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Here are the known issues in the new Windows 10 for phones 10051 build

The new Windows 10 for phones 10051 build is being launched today, but not without some known issues. Microsoft provided a list of the problems users might experience when they download and install the build.

The list of issues include problems with apps crashing with phones that have just 512MB of RAM, no text messaging read out over Bluetooth and more. Here's the full list:

  • There might be situations in which auto-upload of your Camera Roll to OneDrive may not be working. Please be sure to back up your photos especially if you need to use the Windows Phone Recovery Tool to go back to Windows Phone 8.1.
  • The Office Hub has been removed from this build. You won't be able to open Word, Excel, PowerPoint or OneNote files in this build. Preview versions of the Universal Office apps will be available in the coming weeks.
  • We are redoing how text messages are handled and processed by Cortana so in this build text messages cannot be read out over Bluetooth.
  • After upgrade, some apps that have been installed onto a SD memory card will fail to launch. To fix this, uninstall and reinstall the apps.
  • About 1% of the time, incoming phone calls may not play a ringing sound.
  • Call + SMS filtering will not work after upgrade.
  • For people upgrading their phone from Build 9941, there is a bug in which your phone's MMS settings will be lost after upgrade. The new Messaging app doesn't yet have the ability to re-enter these settings. You will need to use the Windows Phone Recovery Tool to go back to Windows Phone 8.1 and then upgrade to this build to get MMS working again.
  • Also for people upgrading their phone from Build 9941, the tiles on your Start screen for the Camera and Photos apps may be missing or corrupt. You will have to unpin any corrupt tiles and re-pin the apps to your Start screen.
  • On some phones, due to a scaling bug the dismiss button won't be visible when an alarm is triggered. To stop your phone from "alarming "just touch the arrow and swipe up on the notification and off the screen to end the alarm.
  • On phones with 512MB of memory, apps can randomly crash due to an issue with memory management.
  • Flight mode cannot be enabled.
  • Data connections can't be disabled.
  • You may need to re-pin the Phone app after upgrade.
  • The Insider Hub is now included on Phone but may fail to launch on some phones.

Microsoft says the Windows 10 team is working to fix all of these issues for future builds.

Source: Microsoft

  • No Office - no dice. Waiting for the next one.
  • Yeah. I use ppt and doc whole day. Useless for me. Not getting it.
  • Same here. This is a show stopper for me.
  • Why would you download a preview of windows 10 on your main phone? I dont get it. Its basically an alpha
  • /\ this
  • Maybe because that's when you really get to learn the build. I have it on my primarily desktop because I then run into issues with the things I use and I can therefore report the issue. Also, not everyone has a huge stack of eligible Lumias laying around.
  • But if you depend on your primary machine or phone for anything critical, you should probably not have it installed there. As long as people know and accept the risks, that's OK, but many will do this and complain when things go wrong.
  • You are right,I use windows 10 on my main PC, but I will wait for smoother month before I upgrade my Lumia 720 to windows 10
  • Yeah, I'm also gonna wait until there aren't any problems with calls and texts. I'm on-call at my job, so I NEED this to work 100%
  • My friend has upgraded his 625 to windows 10, and lost his currency. He didn't even check the list of issues provided by WP central... Windows central
  • Exactly!
  • Absolutely. If you have only one phone you can get it and play around for a day, and then go back to 8.1
    But otherwise is unwise to install it. It has "Not intended for daily use yet" written all over it.
  • Lol I have downloaded the windows 10 preview of the Lumia 521 and there is a a lot of issues such as lag crashes and bugs. ​
  • The point of me using OneNote was so I could access my notes whenever and now I wont be able to see them on my phone for a couple weeks.
  • You're not suppose to use it on a primary phone lol
  • Agree, just worry that what if the preview version doesn't coming after weeks
  • One note is a separate app...
  • Yeah, its tough decision... I use OneNote on my phone EVERY DAY!
  • Once again. Why would you use windows 10 on your primary phone when its in alpha?
  • Ok kids, MOST people install on their primary phone. STFU now.
  • No, aand no again.
  • Because I WANT TO!
  • After reading that list? Have fun with that.
  • Same here, Worried about two issues, data connection and one note. Took snap of one note pages which I use daily and I have no balance so no worry about data connection!! Ha ha problem resolved!! Going to jump on the update.
  • well its the device i use the most and will be easier to spot bugs, especially more important bugs on daily driver, i have 4 wp phones total plus several tablets and desktops,
  • Well due to data connection bug I would hesitate on this part .!!! If it gets activated and refuses to turn down .!! Will wait and then make a move lets see how ppl are doing with it then will make a move
  • just hard reset the phone. it works for me...
  • I agree. If Office is not available then I will have to wait for the next update. I open OneNote multiple times a day. 
  • No office and no disabling of data connection...m skipping this build
  • Data and office are the main causes for me not upgrading.
    If only I had a spare WP ...
  • This is pretty big show stopper...
  • I absolutely need OneNote,can't do it... Sad
  • Is this because WP still does not have  the office apps that have been avaialble in ios and android for months? I am not trying to ba an a$$, I just don't know. I dont currently have a windows phone.
