Here is the revised Xbox One controller with headset jack, better bumpers and more

That's not necessarily a bad thing. The Xbox One controller is one of the best examples of a console controller in recent times, so much so that even Oculus will be using it with the consumer version of its Rift VR headset in 2016.

The first thing improved with this version are the bumper buttons. Microsoft says it has "fine tuned" them for better performance along the full length of the buttons, and honestly, they do feel better to use. You get a pretty even 'clickyness' along the entire length which is probably what Microsoft was shooting for.

The other outward facing change is the addition of a standard 3.5mm headset jack. This means you no longer need to purchase the additional adapter to use anything but the stock Microsoft headset. This is reflected in the new offering that Microsoft includes in the box with the 1TB Xbox One, opting now for a 3.5mm toting option over the Chat Headset that has been included previously. You can still use the adapter if you like, along with its additional volume controls.

Xbox One controller

The rest of the changes are internal. From Microsoft:

"With the updated controller, in addition to the volume and mute controls on gaming headsets, you'll also have the option to adjust headset volume, mic monitoring, and voice and game audio balance through the Settings menu on your console. We've also improved the quality of audio coming through the controller and increased the maximum audio volume on headsets used with this controller, based on fan feedback. And we've enabled wireless firmware updates on the updated controller which eliminates having to connect the controller via USB cable to receive updates."

So, lots of good stuff underneath, not least no longer having to dig out a cable to install firmware updates. It's a nice refresh of an already great controller, just don't go into it expecting more than there actually is. It'll be available in black or in the special "Covert Forces" silver and black camo edition, which looks pretty fancy from the pictures we've seen so far.

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  • By chance is there less noise from the D-pad on the redesign? That would be reason enough to buy one for me
  • And hopefully no analogue drift. Day one and titanfall controllers had that
  • i dont have day one but mines keeeps drifting too.. really hope they fixed this.
  • I recently purchased the xbox one with 1tb hard drive and the new covert forces controller (without even knowing that both controllers were the updated ones) and to answer your question, the d-pad no longer feels cheap and definitely does not make any click sounds, yet it almost has a nice sturdy padded sensation when you click down, feels good. In terms of shoulder buttons, they have an awesome tacktile feedback.
  • Yeahh... Same here
  • The headset adaptor allowed you to connect a Mic to the headset (for use with Steel Series H wireless headset for example) Does this 3.5mm have Mic and Headphone wiring? The headset adaptor is awful and prone to hissing and noise in the Mic line so other hear hummming etc.
  • I'm guessing the new Le Mans version will be the redesign ones as well. So before getting new one I'll be waiting for them to start being sold.
  • I want the blue and black ones:) I hope they sell replicas. So far it seems they are just promotional peices.
  • The improved bumpers are reason enough to get one of these. Can't wait!
  • I'm looking to buy another soon to use mainly as a PC controller rather than moving it between systems all the time. I'm guessing this is the one that will be bundled with the new wirless adapter for PC when that comes out
  • Did they say they were bundling the adapters with the controllers? I thought the wireless adapter was going to be sold separately. If that's the case then the adapter is enough to reel me in.
  • Yep, there was the wireless adapter/controller bundle option. Yep, enough reason for me to buy one. Though I (also) want one of those funky colored controllers, I've been using the default black ones all this while. Time for a change
  • If you want a cool looking controller, check these out: All you need is to open the controller up and pop the front and back plate off, it's really easy and a fun DIY project.
  • Oculus will benefit from partnering with Microsoft by bundling their headset with Xbox controller. Those who are existing XBox One user will be inclined to buy the Rift because of its ability to stream their Xbox games to the headset. On the other hand Microsoft will benefit from wider adoption of Windows 10, because those who will get the headset will be inclined to upgrade to Windows 10 to take advantage of the features of Oculus Rift's headset.
  • I hope the bumpers are more clicky because the ones from the old one were too "stiff"
  • I miss the 360 ones still, just had to flick the edge of your finger up and never really leave the trigger (Large hands). They were so light you'd sware they'd press just by looking at them...
  • Looks good. I hope they'll come bundled with 500GB models as well from now on, seems inefficient to be producing two lines of controller when one is technically superior. Going to be buying an Xbox very soon though, so I doubt I'd get any 500GB console produced recently enough to include this new controller, but fingers crossed anyways. I'll be buying a second controller regardless, so it looks like I'll buy a new updated one and demote the original controller to #2. By the way, I notice the 1TB console this is bundled with has a different matt finish. Does that change apply to the new controller as well?
  • They probably won't. Need to sell all the old ones first.
  • Would they be included by now?
  • Is this compatible with windows 10 pc or laptop?
  • Yes, with an adapter. Drivers included.
  • No adapter needed if you connect wired with microUSB
  • Thanks...iwilldefinetlygoingtobuythis.
  • You voted 'down'. Howcanichangeit?  
  • I think if you click the "down arrow" a second time it will erase the downvote.
  • Will these be clearly marked when sold separately?   I guess what I am asking is will I be able to tell them apart from the old ones who shopping for them?
  • just look for the 3.5 mm headphone jack. that's the easiest way to tell them apart.
  • These things all sound like nice upgrades, but what I'm really concerned about is the durability of the micro USB port.  All of my Xbox One controllers feel fragile when connecting to a wire, and like they're plugging in at a slight angle at first.  Hasn't been a problem yet, but it's pretty clear it will be.  I hope Microsoft has improved on this as well.
  • Sounds good. I'll upgrade when I need one.
  • Sounds like it's time for me to finally send my controller in for repair ...
  • Since the original Xbox one controller cost over 100 million to make I'm estimating the new controller design cost was at least 20 million.
  • So with the 3.5 mm headphone jack could I plug in just a pair of headphones and hear the audio from my TV?
  • This is what I'm interested in
  • Seconded. Sleeping baby + Halo 5 piped through headphones = win.
  • Update wirelessly ... Tks God.
  • Bit annoying after having to buy two headset adapters recently. Should have had this to start with.
  • You can still use the old adapters.
  • Something I'm happy for. Been waiting for something since Microsoft made comments of working on a hardcore gamer controller a while ago.
  • could someone confirm if we can hear game audio thru the headphone jack too?
  • Just bought one today and just tested it, yes game audio confirmed.  
  • holy crab, thank you, did u experience any delays?
  • Thats amazing!! Thanks.
  • I got that one I tried my bose.headphone sport headphone with mic and it didn't work so I'm taking it back not with it if you ha e to buy new headphones too
  • It all depends on how the male adapter works those breaks in the prong itself determine where the sound is sent if the mic is in a different spot on the male adapter the controller won't recognize it.
  • i bought a 500gb with 3 games from argos and my controller is the newer vertion so look like it may not be just the 1tb ones that they are being sold with now ?