Hearthstone celebrates 70 million players with free card packs

There's no doubt that Blizzard's Hearthstone has been a runaway success since its launch in 2014, and nothing proves that more than the game's latest milestone: 70 million players. Blizzard marked the occasion in a new post on its blog alongside a special treat for players.

From Blizzard:

It's a good thing that there's always room for one more, because the tavern has now welcomed over 70 Million players! On top of that, with Journey to Un'Goro, Hearthstone had more players playing together on the same day—around the whole world—than at any point in its history!

If you count yourself among that insanely large number of players, Blizzard is also handing out some free cards to celebrate the occasion. The next time you log in to the game, you'll receive 3 free card packs from the Journey to Un'Goro expansion. Thankfully, that bonus is available to everyone, including new players.

Now, how long before we're celebrating 100 million?

Download Hearthstone from Blizzard

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  • I'm sure they'd get to 100 if they just released the game for W10 Mobile 😂
  • Surprise this came up in Windows Central! Glad it did!
  • No thanks; going to play GWENT instead, much more fun even if still in Beta.  
  • Fun game, especially on the Surface, free packs are always welcome!
  • Is the 70 million number people who have made accounts but don't play it? I have played Hearthstone a couple of times. But haven't played in about a year. It would be better to tell us how many active users they have. For example Xbox Live numbers are always active users over the last month. Whereas Sony for example just give the overall number of anyone who has ever made a PSN account. Not current active userbase.