  • WP have the office apps integrated in the OS.. but on W10 they will be a universal windows app separated like in ios/android.. in this build they removed the integrated apps but didn't released the separated apps yet.. and the new apps will have more features, like the tablet versions of office.. the ios/android smartphones apps is like the WP8 app
  • Wait for office preview in comming days.
  • Fatal bugs
  • I want to diable my data.
  • Then don't install the tech preview.  Pretty simple.
  • Agreed. Was looking forward to this build but looks like I might have to hold back for another month
  • or two...
  • Hope not. They did say that fast builds will go out every month. Maybe they'll fix the data thing in time for when this build goes out to show ring users.
  • Or two and a half
  • I need it too, I only have a few Mb per month and most day I'm in Wi-Fi range
    This and no OneNote will made me wait until the next build, its a shame I really want to try it :(
  • Try it then uninstall it by reverting back if u are keen to try it .!!!
  • What I didn't get is this data connection an issue sometimes, or is this for every device?
  • U can toggle it, but if u watch on top, the icons will remain like its active.
  • just do hard reset. it works for me
  • What will happen if I do hard reset? Will it roll back to 8.1? Will I be able to disable the data connection?
  • I won't download on this basis...
  • What about the data connection bug. Most of the people wont install due to this.
  • do hard reset works for me
  • Data connections can't be disabled?
  • Does that mean no wifi??? or just can't turn it off when out and about
  • Thats what I want to know as well...
  • it means you can't disable data connection, so that's 3g, 4g etc
  • Its talking about the data from carriers. (internet from your network) so no, the WiFi is completely fine. What people are mostly worried about is that by not being able to turn it off it may waste their data if they further about it and have no available WiFi
  • Thank you so much, I never turn data off anyway so I'm good right?
  • Yes... We are good to go :-D
  • well theri is way by which you can trun off data pack 
    change the Accese point setteing i tried it out and it is working .... but you will have to change if you want use it again .... 
    thier one more way reset your phone and trun off the data after you reset ( but remember after truning off it wont turn on :(   ) 
  • in my case,after hard reset the data works perfect(turn off and on normally) #lumia 1020
  • This is the only reason I decided not to download this build. Have to wait now for next build. Seriously, MS should have looked into this matter before releasing this preview.
  • Guess I'll wait then.
  • Its still a very very early preview
  • Well it supposedly comes out in 3 months so...
  • supposedly no.... Microsoft gave themselves the Summer timeframe. That gives them until September 23.
  • The biggest issue is the automatic app crash for 512 ram devices , but idc I have 820
    No issue in these mentioned will prevent me from downloading windows 10 , or at least make me roll back ;)
  • :D
  • Does this work with lumia 925 or 520? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Oneplus One
  • It does :)
  • It works on everyone else's but yours.  Sorry.
  • both
  • Nope. Both phones are excluded from any windows 10 build. Gotta read the fine print when purchasing.
  • Everything's fine. But I can't just reinstall my apps. I've got like more than 20gb of games and other apps in my phone.
  • Wow... Bug list is bigger than change log...
  • True
  • Lol. :)
  • and bigger than the previous build, data connection could be turned of in the previous build
  • Ya.... It's the only reason keeping everyone from installing. That's a huge bug they should have rectified it before releasing
  • 100% true.
  • It's an impressive list of bugs.
  • Cant disable data cant enable flight mode.. Could be deal breaker for some!
  • What about wifi? Available or No.
  • Available.
  • Data refers to mobile data, so yes it should works.
  • My cellular data is at risk!
  • Mine too. Even for most of the people
  • What the heck! That's a huge list! How can they send something out for people to test when there are known errors already. That's crazy!
  • Because its for the fast ring? Plus, you're not suppose to put this on your primary phone anyway, so I don't see the big deal.
  • They say these things are the ones improving as ex. Office hub is removed cause universal office apps are coming
  • But why to remove Office hub BEFORE universal office apps are here?? And WEEKS before, as they stated in problems list??    
  • To keep the size of the update files smaller, and to free up storage on the device.
  • You realize this isn't a "consumer preview" right?  Sorry but "technical preview" is a true beta.  Stuff is incomplete and changing day to day.  "Consumer previews" are nearly done and are just for fine tuning and getting a larger sample size to hit your code to find those last little bugs small test pools may miss.
  • How can you find out new errors when they are ones before that. Fix and send, fix and send, you know. So you can gauge what's happening...
  • It's not actually even a beta. It is an alpha testing state.
  • It isn't even beta testing. Heck, it isn't even alpha.
  • Exactly! Unfortunately a giant portion of the enthusiast pool has run away with another perception.
  • You guys were all up in arms because you didn't get anything. They were holding off because they knew there was a lot of bugs in builds. They release to appease the masses and still complaining.
  • The people will test the other stuff. Microsoft don't need to be reminded of these issues. Work-in-progress, brother.
  • I hope you didn't think that there was going to be no known issues with the release of software still in development.   There is usually always a list of known issues with beta/preview software builds.
  • Didn't anyone told ya that this is the TP and not the final version???
  • Dumbass
  • You didn't just call me a dumbass did you?
  • I sure did. Bugs are found and fixed continously until the final release (sometimes even after that). Stay out of Internet forums for your own good.
  • Thanks for letting me know, asshole.
