HD2 available for Amazon UK pre-order

This won't do much good for those of us in the U.S. But for our UK friends (hi, Simon!), the HTC HD2 is available for pre-order from Amazon (opens in new tab) -- unlocked, even -- for the low, low price of 549.99 British pounds, or about $900US. Also of note is the expected Nov. 20 release date.

Now, about getting it here in the U.S. ...

Power Up Mobile via Slashgear

George Ponder

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  • I will still go ahead and buy this if it is all I hear it is. This could be a game changer for me. TP2 is a step above the MDA I used for 2.5 years. But it still is sluggish at times. I hope T-mobile starts to get aggressive with their phones and network speeds. I don
  • The HD2 has been available at Expansys, Clove Technology, and others for pre-order for some time now. The price will undoubtedly chance before it ships.
  • lucky UK bastards lol