HDR gaming takes center stage in new Xbox One S ad

Microsoft has pushed out a new ad for the Xbox One S, this time opting to tout the system's ability to make your games look much better with high dynamic range (HDR). Gears of War 4, NBA 2K17 and Forza Horizon 3 all feature heavily, showing off the deeper blacks, whiter whites and more vivid colors that HDR can bring to your gameplay. Take a look at the new ad below:

Alongside support for 4K resolutions and the console's UHD Blu-ray player, HDR is one of the Xbox One S' main selling points. Of course, it's hard to truly show off HDR's benefits without viewing the content on an HDR display to begin with, but Microsoft's simulations in the ad do a pretty good job.

If you're in the market for an Xbox One S, there are definitely some good deals to be had as we inch further into the holiday shopping season, and there are certain to be even more on Black Friday. For those who already own the console, however, let us know what your favorite feature is in the comments!

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  • They're are saying ; you have to buy a new f.cking TV. Every f.cking year.Next year this will be like 'oooh you know what there is HDR+++ which makes thing look better' This is getting ridiculous
  • Dude settle down and take a breath. There is NOTHING that says you have to buy a new tv, let alone every year. You're the one that's ridiculous.
  • So what you want is for those of us who have a HDR TV to not have HDR support because you don't want us to have these new features. I have a new HDR TV, I have played GOW4 and it looks amazing. Just because you do not want me to have it doesn't mean I shouldn't. These features are backward compatible, you are not forced into it. And if they didn't have this, then the Sony fanboys would attack for the PS4P having it, but the XB1s not.
  • That's the price you pay for being an early adopter. Ive been waiting patiently for the new stuff to come down in price.
  • same I still have an older LCD TV with 720p resolution. Maybe now would be a good time to get a new TV with all these features.
  • I have a 1366x768p LCD tv and ForzaHorizon 3 still looks stunning
  • well, my 1080p set from 2007 still looks and works great. The thing is, if you save and get a good TV, then it'll easily last quite a while. properly calibrate it, and it'll blow you away! You know what they say, "Content in king" and there isn't a whole lot of 4k content, much less with HDR.
  • I am a little aggravated at myself about that. Bought a 4k TV 2 years ago of course it doesn't have this feature. Looks like I will miss out for some years.
  • The biggest thing to take away from this is that Microsoft console is the only one that can play Sony's own Ultra HD content from optical media. Streamed 4k is pretty pointless, 1080p streamed content is not Blu-Ray quality, so I can't see how streamed 4k content will be anywhere near what you would get from optical media. Just to throw another curve ball in there, apparently pretty much all 4k content out there is actually from 2k sources anyway.
  • true... sony releases 2 refreshed PS4 models (the slim and pro) and none handle 4K blu-ray, which is mind boggling.
  • Sony is going streaming for obvious reasons.   Speccy, yeah as far as 4k, its not widely adoptive.   Most of the older digital movies pipeline was done in 2k, so most of the movies will be in 2k at most or possibly lower.  Newer movies will be 4k going forward or soon should be.   4k content has many years to go before its the norm by that time you are probably talking 8k sets.  LOL https://blogs.which.co.uk/technology/blu-ray-players/ultra-hd-blu-ray-ar...  
  • well, streaming doesn't help when companies in the US love data caps....
  •   Adoption of 4k has been slow and probably will continue to be slow as an average consumer really doesn't care that much, sure the video heads do, not the average consumer.   Most of the content is still 2k or sub 2k, but as time goes on studios have or will transition to a 4k+ pipeline.   With that said if we are talking physical media v streaming thats a battle that has been lost long ago, you figure at some point the studios stop the physical media presses whether its dvd, br or ubr.   As far as 4k br, I don't think it will end quite like HD-DVD standard but probably close to it, but if you are vide/audio nut you can get limited 4k content until that day arrives. Here is an ongoing thread on 4k releases. http://www.avsforum.com/forum/465-high-dynamic-range-hdr-wide-color-gamu...    
  • Uh, actually most movies have been at least 4k for the last half dozen years or so, many now are being filmed in 8k.
  • Sorry but not true.. Take a dive into 4k.com and look around.. I was sad to see how little movie content there actually is true 4k (even bd-discs), and I just spend 10k on upgrading everything to 4K, even the xbox one s.
    The truth is that good 4K content will come, but it is NOT there yet.
    I get a smile on my face whenever I start "the revenant" in 4K HDR but you can only watch that movie so many times ;)
  • None of this truly matter to the average consumer, anyway. Games and video going to look amazing, unless you've some how managed to connect the Xbox One S to an old tube TV.
  • While yes I can see your point, once you have watched a 4K HDR movie or played a game like Gears 4 in upscaled 4K with HDR its not as you say. The difference between a 1080p movie and a movie in 4K HDR is as big a difference as VHS to DVD. It's massive.
  • Everyone keep in mind....YOUR 4K TV matters. If you are one who was early on getting a 4K tv, even a year ago, you MIGHT NOT BE ABLE TO DO HDR gaming. Your TV needs HDMI 2.0a HDCP 2.2 and HDR or BT2020 to enable 4K HDR gaming.  If you have HDMI 2.0 (no 'A") with DHCP 2.2, you will be able to get 4K menus (I tested, it is a lot sharper over all), and are able to use 4K blu-ray but, NO HDR gaming... Your 4k does matter on this, I had a Xbox one S at my home with my 2015 hight end 4K tv and doing some tests... and confirmed this. Even a HDMI swich could block this from working.
  • And the irony is, the video isn't in 4K and even if it was, you'd need a 4K TV or Monitor to view it on....
  • I've been playing Forza Horizon 3 on my Sony 930D with HDR turned on. After playing it so much I forgot the difference HDR made and started to think it was no big deal. Then I took Forza Horizon 3 upstairs and played it on my Panasonic Plasma TV and was instantley reminded how big of a difference HDR makes. Game looked washed out and bland on my plasma TV.
  • Without a doubt the most complete console out on the market right now. Sexy looking machine to.