  • Yeah but he's not a dumbass.
  • This build was not created yesterday...they first release it internally to see if it don't brick any phone.. that is why they have this known issue list... maybe some of those items are already corrected but it's in a newer build being tested internally to check if those corrections didn't cause a worst problem..
  • How to update?? Using L 730 windows 10 to build 1
  • Use the Windows insider app
  • Okay
  • I will wait for further builds to come
  • Nope, I don't want, too much risk.
  • Too too much risk:(
  • Wow. No data connection disable option? Then no update for me.
  • well the option is there, only it doesn't work apparently
  • call and sms filtering not working?? hum that build is not for me.... sadly.
  • <edited> go to hell.
  • Wow, such an angry reaction.  You should see someone about that.
  • Angry nerds unleashed!
  • They're releasing a technical preview which most companies don't do and they're letting their community give feedback about the OS. That's quite something you know. And anyway, it's a technical preview, so don't expect a finished product, in fact this is probably not even beta
  • Sigh. Weren't you warned sonny!? It's a TECHNICAL PREVIEW man! Sit back and wait for developer preview. Or buy a spare phone and STOP complaining.
  • Its people like you that ruin the windows phone community. Do you even technical preview?
  • Raise your standard before commenting with such harsh words. MS is not working for people like you. If you can't appreciate, don't criticize like this
  • Its a technical preview, what did you expect??
  • What's up with all those Indian kids here with temper tandrum?
  • I can use Win10 on my desktop as a (mostly) daily driver (but I can boot to 8.1 if I need to), clear the Phone version has a ways to go. Just a reminder to people that these are early, unfinished versions of the OS, so average users with one device should probably steer clear.  I have an Icon, so I'm SOL anyway. :)
  • Data connection can't be disabled that's it I'm not downloading
  • Wait, did they say data connection can't be turned off? Lol, it's going to be costly affair then.
  • Unless you spend a couple of hours tomorrow playing around with it and then reverting back to 8.1, just make sure you take your sim card out so you don't use any data :)
  • Or data sense limit background data usage.
  • justt mess up apn settings so it can't even connect
  • Hey have you tried this method? Honestly this is the only thing stopping me to upgrade. In tried in current 8.1, and my default apn is read-only. So is it possible to mess up apn in Win 10?
  • Nope, I have Lumia 730 as my daily driver, so nope I didn't try it out, neither going to.
  • Oh sh*t u are right, totally forgot u can do that, mess up APN.
  • Try data sense trick, it is better. Apn is read only.
  • Lol. No thanks.
  • That's the beauty of having a spare Lumia laying around....don't have to and won't install this on my 1520. I'll use my spare 635 for this.
  • Can't download the technical preview say's that check date/time and then try again
    Please fix these issues
    Need win 10 very badly
  • No, you don't NEED it.  You WANT it.  Those are very different concepts.
  • Glad someone said it! It gets pretty sad reading the comments on here whenever a new build is released
  • I'm getting same error
  • Same...
  • And skipped
  • No option to disable data and no office.. :'(
  • Yea that's actually very sad
  • They say universal office preview apps will be in the store in coming days
  • Weeks, not days lol
  • Weeks are formed by days
    Days by hours
    Hours by minutes
  • Then I will not install this preview..
  • Disaster Preview
  • Waiting.............
  • Haha thank god I don't have a sim card in my 520 ;)
  • Wow ms. Data connection :/
  • Flight mode cannot be enabled.
    Data connections can't be disabled.
    No office Thanks i will wait next version....
  • Poor Microsoft
  • This is not a Microsoft "fail" or anything like that. It does seem to give a hint of the depth at which they are moving things around in this new OS. If I was moving the kitchen in a house, for some example, it might be nice to try some different places to move it. Is it in the way in the center of the building? If I want to put try a door where a drain used to be I'll have to rip some plumbing out first. If there are not people living in the house I have a lot more freedom to try things out before committing to them. If not, well they might have to borrow the neighbor's toilet when I decide to try the kitchen over there. Definitely wouldn't recommend putting this on a device that needs to be dependable yet.
  • No one note :(
  • Data connection cant be disabled!!!! R u kidding me!!!!
  • In my carrer it won't use data if you didn't grabbed a plan
  • Your carrier is very generous!
  • Is this build coming to other phones?
  • Soon it will make there way to windows supported phones.
  • Will wait for next one. Thanks Microsoft for disappointing us again :( was waiting too long for this!
  • Settings app crashes when trying to customize glance
    Trying to open email from toast opens calendar app
    Cannot pin individual inboxes to start screen Not a bug but worth mentioning the text selection\ copy\ paste functionality in outlook apps is light years better than what is on rest of OS
  • Any​body with a HTC device like 8s being able to get this update? I know it's for select Lumias but curious to find out otherwise lol
  • What? They cant launch as promised and giving us 'lite' version??? WTF
  • It's a real beta man.. If you want a real consumer product wait for June when Windows 10 launches
  • Yeah, I think it's even still somewhere around Alpha if we're being technical. People need to dial back their expectations with these builds. Development often goes this way but most people don't usually get to see it.
  • You know a company takes care of it's consumers when it releases a beta for people to test and give feedback.
