Here are your 12 Days of Hidden Gems sweepstakes winners!

Alongside our recent 12 Days of Hidden Gems series, we ran a sweepstakes with a series of giveaways totalling $12,000 in value. The response from the Windows Central community was amazing and we now have a lot of winners to announce for a lot of prizes.

So hold on to your hats, this is a long one. If you see your name on the list below, congratulations, you're a winner!

Keep an eye on your inbox as we'll be contacting you soon to arrange shipping of your prize!

Misfit Shine

  • Aditya T.
  • Antonio C.
  • Jennifer C.
  • Melissa B.
  • Nathan H.
  • Sasha P.
  • Sherwin D.
  • Ta Blessed
  • Thomas R.
  • Tracee I.


  • Randi B.
  • Tim J.
  • William P.

Fitbit Charge

  • David M.
  • Jason D.
  • Jay L.
  • Julia B.
  • Lydia V.
  • Michelle R.
  • Steve B.
  • Steve W.

SmartThings Kits

  • Crystal H.
  • Eric D.
  • Mohd F.
  • Raquel P.
  • Stuart M.

Hilton GC

  • Erica B.
  • Tom G.

Garmin VIRB

  • Erika R.
  • Lily K.
  • Melinda D.
  • Paul G.

GoPro bundle

  • Craig P.
  • Ed McK.

Xbox games

  • Cynthia R.
  • Harriett D.
  • KC E.
  • Kim R.
  • Teresa W.

HP Pavilion

  • Ahmed E.
  • Cam T.
  • Dinesh R.

HP Stream 7

  • Angel S.
  • Brian H.
  • Cole McK.
  • Curtis L.
  • Daniel K.
  • Estela M.
  • Grant V.
  • Roger C.
  • Stephen D.
  • Thomas B.

Razer Kraken

  • Amal N.
  • Atash Q.
  • Dane M.
  • Farshad Z.
  • Harvey E.
  • Heather W.
  • Jacob B.
  • Oscar C.
  • Shafiq J.
  • Zach Z.


  • Bruce B.
  • Joe C.
  • Kim N.

Congratulations to all our winners! And if you want to go back and check out each of the Hidden Gems featured, you can do that the link below.

  • 12 Days of Hidden Gems
Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

Richard Devine is a Managing Editor at Windows Central with over a decade of experience. A former Project Manager and long-term tech addict, he joined Mobile Nations in 2011 and has been found on Android Central and iMore as well as Windows Central. Currently, you'll find him steering the site's coverage of all manner of PC hardware and reviews. Find him on Mastodon at

  • Aww :( Congratulations to the winners. Ps: Winners of the Xbox games, you can send them to me!
  • Haha funny.
  • Winners of anything can send my anything :) 
  • And then you send me the anything that you got :)
  • Or you can simply change your name to anyone of these names *evilface*
  • I am Erika.R , and my brothers are Craig P, Randi B....etc.. All the winners are my brothers and sisters, we want our gifts :)
  • Creative joke.
  • I dint get any :(
  • Congrats to all of you winners! Thank you guys for putting this out there for us to have a chance to win.
  • I'm just waiting for the headline to say Microsoft Lumia Denim Is Available For Download On All Carriers!! Lol. Thought I'd post it here too! :) just saying so don't get your panties all in a
  • Yep. That topic died on the vine.
  • I think you guys mis-spelled my name a few times up there...     Seriously, congrats to all the winners, and huge congrats and thanks to Windows Central for running such a great contest!
  • Lol Nice One
  • Good one.
  • ^This^ Even though I didn't win anything, it was very cool for you guys to have the contest.  And congrats to the lucky winners.
  • It was only for the first world, Microsoft just wants money from us and that's all, they only care about first class countries and that's all,
  • No, if they only care about first class countries, you won't see so many low end Lumia from Microsoft recently
  • They are gonna release the high-ends with WP 10 pre-installed..So..
  • Yippee..!! I won :D [in my dreams :( ]
  • I'm outside of US
  • Aww, why am I not there :/
  • That's okay, I get to go the //Build 2015 conference. I'll enjoy my gift from there :)
  • Lucky You
  • I didn't win!! No problem :( , I'll buy my gift and I will give to me (♡.♡ )
  • Well I didn't win but unless there is another Randi B, my fiance won a wellograph! Congrats love, this is gonna be great for your Syncope!!
  • It is a pretty unusual name, hopefully it is me :) congrats everyone!
  • Congrats!
  • Thank you
  • Congrats to all the lucky folks..WC Community is a nice place to share all your love and more importantly your gifts..So don't be shy to....
  • Congrats
  • There has been a mistake. I should have won! Haha
  • Woo! Looks like I may have won an HP Stream 7! Thanks for putting together this contest! The information was useful and I learned about a few new products and apps I didn't know about.
  • Congrats winners!
  • Big thanks for Windows Central!! even though I didn't win any for this time.
  • Congrats to the winners!
  • Wow, congrats to all the winners!!
  • You guys seem to have misspelled my name..
  • Congrats everyone!
  • Congrats to all the winners
  • Congratulations all winners!
  • Nice.This makes me jealous
  • Thanks WindowsCentral! You guys are absolutely awesome! Congrats to all the other winners as well!
  • Congratulation All Winners! But next time it's all me.
  • Congrats all the winners. To be honest, I'm a little bit sad that I don't win lynda. Anyhow, I can still use virtual academy and local library.
  • Has anyone received an email confirmation that they have won?  Without user names, it's all speculation at this point, as there could be multiple users with the same 'first name, first initial of last name', correct?
  • Haven't received an email yet. It definitely is speculation at the moment.
  • yea, I'm curious as to how many Brian H's there are or if I won a HP Stream 7.... oh... that's right, I cranked out a plethora of bad jokes and such for that contest.  I had some fun with that one.
  • Received an email confirming I won!
  • Congratulations!  There must have been another Steve W. out there...
  • When will windows central be sending out email?
  • got myself a Kraken gaming headset!  Thanks MobileNations! I honestly dont even remember signing up for this :)    
  • Hey everyone! All the winners were sent emails overnight, so if you think you might have won and don't see an email from me, check your spam folder!
  • I guess there's more than one Brian H as I didn't get an e-mail.   I was really hoping I got the HP Stream 7.