Newegg will give you up to $561 for your old graphics card, so maybe it's time to upgrade

Getting a new graphics card is one of the most expensive upgrades you can make to your gaming PC. With prices for the top cards from NVIDIA and AMD hitting or exceeding $1,000 these days, it's a significant investment that can sting the wallet. 

Newegg, however, is offering an easy way to get yourself a new graphics card for less right now. The retailer's trade in program for graphics cards will offer up to $561 for your old one to put towards an upgrade. To get this you'll need to chop in an RTX 3090 Ti, but there are offers on a range of others from NVIDIA and AMD. 

Newegg GPU trade in program | Get up to $561 

Newegg GPU trade in program | Get up to $561 

You might not get top dollar, but Newegg's new trade in program offers you an easy, stress-free way to get some money for your old graphics card towards the upgrade of your dreams.

If that number sounds a little low, then you'd be right. There's certainly more money to be made by selling your old graphics card privately. In the case of the RTX 3090 Ti, even conservatively, you could make another couple of hundred dollars.

It's the same story further down the scale, though the differences do begin to narrow. The story is the same for AMD trade in deals, too. But there's one big benefit to trading in over selling privately. It's just easier. You don't have to deal with sellers and potential issues with payments or lack of, fees which eat into how much you make, you get to just box it up and send it off.

It doesn't look like all graphics cards will be valid to trade in, which is fair, especially since you'd assume Newegg will be reselling these in some way. And you can't trade in an Intel graphics card, it seems, either, if you've become bored with your Arc. Nevertheless, assuming you're OK getting a bit less and just want an easy way to make a new graphics card a bit cheaper, it's an option for you.

Hit the trade in page to find out more and begin the process of getting some sweet sweet cash for your old, unwanted graphics card.

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  • Iamdumbguy
    If this is all you're getting in return for a 3090 TI, I think you'd be very disappointed with the "upgrades" (upcharges) in the 40 line.