Here are great Store feedback suggestions Microsoft is still sitting on

I hate this thing, you might know that I hate the Microsoft Store. I've written about it multiple times. As we head towards a world where Microsoft is pushing its app store more and more, across Store-locked versions of its operating system, and via major Store exclusives like the upcoming Sea of Thieves – the fact that it's still a generally bad user experience is something that soon won't just exasperate random bloggers, techies, and gamers, but also those pesky "normies" as well.

If the Store is truly here to stay, Microsoft, you need to make it good. Let's take a look at some of the feedback in the Windows Feedback Hub that is currently waiting to be actioned.

1. Add an option to uninstall currently installed apps

Currently, the number one most-upvoted piece of Microsoft Store feedback is the ability to uninstall apps via the Store. I was pretty surprised to discover that this fairly simple feature request wasn't available after sitting at the top for several months, but alas, here we are.

When an app is installed, visiting its page on the Microsoft Store only gives you the option to launch, or pin to start, with the ability to share and pin to taskbar hidden in an ellipses menu. As if the abundance of different context menu types on Windows wasn't confusing enough, the fact that some of these options were hidden away in a separate menu when the app page is full of wasted space just seems odd. But I digress.

To uninstall apps from Windows, it's a fairly simple process of finding them via search, then right-clicking. But all other modern app stores include the ability to manage apps via their respective stores, so why not Windows too?

Option to uninstall via app page (Windows Feedback Hub)

2. Wishlists

Steam's wishlist hub.

The number two piece of requested feedback which has been sitting around at least for a few months is a simple wishlist system. On Steam, Android, and various other modern app stores, users can create a wishlist to save apps and games they may want to purchase later. Steam even provides handy notifications to let you know when an item on your wishlist is on sale, saving you a few bucks in the process. The fact the Microsoft Store doesn't have this, still, is plain weird.

Wishlists (Windows Feedback Hub)

3. "Last updated" date

While I'm sure Microsoft has philosophical reasons for not including this feature, this is the third most requested feature as pertains to the Microsoft Store. Funnily enough, I'm pretty sure the Windows Phone 8.1 app store had this feature.

Stores like Android, and Steam, tell you the last time an app or game was updated by the developers. This is a great and useful way consumers can figure out if they're downloading a dead app, like the Windows 10 store's UWP Twitter program, which is thoroughly broken. Thankfully, a quick peek at the user reviews details how dead some of these apps are, but it would be nice if Microsoft forced developers on its platform to be a little bit more transparent, rather than hide the ugly truth... that most apps aren't really being updated anymore.

App's "Last updated" date (Windows Feedback Hub)

4. Deleting apps from the library

Steam purchase library vs. Windows 10 app store purchase library.

Microsoft has sorta actioned this, by allowing you to move apps from the main list into a hidden section. The implementation is the issue. The way our content library is cataloged on the Windows 10 app store, particularly if you're a long-time user, is pretty awful to manage.

To hide apps, you have to go through one ellipses menu to find the library list, then select "show all," then select filters, then click on another ellipses and select hide, for each and every individual app. One of the great things about Windows, particularly if you're a power user, is that you can use the mouse and keyboard in combination to perform complex commands. Why can't I shift highlight the whole list and select hide? Or control click individual items to hide all at once? Why is "show hidden items" a random text link off to the side, amidst a pile of wasted space?

It all just reeks of poor design, planning, and low priorities. And maybe there are good reasons for that, but when you're competing with stores like Steam, particularly for gamer's affections, something needs to be done here.

Remove apps from My Library (Windows Feedback Hub)

Wrapping up

To be fair, I was expecting tons of unanswered requests when I began browsing the Feedback Hub's Microsoft Store section, and found that Microsoft has been working fairly diligently to action the most pertinent requests. But it isn't enough, and Microsoft must know that.

If the Microsoft Store is set to take center stage in the Windows Core OS and Polaris worlds of the future, it has to become a higher priority and look to other storefronts that have become popular for inspiration.

Jez Corden
Managing Editor

Jez Corden is the Managing Editor for Windows Central, focusing primarily on all things Xbox and gaming. Jez is known for breaking exclusive news and analysis as relates to the Microsoft ecosystem while being powered by caffeine. Follow on Twitter @JezCorden and listen to his Xbox Two podcast, all about, you guessed it, Xbox!