  • Hear that sound? That's the sound of everyone backing away from the "check for updates" button. Lol. Saw this coming from a mile away. It's not a final flawless relase, folks. Now we get to watch the tide turn from demanding excitement to change of tune ("what a crappy release! I'm out! etc.). Well duh, geeks.
  • Can't even download right now... whatevs, I'll just go take a shower and do some stuff I guess
  • Wow, so many critical issues :| glad my 930 can't install it :D
  • I'll still be putting onto my 920 if I can. People shouldn't be using a preview build on their main device anyway.
  • Yeah I've got a 920 with a broken screen so its going on that
  • Sounds like a solid update.
  • Yeah... A solid joke of an update.
  • Data cannot be disabled!
    I was very excited but now definitely I will sadly wait.
  • Me too :(
  • hey. reset ur phone after the updation. it brought back cellular data control and flight mode. it worked for me !!
  • Please don't download this connections can't be disabled... What is f.... ??
  • U don't decide what people should download or not.
  • There still is an option to rollback to 8.1 right?
  • Yes there is..
  • What I want to know is, according to the windows blog it is any interaction with Cortana and any controls like music controls that dont work with Bluetooth so how does this effect the Microsoft band
  • Passing on this one too. Waiting for a stable build for daily use.
  • Oh thank you! Waiting for the next build! ... The only bug missing is that your phone may explode !
  • Lol true :D
  • Reading the list just made me hilariously laughing .. What is left from the phone to use xD :D
  • Haha well said.....
  • That bug is still being developed. Will come with next release!
  • Hmmm no Office? Naw.. i'll wait. Bummer though. I need Office on my device.
  • Have to wait for next build.
  • Data connection cannot be disabled?
  • Can't disable data connection? Awh hell ill have to wait for next build or TP patches. :( I REALLY WANTED to UPGRADE to WINDOWS 10. But there HAD to be a bug where its unusable. :/
  • Biggest issue with the new release would be that you can't get it at the moment. So one issue at a time :)
  • i will download....i got yotaphone as primary l520 is 2nd...maybe there will solution...if no further update rollback
  • May I sugest that the author do so kindly change the color of the fonts to a more darker one?... It's hard to read the article in a white background...   Thanks!
  • No way I am upgrading till they solves some of these issues
  • Waiting the next build. Can't do without Office
  • Anybody tell me those who have Lumia 1520, and they download windows 10, is they have any problem in windows 10
  • Yes my 1520 exploded.
  • You didn't read the article did you?
  • Lumia 1520 issues - Skype and regular phone calls is meging.. Not going to hold. And Skype has serios bugs - Not able to end calls, Need to restart sometime, Video is not coming.  Some issue with regular phone dialer as well - Not able to end call soemtime. Many apps are closing while running - Guess taking more memory App swtiching takes more time - Again some memory issue. Maps are not working - Including new maps , and here maps Other than that OS seems to be ok, I guess not worth upgrading at this point of time and none of these Windows 10 for phones WOW or great. I myself a Windows fan got frustrated - This release more like early Android versions and Not upto Microsoft standards.
  • Might try it out. Kinda excited.
  • Anyone else getting server errors trying to dl update??
  • The most used Things are not available to use.. Like office hub. connection..flight mode .. Call block.. .. These things were needed.. But guys see from the point of view of Microsoft... They are giving builds for testing n developing apps.. N not for daily uses... ... But m still disappointed.. Didn't expect this form Microsoft
  • One who wants to try this on their main phones have to wait. Disappointed!
  • This is a *technical* preview...
  • I'm not getting this one. With all those issues, they shd hv not seeded it to us.....most especially the office part....that is too big an issue
  • For me its 512 mb ram. And data connection. Disappointment again.
  • I guess I have to wait then. There are serious bugs.
  • Plz help coz I still not download windows 10, I don't want to take risk
  • Don't you download this. Very buggy.
  • Thanks for your benign suggestion
  • No risk no gain my friend
  • Flight mode can't be enabled, data connections can't be disabled, no option to access OneNote files and reinstall apps ?? No thanks, I'll wait happily..
  • The Biggest Hallmark of WP for me is the Office Suite...without it, what's the point? and how on earth they can let alone something as important as Data Connection...doesn't make sense!
    To me, all these TPs of Windows 10 are more of marketing stunts than anything else....just to keep WP relevant till the final release of Windows 10 and Flagships!
  • They should have waited... But I think this is to get more and more developers to develop for w10 before its actual release
  • Will wait for next build
    Too many problems especially for 512 mb phones
  • Yes big issues.
  • What about Lumia 1520
  • For 1520 u won't have app crashing problem but still won't get office app & cannot turn off mobile data
  • Way too many issues at this point.  Maybe the next build.
  • I have more than 50apps on my SD card, I guess this is a no go... Will upgrade my l730 only if this preview build can make me rich
  • 'Data connections can't be disabled' - what if Wifi is available?  I assume that means the data connection (cellular service) would not be used and it would switch to Wifi right?   I don't usually turn off my data connection, but if it's not going to use Wifi when available, that would be a problem...
  • U cant have both right, turning on wifi, disables data?
