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HERE app updates offline maps for Brazil, Barcelona and more locations

HERE app users can download a major update to its offline maps data, with "millions of changes" for locations around the world. Some of the bigger changes can be found for the country of Brazil and the city of Barcelona, Spain.

HERE's blog says:

In Brazil, we made it possible to download more granular maps, requiring less space on your phone, to aid both locals and tourists alike. Previously the country had been split into 5 territories but now you can download 32 smaller packages corresponding to local regions and states. So if you want to go to the state of Acre in northern Brazil, you no longer need to waste valuable phone space with the whole north region of the country.Also, maps for Barcelona and the surrounding area have just received a sweet update for the summer time. When you activate the transit view you can see commuter train lines (Rodalies de Barcelona) in addition to the previous coverage of Metro and FGC lines.

This update is the first since Nokia announced earlier this week it was selling off the HERE business to a consortium of German car companies (Audi, BMW and Daimler) for the price of €2.8 billion ($3 billion).

Download HERE maps for Windows Phone (Free)

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Source: HERE

  • Not available for windows 10 mobile!
  • Sure. Settings --> Offline maps
  • Yes it is. Just downloaded.
  • I received maps updates for Jordan and Saudi Arabia too :)
  • +Jordan 43MB :D
  • +Me, Jordan and Saudi Arabia ;)
  • Ok
  • Wow! So fast.
  • As long as those Germans keep up the level of service the Finns provide then I'm happy
  • Hoping the same. WP would not be WP without HERE maps.
  • What Service? The Here-App is outdated.
  • Japan please!!! :/
  • Do any of the GPS apps in the windows store (phone or PC) support Japanese Maps?
  • Greece 19mb update
  • Delhi (India) - 35.6mb update....
  • Wen in ...? Oh, never mind.
  • Update for Maharastra/Goa too in India !! 60 MB
  • What a great update! Those 5 regions in Brazil were so huge, one of them occupied more than 400mb. Great update!
  • Mexico also receive 53.+ Mb  update.  
  • The Netherlands about 50,6 MB
  • Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden total 135 MB update.
  • Herd about that the other day. Ontario Canada
  • 106MB for me on a phone with full Ireland, Italy and UK maps. All seemed to be updating.
  • South Africa (231.4 MB), Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia and Swaziland also updated.
  • Georgia (country) - 6.3 MB
  • Earth and Saturn (78.3tb) downloading now :D
  • Fryslân 78 MB
  • Grapjas .... ;-)
  • Dominican Republic ( 50.6 MB )
  • Indonesia 22.9 mb
  • Malaysia 29.4MB
  • Gone are those days when we used to manually check for map updates and become windows 10 automatically checks and installs the update without any notifications...
  • What an update! Wow, I can't believe how much stuff they added. Was there a single first world country they didn't touch?
  • And even a bunch of third world countries got it! Nice!
  • Malaysia 23.4MB
  • Ontario 444.7 MB and USA 4,046.7 MB
  • Although I have Here (Maps, Drive and Transit) I do not see them in the Windows 10 store anymore...they appear to have been removed since the sale announcement or maybe a little before this time.