  • "Last updated" was removed a long time ago. Probably because it was embarrassing to see how little many apps are updated.
  • That's exactly why, I'm sure.
  • I agree on the list, those features are essential.
  • As are many more, whoever is in charge of the Store inside MS has no clue what they are doing or understands the desktop PC marker or the games market, I've read the rements of the Windows Phone division are in charge of the Store which would make sense as to why the Store is such a mess. The games section should be purged of anything the Xbox team didn't approve. Then sub sections covering Xbox PC, Console, Mobile, Mixed Reality covering those platforms instead of the games section being a dumping ground of all of the above.
  • Been saying for a while the Store need a wishlist and app gifting.
  • There already added app gifting.
  • So overdue, all of them.
  • Just yesterday I went to the Store to uninstall an app. I don't think I had ever tried it before, and I don't even have an iPhone or Android so I'm not sure where I got the idea from that you can uninstall from the Store. Maybe that just goes to show that it is such an obvious thing to do compared to the search and right-click option. Wishlist I could see being useful for games, especially if it is paired with sale notifications, but in my case I will probably read about every sale here anyway.
  • Yeah on Android, you can uninstall from the store. For iOS, I can't remember right now.
  • On iOS you can't.
  • I had never tried or even thought of uninstalling via the Store, mostly because it's so easy to do it directly from the Start menu.
  • One feature I miss is being able to install apps to devices via the browser. Example: On my surface pro surf to the store (or in the app) and have app X installed on my desktop. Android's Play Store allows that. Really like that.
  • I wanted this for so long now. It's way more important than any of the points Jez brought up :D
  • Agreed. I love that on the Google Play Store.
  • Yeah, never think of removing an app via the store either. The"last updated" can more or less be seen in the list of updated apps.
  • Another thing you could do with WP8.
  • Yup totally agree with them all. I actually get angry when using the store, is that bad? 😜 It's things like this that has me looking the other way as Microsoft seems to have a very hard time getting it right these days.
  • I personally like the store, but I still would like to see Microsoft at least try to respond to feedback and incorporate those features sometime like in a few weeks or so.
  • If you like to use a wishlist, then you can use the app 'Download App Later'. Simply share an app from the store to 'Download App Later'. You also can "send" an app to another device, so you don't need to search the application again. 😉
  • I just want the store to be able to install large Xbox games without issues.  The Xbox store is reliable when downloading games that are large, but the MS Store in Windows 10 is so hit and miss.  I don't understand how Xbox can install games but Windows 10 store can't.    Just have the Xbox guys run the MS store in Windows 10
  • I agree, that Xbox division has the store pretty much on point now... but the windows store.. Good God it's atrocious and that's being polite. With every update on mobile it's getting worse, now if scroll through "my library" to re-download applications... it starts to automatically install applications, then my phone gets hotter and store app crashes. Now it just crashes, it feels like Microsoft has utter disdain for their own userbase, as there is no reason to degrade peformance deliberately unless there is some form of maligned intent / misguided philsophy to push users away from their current albeit dead mobile platform. Then there the other blatantly obvious bugs... I mean really? Just why??? Why deliberately botch up working apps when you're about to launch another mobile device that can make use of these apps?? It's deliberate as the same bugs occur on two phones running the same build, the same versions of apps but running different country variant roms.
  • Many/all of these fixes are present in the stores from other platforms. Being that this is no longer a Windows site but one that runs articles over and over advertising Android/iOS, why don't we see these same complaints when you have articles about those platforms?
  • I agree we should be called Microsoft Central but that might present legal challenges.
  • Nice try at deflection. This site has become more of an Android site that one focuses on MS tech. I don’t see you making a comment on Android Central, the sister site of this one, even though Google paid to use the name Droid from Lucas Films. I guess it is what we should expect from now on, rather than being a site that caters to the MS fans, it is one that brags about the number of hits from trolls that frequents this place as Dan has done, So answer the question, with all the Google (and to a lesser extent) Apple articles you have, will you hilight these same issues there? And if you are so intent on publising articles about those other devices, why don’t we see articles such as how google deleted over half a million apps just in the past month or two because those apps were stealing user data? Or were you too busy bending over to the trolls on this site, and don’t want to scare them away? And why don’t we see imore or ac selling out, telling people there is no reason to resist Windows, that MAC and ChromeOS has lost to them? This site has become a proxy for Google/Apple. And it is time to decide who you wish to focus on, the Microsoft fans, or Google/Apple fans. From what we see over and over during the past few months, I think I know who.
  • Even I had found the "hide app" in menu, Candy Crush Saga still installed every new os build update...🙄😫😤😩😢
  • Not sure if people are ware of this, but Microsoft is for some reason hiding app ratings/feedback from other countries. For example, Minecraft in the U.S. has 31,000 ratings. In Germany there are around 5,800. New Zealand there are only 458! Why are they doing this in a store that is struggling with lack of users is difficult to understand. It reduces the number of ratings users see and makes apps look less popular. This is especially bad in small countries like NZ, where numbers are abismally low. But even big countries would benefit by global ratings. Not sure what's the reasonong behind this segragation. Google doesn;t do it. Not even the language barrier makes sense any more as feedback could be translated using Microsoft Translate. They could easily provide a filter to show rating from "my country" only, great feature for the xenophobic users :-), or prioritize ratings from one's country in the feed.     