  • Well, it depends on what they mean by 'data connections can't be disabled'.   Does it mean you can't turn off all data (as in airplane mode)?  If that's the case it's still possible that even though the cellular data connection is available, it will still default to using the wifi signal when available. If they mean that you can't transition from cellular to another form of data connection, that would be more problematic (at least in my situation). I'm assuming it's the first and wifi connection would be utilized when available....
  • Data refers most likely to mobile/cellular data...
  • Wifi works fine, its indeed mobile cellular u can't disable.
  • the button to disable celular data is not working (like the airplane) but the priority it is working like before... use wifi first and celullar data only if wifi is not available
  • So we didnt have the ability to disable the data bfore November's update anyway. Why are people up in arms about this? Just connect to wifi when you can ?? What am I missing?
  • we did have the ability to disable it, at least i had on my 635
  • Im talking the data toggle, my bad. I dont see why ppl just dont use wifi if they're afraid of overrages
  • It's not about mobile data usage but battery runs out faster when data is always on
  • I'm glad that they posted the list of known issues.
  • MS play a game with all of us, their employees are not working properly coz these employees are first person who use this windows and give feedback for important but They are not taking feedback from customers, its really whole bullshit
  • Oh well... Guess in waiting
  • Servers are greased lightning now, lol. Thanks for posting this article. My spare 635 is updating all of a sudden. Bring on the bugs. It's a fiddle device.
  • Why you guys release a shitty built like this if you can spot all the errors and yes 1% ring tone not playing.. Sounds like you guys have been busy destroying the algorithm to a faulty one....
  • technical preview, why doesn't anybody read before complaining
  • They're just too busy complaining about everything that they just don't read.
  • Need to be able to disable data and use OneNote. Will wait for the next build.
  • If I ever get to download it.
  • Is build 9941 the previous build only available for specific phones?  I upgraded my 635 the previous release - sounds like I will need to roll back and re-install in order to get text messages working?
  • MMS could stop working... in this case you will need to go back to 8.1 then the new build... or you can wait in build 9941 for the next build... especially if you use the office apps or need to disable data connection
  • Install it on your device, give it a try for a couple of hours and give your feedback! that's what this is about! if you don't like it go back to what you had. That simple.
  • Funny build
  • Looks like it is coming along quite nicely. Not ready to run it on my only phone, but it is good to see progress, and I may jump in on my L920 on the next build; especially if I pick up a L640 as my daily driver as my 920 is starting to have other issues.
  • Known issues include: Server too busy to download the preview
  • None of these bugs are going to stop me from putting it on my old 520, but my Icon will probably stay clean until a solid build comes out farther down the road.
  • Your icon WILL stay clean this time, because it isn't for the icon or 930 due to a scaling bug for this release
  • I understand everyone is saying hey relax its just an alpha build. Ok fair enough. However, I think everyone is just getting sick and tired of Microsoft perpetually keeping windows phone is some kind of beta. They already are far behind the other operating systems both in feature set and market share. As well as app availability. So this kind of drag your feet and wait and see attitude is eventually going to drive away even the most loyal of Microsoft customer. Not that just having a small loyal niche customer base is worth much anyways when so much capital is being invested.
  • I'm still enjoying my Lumia 920. One of my favorite features right now is being able to answer an incoming call by just putting the phone up to my ear. Sure I feel a little left out having to go to Facebook if I want to play Angry Birds With Friends or not being able to access some discount that others might get for using some company's app, but I have a good, solid device that's easy to use and has a tremendous camera. It is unfortunate, though, that people get so hyped-up anticipating these test builds just to have their hopes crushed. Windows 10 is still being built.
  • I hope 930 or icon Lumia user r very happy coz of lots of bugs
  • Will dual sim works with the build?
  • Data connection cant be disabled?? Are fucking kidding me? -.-
  • This is an unfinished software with a lot of bugs. Why so many anger about that fact?
  • It is because the last build it worked and now it doesn't... Like they are slowly unmaking their OS. Two steps forward, four steps back? =[
  • Things doesn't work like that; they are putting together some things here and there, putting out some other things to replace for something better, etc. Etc.
  • @federico i am not angry but i wasnt expecting that such a common feature would not be working. Till then waiting for the next build. :D
  • Well, we only need to wait :) till the next build
  • Why you want to disable data , Here is work around for you change you datasense limit to 0.1 / 1 MB.
  • @Desitunez i dont want someone to disturb while i am sleeping or when i am out. And i dont have a data plan sometimes so in that case my balance will wipe out and i dont that! :P anyway thanks for the work around :D
  • Plz fix it fast
  • This is why I'll be putting it on my old fat and ugly 920. I would like to see it on my ATIV too though. It sounds like fun to play with though.
  • Disappointed
  • The crying on this thread about a technical preview that Microsoft is GIVING you that no other company has ever done is atrocious. It's a TECHNICAL PREVIEW that isn't recommended on daily drivers yet people are complaining about the bugs and a TECHNICAL PREVIEW that doesn't have to be installed. Wow.
  • You would do well to heed the warnings but it is essential that the word be passed. Do not ridicule the helpless, it makes you seem petty... U_U We wanted to see, but if it doesn't work and are unable to use the feedback at all, we must have a forum (where is that btw?) the internet is a free space...W O W. =P
  • It's means nothing is working in 512 MB ram phone's
  • Yup... We are far from anything resembling completion. It's funny though, it worked before and it just got worse lol =P
  • Data Connections can't be disabled! NOPE! NOPE! NOPE! NOPE! NOPE! NOPE!
