HDFC Bank app gets updated for better bill payment experience

HDFC Bank, one of the leading private sector banks in India, have just updated their official app to v2.5.0.0. The latest update – v2.4.0.0 – came through just last month and offered several features upfront, before a customer logs in with his/her bank credentials.

The latest version offers an upgraded version of BillPay. BillPay is a service from HDFC Bank that allows you to pay all your bills like electricity bills, gas bills, mobile bills, landline and internet bill, DTH or prepaid recharges, insurance premiums, and credit card bills – over 250 billers across categories. The service makes it easy to pay all your bills with just a few taps and offers a consolidated view of all billers and payment history. The latest version allows you to add or delete billers as well as check bill payment history.

As an HDFC Bank customer, I use the app several times a week, and it's a pretty good app offering comprehensive capabilities at par with or better than other mobile banking apps in India. With consistent updates, the app continues to be better aligned with the bank's mission of 'Bank aapki muththi mein' (bank in your hand). Give it a whirl, and let us know how you like it.


Abhishek Baxi
  • My experience with the bank, more importantly this app has been nothing less than awesome. One of the few banks who have taken Windows Phone platform seriously. Need an AmEx app for this platform though.
  • ICICI should come into play now. :)
  • State Bank Freedom also updated today .. They've the best banking app ( for any Indian Bank ) on the Windows Store..
  • SBI should integrate all their varied apps into one app.
  • Icici bank. Are fuckers they cant maintain and develop one small app bleasy fucking bastards
  • They do have an app that does the basic functionalities well
  • They have a very well working app. SBI Freedom was updated with all new look and many new features. WC didnot cover that.
  • B.O.I. just doesn't seem to be interested.
  • People don't do banking fully on smartphones. Banking apps are still like to see your bank balance and stuff. People still go to banks daily in India for depositing money and to withdraw money from ATM's
  • I know what banking over here is like. Which is why I'd like the bank that I'm associated with to put up an app that makes my life a little easier.
  • These apps are just to life make little easy but one cannot fully be relied on such apps. One has to go to the bank, stand in queue and get their work done.
  • Who goes to bank nowadays? I don't remember the last time I visited bank branch, using both hdfc and bank of india. Internet banking is good enough unless someone doesn't have internet.
  • Truely the best banking app in India from the day it was released. They are one who released windows phone app before most other banks. Awesome ui with all features.