sized PCIe NVMe SSD. Also, a 1TB SD card will normally run $50 by itself, and a 2TB SD card doesn't exist yet but would undoubtedly be priced well over $100. 

Putting this into perspective, Micro Center's offer is a steal. Not only are they selling you a 1TB M.2 for $50 or a 2TB M.2 for $100, but they are installing it as well. Of course, the only downside is that it's in-store only, and not everybody has a Micro Center near them. 

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Who is the Lenovo Legion Go made for?

The Lenovo Legion Go looks to be the best option for the enthusiast, and besides the drawback of not supporting VRR, everything else on paper looks amazing. If you're looking to purchase or pre-order, we have a guide on where you can buy one. If you do have a Micro Center in your area and plan on picking one up, going for the full 2TB option for an extra $100 seems like an opportunity too good to pass up. Make sure to check back here at Windows Central for our review when the Lenovo Legion Go launches.

Are you excited for the Lenovo Legion Go? Do you plan on upgrading the SSD? Let us know in the comments. 

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  • MooseyGeek
    Windows Central said:
    The Lenovo Legion Go launches on October 31st, and stores are getting ready. Micro Center is offering to upgrade the SSD for a great price.

    Micro Center offers up to 2TB SSD upgrades for Lenovo's Legion Go console for a fraction of the price : Read more
    Do you think if you bought the SSD from them, they would upgrade the Legion Go in-store if that was bought elsewhere?