  • +1
  • With the people around me, we have a Lumia 1520, 920, 820 and 710. We can forget about the 710 ;-) . Which of the others will get it first? We will sure give it a start next week after the first comments are around :-)
  • Please at least add the data disabled option Microsoft.... Its Lumia not a Nokia s60 version 3 in which data connection cant be disabled please Microsoft
  • You do realise that it's mentioned in the article that Microsoft will fix all the listed bugs?
  • That may be, but I can't get to settings or any apps, I think they should have limited this release to just the high end phones tbh =/
  • Oh my...was looking forward to trying out this build but, no office & data can't be disabled... Guess I'll just have to wait for the next build then
  • This preview is useless crap.
  • no text via bluetooth either. So if you use your phone in the car with bluetooth then do not upgrade.
  • Let's wait for the next build then.
    I'm a happy fellow who likes to try new software, but with just only one Windows Phone for use and one alpha build with so many issues, this is a "No Thank You" this time.
  • After all this issues, I changed my mind to not update the phone
  • * Data connections can't be disabled. * Showstopper for me.
  • Exactly.
  • Some of them are easily countered by some are just not acceptable. I hope they take care of them.
  • Nor for people on data cap
  • Wow.. too many issues at this point to install.... Gonna pass for now.
  • Without OneNote its not possible for me. Maybe give a shot then rec tool back to original soon.
  • Data connections can't be disabled. ???? :-O
  • Maaaan without data turn off feature how one can avoid the cost of data usage. Well I use my phone literally through wifi and I jst don't use data..... Anyone having a trick to disable it???
  • Just change APN in settings. Put wrong APN settings.
  • These seem very basic problems given its been two months since the last preview. But curiosity has got the better of me, will try it out on my spare 635
  • Good luck!
  • Forums
    Check out for solution
  • Hrm... My wife doesnt use office or bluetooth... Maybe Ill update her phone and check it out!  
  • Haha, that's kind of cruel, especially if she's not technically savvy. The 1% of phone calls not ringing, plus having to reinstall apps is a deal breaker.
  • Hah! I'm sure she will be fine!
  • I'm sure Lumia icon and 930 uses are laughing their heads off......just a thought
  • Ouch!!! Now I can see why they warn people not to put this on their daily driver. I might try this out on my Lumia 820, which is my backup.
  • Is anyone able to download today's build at all? Share feedback pls..thx
  • no to this connection and one note bug...
  • If Wi-Fi doesn't work I will be fucked. It's better to wait.
  • So many bugs . Waiting for next build
  • Can't update I usually wait for two weeks before updating. This issues are endless. Problems????
  • What the fuck? I know this is a preview build and it's an install at your own risk thing, but c'mon...I can't believe this build has the Ms can't issues.
  • and there is no walkaround for this one Data connections can't be disabled. ?
  • data connection is the deal breaker
  • Hey guys I have a question. I don't use data connection at all.
    Only Wi-Fi.
    So my data connection is always turned off.
    The question is, if I download this upgrade, data connection will be turned on automatically and then I can't turn it off?
  • My Build is the 12564... not the 10051...
  • Does it work ok with the Microsoft band? Getting mine on wed but won't install of it doesn't play well with the band.
  • I'm wondering too. I'm worried that since it won't "read out text messages on Bluetooth" that I don't get text messages on my Band. I'm very curious to see if anyone has tested this.
  • I don't understand people installing on their primary phone, then complaining that stuff is broken. This stuff is EARLY preview.
  • In current state there is nothing to preview. If big windows would release preview like that then heads would roll.
  • I did this on a spare device but for absolutely NOTHING to work? They disabled more features than they've added... What good is a tech preview, just to show how horrible the work is going? I've long been a fan but this is just hilarious... Good work team! Lol =P
  • Hour to install and five minutes to uninstall.It's a Preview I get it,but this second update is just god awful.Just Wow!
  • Whoops lots of bugs!!
  • BOGUS, my 635 is a blank screen with icons on top and the nav buttons below but nothing does anything... At least I know this build is completely useless on the low end. I guess I'm waiting a LOT longer then, not even touching my 925 lol =/
  • Have just upgraded my 635 from 9941 to 12534. Upgrade very easy but took a while. Do not see any problems with flight mode or mobile data
  • What? You mean they are working just fine?
  • And you're mentioning another build number (12534)? How does it possible?
  • Yeah its 10.0.12534.56. Not sure why flight mode and turning off data is working for me and not others, strange. Cant get the Insider app to run tho
  • What is your Phone model?
  • Its a Lumia 635 with 512Mb ram. Another update just downloaded to fix the Insider issue. It now doesn't hang but complains it cant connect to the servers. Still says the same OS level after the second update.
  • OMG! I'm downloading this build too! On my Lumia 525. Hope everything works fine for me too!
  • data and airplane working fine... btw, how do i check the build???? i think i had an attack of the stupid, and i am forgetting things!!!!  
  • Too many non-technical people installing a technical preview. If you don't understand the difference between Alpha, Beta, and production release software, then you should *not* be thinking about installing Windows 10 right now.