  • possibly due to localization.  An app or game liek Minecraft may be localized for a specific region. Therefore the comments would reflect the version of the game for the region.
  • Unfortunately I can't vote for your suggestions, I'm using windows in a different language, so I "don't have access" to your comments ont the feedback hub...
  • That's pretty annoying
  • Funny, this site likes to complain about how Microsoft excludes people from certain countries, but then do it themselves. And from Jez’s comment, they don’t care. This site has become a hypocrital joke upon its self.
  • Somebody's a cranky troll today!
  • Still no changelogs
  • What I also miss, is the ability to push installs directly to phones I hope they bring that back as well for the andromeda devices as they are supposedly companion devices.
  • It would be nice also if the app is universal and has the ability to install on all the devices at the same time. And for games they need to put an option to add your specs and then show only games that can run on your device. And (why not) they should let us use W10M apps at least on our tablet devices
  • The entire library in Windows Store is next to useless, there is no management and it takes forever to find anything you've already purchased. It doesn't even have any basic filtering or search function. So many issues with it that I've given up using the library function and as a result, the Microsoft Store as well. The layout of the Microsoft Store itself is just as bad, terrible design. While initially it looks nice, as soon as you use it to find anything other than what Microsoft has currated the store fails to provide any means of drilling down to apps or games. I mean, you can't even find a category of all the xbox Live enabled games, no way to filter games you've already purchased, or paid only ones, or excluse all the " Free* " games that aren't really free just IAP fullled junk.
    It perpetuates the notion that there are no apps on Windows store, and when you do find those gems of apps or games, trying to refind them via the library is a ridiculous task in itself.
  • +1
  • I expected to see "Creating backup from game data" but it wasn't on the list. I use steam backup feature after clean windows installs or just trying to share a copy of the game data to a friend who owns the game (or is a free to play) store forces you to download every time which is really bothering on slower internets. I even tried to manually locate and copy the data but it is encrypted and even if it wasn't you can't copy anything to windows apps directory. The irony is Windows Phone 8 would let you download and install Xap/Appx files manually :|
  • Wishlist, Wishlist, Wishlist!
  • 1. What is so hard about RIGHT-CLICKING on the tile and uninstalling?  Why on earth would you open ANOTHER APP just to UNINSTALL?  I'm sorry, but that makes zero sense to me. 2. I totally agree on the wishlist idea, even though I never buy apps.  If it's not free, I don't need it that badly. 3. Again, agree on the last-updated feature. And, yes, in the WP 8.1 store you can pivot to Details and see the Last Updated. 4.  The only time I ever look at My Library is if I did a hard reset and needed to reinstall an app that, were I to search for it in the Store itself, might have several apps with similar names and functions.  So, generally, I'm not sure why people spend much time at all in their library.  But I agree that if you have a ridiculous number of apps you've historically installed it would be convenient to multi-select and delete them from history. In the end, I suspect most of this won't matter once PWAs become the thing.  I won't be surprised if the Store goes away.
  • It's slowly improving, and at a much better state than when it first launched. Now people just need to understand that if they want their store to work, they need to update their computer.
  • I just don't get all that worked up about store features I guess, but I sure as heck don't take well the comment about "wasted space" which would allow an uninstall button within the store. Windows apps are so easy to uninstall, why would I go to the store to do that? I rarely agree with ScubaDog, but he is sure right about that! And furthermore, that "wasted space" is part of what makes it pleasant to use apps like the store. I'd be upset if the Windows Store began to look like Play Store, which to me is simply chaos.
  • The XBox 360 Movies & TV app has a wishlist feature built-in.  What on Earth possessed Microsoft to decide that Windows 10 should not have such a useful feature?  Are they serious about encouraging more Windows 10 users to patronise the Store or not?
  • What's dead and broken about Twitter? I use the app daily both on my PC and Lumia 950 without issue. If you want a dead, broken and abandoned app, look at your own Windows Central UWP offering.
  • interesting points. In my view microsoft needs to treat its store more seriously. I think the recent addition of downloading language packs does help give the store a more professional and valuable go to character. Over the years the store has been somewhat of an unsure one day fly, limited run type of deal. I never really new when the end-of-life would really come. Even today I know few family, friends and collegues that use the windows store. Most are still accustomed to the legacy apps and downloading them from the web as usual. To me that signals something is still wrong with the store model or the way the store is designed with the OS, or even marketing for that matter. And PWA's as another option to provide software isn't helping the store manifest it's identity with windows as the go to place for everything. It's all very messy. I truly hope Microsoft sees this. Because for me, since day 1 this is still a concern. The recent events of stopping streaming music in groove and the store, the controversial limited market ebook support in the store isn't helping the store establish itslef. It all feels highly volatile. And seeing how microsoft treats it's stores with windows phone, windows 10 mobile and windows 8, the outlook is heartbreaking and gives me a sense of distrust.