Outlook.com gains 'Interesting' calendar add-ons, and here is how to add them

Microsoft is launching a new feature for Outlook.com users today. The Outlook Interesting calendar feature offers special editions to help users keep track of special events, such as the upcoming 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

In a blog post (opens in new tab), Microsoft stated:

Today, we are introducing Outlook Interesting calendar—special calendar additions that help you track your favorite events. You will be able to add the 2016 Summer Games in Rio—as well as other popular sports—to your calendar. From the gold medal round of boxing to swimming relays to the gymnastic routines—we have you covered. Powered by Bing, Outlook Interesting calendar lets you browse a curated list of Summer Games, sports leagues and teams and add them to your calendar. Once added, your events will show up on your Outlook calendar across all your devices. It's simple, intuitive and ensures you don't miss a thing.

Outlook.com users, along with commercial customers of Outlook on the web, can click on the "Add calendar" selection in the command bar and then select the "Interesting calendar." option, After that, they should see a list of available Interesting calendar events on the right side. Users can select one or more of them to add to their Outlook.com calendar. Currently, this feature is limited to North American users. It will be added in the near future to the iOS and Android Outlook apps for Office 365 customers. Once an Interesting calendar selection is added, it should sync up across all devices.

John Callaham
  • Interesting...
  • Still waiting to get the new Outlook.com xD
  • Same.
  • Ditto
  • me too! All my friends and family have received it and especially being a Windows Insider and MSDN subscriber one would think that I would be the first to receive the update.
  • "Update July 8 2016: Migration is going a little slower than expected. People sharing calendars or using the outlook.com address to sign into their Windows phone are still waiting to be moved (and will be moved last) but others not constrained by either of those issues are still waiting. Currently, Microsoft expects to have all moved before their announced deadline of August 31 2016." http://www.slipstick.com/outlook/outlookcom/first-look-outlook-com-on-office-365/
  • My address is @live.ca :( that's what I get for trying to be unique I guess... Hopefully the rollout will be done by the end of the month!
  • using the outlook.com address to sign into their Windows phone are still waiting to be moved (and will be moved last)
    At least I NOW know why I've not been updated. I'd not seen that important message before. 
  • "People sharing calendars or using the outlook.com address to sign into their Windows phone are still waiting to be moved (and will be moved last) but others not constrained by either of those issues are still waiting."    Makes since for them to support windows phone users last...  
  • Me too! :(
  • Add another to the list.  I signed up for an outlook.com address on day 1. 
  • Ditto
  • Yeah, me too...
  • Me: "OMG SO COOL FINALLY I WILL GIVE CALENDARS SOME USE AGAIN THIS IS SO FUN YAAAAAAAAAAAAAS" Microsoft: "Currently, this feature is limited to North American Users" Me: "BYE FELICIA"
  • Windows Central -the Annoying kind- users: "Just Change your regions in settings"
  • Can I borrow your car real quick?
  • Can I borrow your house?
  • I still don't have the new outlook.com web mail changes. I'm starting to wonder if it's isolated to just @outlook.com address as I'm still using @hotmail.com
  • I have an Outlook.com address, but I'm still on the old version. My dad, has had the new version for several weeks now.
  • Outlook.com, Hotmail.com, msn.com are just domains - they all run on the same system.
  • I would think the same but damn...how long is this rollout? They're introducing me features for a product that we don't even have.
  • yeah I hear you. I believe the new Outlook experience should finish rollout by Aug 20th if I'm not mistaken.
  • I hope so... I'm hoping that the new Outlook system will allow me to search my mail... Right now I can't use Outlook.com because it is so buggy, which is a same as it has awesome theoretical functionality with sorting mail...
  • I use the @outlook.com domain and don't have it, yet the joint account my wife and I share has it and that's a newer account than mine... go figure, ha ha ha
  • Thank you MS.
  • I Like it
  • Fantastic but how about they solve the junk mail problem. It seems to be getting worse again. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Totally agree, ever since I got the update to Outlook.com last week I've seen an awful increase in junk mail...284 just last week! I'm so ticked.
  • When you linkify "outlook.com" and the link doesn't actually go to outlook.com... you suck a little bit more.
  • one time I made a link to images.google.com and for some reason it takes me to Yandex Image Search.
  • Seriously.. This is ridiculous!! how many months do we have to wait to get the new outlook.com experience?? Its been almost 6 months since they started rolling it out. I use outlook as my primary email and this the treatment I get? And on top of that they tease these new features in our face (oh.. not for you.. only on new outlook experience). I would totally understand if it was in beta all these months. But, still waiting for it while it was released half an year ago is totally unacceptable.
  • Well the original announced end date for the roll out was like Aug 20 or 30 , so it's not like they are beyond their expected finish date yet
  • Alright. One more month then. I didnt know about the end date. Thanks. I guess being a loyal Outlook user, I never expected myself to be in the last batch.
  • End of the summer they said. As one person said "Which hemisphere. My Dad has it, the new ui. But I'm still on the old.
  • Agreed. It blows my mind that the people actually using their Outlook.com account will get it last. I tried to tell my co-worker to sign up for Bing Rewards, he logs into his old stale Outlook.com during the sign up process he what do you know --- he has the new Outloook.com experience.
  • Ms should also try and send calendar notification to user on any of their uncoming events
  • Can we see professional sports team game schedules?
  • This!
  • Nevermind, I don't want the new design. Thumps down! Needs more options. There is no way of setting the message preview line into its own column. Its always under the sender name. Theres a huge amount of space being wasted on the right if you use the preview pane on the bottom. 
  • Ios and android? How about wm?
  • Pretty odd name, but sounds like a neat idea. Maybe do the same for showtimes of popular TV shows?
  • still waiting for that search function... how long has it been? Over 6 months or so? Never mind MS...... Just take your time...
  • North-America?!?!?!?!?!??!?! Why not Europe too!!