  • Who cares WELL I DON'T how many issues it has, i've been waiting for this so much!
    My PC was rocking 10 since it's launch now it's my baby time (L822)
    It's a shame my Icon can't have it yet!
    Still two with 10, the family will be full soon now!
  • Guys - For those  worrying about unable to Turn the Mobile Data off  - Here is the suggestion/workaround , set your Datasense limit for Mobile data to 1 MB. Everything will stop and change it again to higher value later on :D
  • Skipping... Data disabling is more important.. I wouldn't want to be charged more by my carrier.. And office... No no no.
  • I'm a flight attendant and for me inflight mode is fundament. I have to switch off data to avoid roaming costs and of course I cannot miss a call when I'm home standby... So I'm so sorry but the tech preview is not for me. Maybe the next one! ;)
  • "Text messages cannot be read out on Bluetooth." Does this mean I won't get text messages on my Microsoft Band anymore?
  • shit on a crutch this damn update just bricked my 1520
  • I'm having a problem when my Lumia 1020 goes to the lock screen/glance screen. I can't unlock it without holding down the buttons and restarting it. Not a button issue and double tapping the screen doesn't help. Anyone else running into this issue?
  • I'm having same problem.. Rollin back to 8.1 now. Can't receive anything when it's on lockscreen
  • Any solution.
  • This is extremely annoying.... I did a complete reset, and it worked until now... Now it's doing it again... Any solution?
  • I'll go through these one at a time from my own perspective on a Lumia 1020. 1. I'm not particularly concerned about this as I tend to send photos to my PC anyway.
    2. I don't use Office docs on my phone so this doesn't bother me.
    3. Never used that feature anyway so I'm not bothered.
    4. Lumia 1020 has no SD card slot which makes it a non-issue.
    5. This one is a fair showstopper - especially if that 1% chance happens on a call you're expecting.
    6. Never used that feature personally though I will admit that it is useful for blocking scammers.
    7. Non-issue for the Lumia 1020 as this is the first build available to that device.
    8. As above.
    9. I don't use alarms so it's a non-issue for me.
    10. Non-issue for the Lumia 1020 as it has 2GB RAM.
    11. Not an issue for me as I don't frequently use air travel. When I do, I turn my phone off anyway.
    12. I don't disable data connections anyway 99% of the time.
    13. See point 7.
    14. Will most likely be patched with an Insider Hub update.
  • I have a 1 GB mobile internet plan per month so the update rests easy on my 1520!
  • Hey guys, anyone having an issue with the Sim pim? I enter the digits and... nothing happens, the only way is to hard reset?   Anyone?
  • herrman, i had the same problem... i hope yours is the same. just press your code, even though nothing appears to be happening, it does!!! after you press the keys, press enter, it should work
  • Anyone install in lumia 520 ?..
  • Search Wesley cabus on Twitter. He has the answer
  • @Herman. Solution above
  • Tried. Buggy, wastes a lot of battery, has a lot of useless junk, etc. Reverted with Windows Phone Recovery Tool to Windows 8.1.
  • Me too, batterly lost 50% in 5 hours, I have no mobile data plan either, the phone was in my pocket!!
  • Memory leaks sound bad for Lumia 635 but I'll give it a go anyhow.  Only thing that can't be undone is a bricked phone.
  • cant get past entering my sim pin, phone hangs to hell  
  • i had a similar problem... if you press the keys on the keypad to enter the sim code, and nothing seems to be happening, it actually does!!! press your code and press enter, it should work.  
  • To run mobile data settings and flight mode settting one have to upgrade to tp 10 and then have to restore to factory settings
  • I think ms is very slow on phones... Not competitive and removing the core apps like office doesn't make sense.....mmm...i know this is technical preview. .even so many many showstoppers' there..haters welcome _>_
  • Can I get that extra large Live tile on lumia 920? smaller screens in general.
  • my lumia 928 wont read my sim card after i updated  
  • Can anyone tell me how fix my issue my phone won't read my sim card ever since I updated
  • They say Data Connections can't be disabled but I'm getting the reverse, I can't turn it on
  • Reset your phone and data connection error and flight error will be fixed for sure
  • Anyone experiencing multiple freezes and restart when the update first finished? Mine is having trouble even unlocking sometimes (L920). And mail app wouldn't load my mails
  • Well, between the Office Hub missing, memory management on 512MB devices, sometimes not ringing, and possible problems with silencing alarms/notifications, I'm out this round. Will wait closer to lunch... no, launch. Though I'm thinking about lunch a lot right now... ;)
  • Haha can some of you cry any harder? ..its text relax 1st some like to use the bleeding edge.. 2 they had no problems before other then whats listed. I don't use office , apps stay open.. so hard to close lol...other then that for me its works great, get all calls, text.. great. Its just some of you post as if they have a gun to your head..NO WAY! Wont use it! Cant make me! So .. dont install it
  • LUMIA 535 UK. Phone froze after making call, had to turn off. notification centre somes down, doesn't go up. Delay and wait time massively increased. The update for 'Preview for developers' was so superior to this, I know they warn you, but its just nowhere at all like release stage, even early release. Now rolled back and so happy to see my sometimes sensitive anyway LUMIA 535 acting almost normally. Would not recommend downloading unless you have a spare phone you don't actually need to use.
