Hear the difference between Razer's mechanical keyboard switches

If there's one thing mechanical keyboards are universally known for, it's their distinct clicky typing sound. What many non-enthusiasts may not realize, however, is that both the sound and feel of each mechanical keyboard can change drastically depending on the type of switches used. Thankfully, if you have an eye for Razer keyboards, the company has a new demo video available showing off the audible difference between each of its switches on the Razer BlackWidow Chroma 2.

Sure, a video can only tell you so much, but it's still interesting to get a back-to-back comparison of how Razer's green, orange, and yellow switches all differ from one another. It's no substitute for actually feeling the switches beneath your fingertips, and there are definitely more switches out there to try (including some particularly interesting options at the high end of the spectrum).

Still, if you have our eyes firmly set on the Razer BlackWidow Chroma 2, which left us pretty impressed in our review, this is a pretty good way to gauge the switches available for the keyboard before ordering. For more, you can read about the process that goes into making Razer's mechanical switches as well.

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  • I ordered the Yellow Switches today. Will follow up in a few weeks with a review. Fingers crossed I bought right switches...so much pressure! :P
  • Haven't tried the Razer switches yet, but out of all the main "types" of switches, I'm liking the med/med-heavy linear action type more and more. Looking forward to a review of those new Yellows!
  • Aren't razer mechanicals keyboard false advertising? They are not using traditional mechanical keys at all.
  • They're mechanical-switches, proprietary just like the Topre ones (well, those are "dome-switches", still mechanical). They're just different mechanics, but there is a base, a spring, and a stem for each key. You can see a nice GIF of it in action on the Razer site, but it's 100% reliant on moving parts, springs, and actuation points. "Traditional" mechanical keys is just some nonsense. Razer openly states these are proprietary, developed by them and not just a Cherry MX rehash like most gaming keyboards (Cherry are also classified as mechanical-switches FWIW too).
  • Razer makes one keyboard that has the sound and feel of mechanical but still uses a rubber dome like the Topre sort of of.  It's called the Ornata.  I like it because it uses short keys.  I hate how all mechanical keyboards seem to use tall, full size keys.  Honestly I am not really sure what the advantages are of mechanical keyboards.  I could buy a new $10 rubber dome every year for 15 years for the same price and I can type just as fast on it. 
  • Nothing objectively wrong with the "I'll just buy a bunch of cheap keyboards for the same price" approach. It really just comes down to personal preference. For instance, I'm typing this on a $40 mechanical keyboard (Magicforce68 w/black Outemu switches and blank PBT keycaps) and I absolutely love it. You don't need to spend a wad of cash for a mechanical keyboard, you just have to realize that the only attribute that mostly/usually follows the price curve is built quality and quality control. 
  • They're more comfortable IMO. Mechanical switches feel easier on the hands, at least for me. Though the Surface Pro 4's butterfly rubber switches are also quite nice.
  • oh dear god, its like traveling back in the history. My keyboard from 1989 had the exact same sound.  
  • Seriously. How many damn mechanical keyboard articles can WC publish???
  • Keep em coming! :D I like software and hardware.
  • Clickety clickety clickety... I hate you
  • So I am confused, If i want the most "silent" keyboard should I go for mechanical or no ?