  • Lumia 620 wp8.1 after update to w10 totally damaged! Windows recovery tool or lumia recovery or nokia care or nokia suite wont do anything nor find the phoen in the first place. Nice update. Not only some minor bugs, but a total phone destruction. Dead phone. DO NOT UPDATE! you will lsoe your main phone. After update a new bug - the phone wont recognize sim pin, so you cannot start the phone. Without sim it works, but it was laggy and options would not open, so basically you cannot do anything with the phone. Recovery busted the phone. After 1.55gb download you get a stuck on 7% installation and that gives you a red screen with nokia logo in white, top. After, it goes completely off, not responding to any button configuration or charging or pc. SOLUTION? probably isnt
  • the battery drain faster. .coz you cant disable the data connection. .hoping to fixed this soon
  • @Ranoej to disable data connection you have reset your phone
  • Finished all the download, installment, and transfers......... then completely shut off... can't turn it back on
  • Weather app live tile not updating
  • ohhh my lumia 1320 went totally carzy... device heated abnormally when i restarted my phone the sim service was disabled. then i reset my phone and then i got no setting options.... what the hell.... Now rolling back to my cyan version...
  • Anyone having trouble with turning "ON" data connection?  
  • Decided to bite the bullett and install on my Lumia 925 but needed a hard reset after for IE to work properly. Things that I have noticed and are a pain: Alarm no longer work if phone on silent No email notification icon on lock screen Two things that are very useful, has anyone else had the same issues?  
  • When I updated my lumia 525 to the latest windows 10 build yesterday, what I found out that after switching on internet sharing i was unable to switch off my wifi. After resetting, i was able to switch off my wifi even after using internet sharing and half of the issues listed above were gone. But the only problem now is half of the default apps are gone after reset like spartan default, settings, camera app etc etc. Going for windows recovery tool.. :(
  • One more issue - lost configured mail inboxes
  • Hi,   I installed Windows 10 on my 620 but I was having problems with data connection so I rolled back to 8.1. Data connections can't be disabled. This was the problem. It was showing that the connection was OFF but it was not apparently. Now I am again trying to install 10 on my 620 with the insider program but I did not get the update. Is this normal? How can I get Windows 10 again?
  • Sir please help me to download windows phone 10 technical preview at slow ring.I earlier downloaded faster ring,but I'm unable to disable the cellular data. Wi-Fi also not connecting on faster build.
  • phone getting hot & re-started.Some apps on then auto shut down , need long time for re-start .Battery drain's too fast.
  • Initially my Lumia 520 was REAAAALY slow but I reset it last night and it has impoved a LOT. Not going to be taking pics and videos on my phone for a while though! Im also limitiing the apps to the ones I need and actually use so no Angry Birds etc! So far so good. I like it a lot. Also got W10 on my PC. Love seeing it half built!
  • hi friends i have installed  windows 10 preview in my lumia 1520 after getting 8.1.2 update,currently not having any issues before dat some problems like broken screen when opening .
  • When i try to attach a image file and open albums in whatspp, its showing the windows 8 albums format. Due to this i cannot attach the screenshots and its not showing the folder at all. Please do tell me the solution for me if there is any thing to do from user end, if not help me in escalating this issue to the developers end(Microsoft).
  • It would be fantastic if people could report bugs without animosity. If you are technilogically savvy you can probably work around these bugs as the phone is more functional than not, but for the non-savvy I agree that it should not be on your primary phone. I have the same issues with this and the previous build, which was the first one I installed. These have been reported across various forums. Map apps (Here+ and Microsoft Maps) crash to home screen Inability to turn on wifi (this was fixed with a hard reset) Searches input on the edge address bar do not work and appear to get coded to HTML which results in a 404 error (this is inconsistent, but also happens on the officially released pc version) After a hard reset to this build I am unable to redownload apps with common error 0x803F7003 (this is reported to because of server overload and was resolved by continually spamming retry of the download) Any apps not downloaded by spamming report error 0x803F81F5 that I cannot find any information about yet ...and yes I have submitted all this through the official feedback channels.
  • Yesterday i have updated to windows 10 preview on my lumia 535 and now i cant switch on my phone it's just showing microsoft icon and then everything is black can you help me out in solving it.
  • Yesterday i updated my lumia 535 to windows 10 preview after the completion of update my phone is not getting on it's just showing microsoft logo and then everything is black please do reply with the appropriate answer.
  • Have you tried o soft reset of the phone yet? Volume down and power for 15 to 20 seconds.... If that doesn't work, you can try a hard reset. Attention that this will wipe all personal data. i know that many of us have had to do some type of a reset to fix bugs that were caused by upgrading from WP 8.1. It seems that this is like a fresh install on a PC. Start with the phone powered off. Be sure to have the proper USB cable and a computer ready. While the phone is still off, press and hold down the Volume Down button. While keeping the Volume Down button held down, plug the phone into the USB. After 8 seconds, you should see an exclamation mark pop up on your screen. Now, press Volume Up > Volume Down > Power > Volume Down in this order. If done correctly, your phone will begin to restart which may take several minutes. If done incorrectly, your phone will start normally.