Here's what Microsoft says about Windows 10's version of Solitaire and its ad-supported model

Microsoft has taken some heat in both the tech and mainstream media over the version of the Microsoft Solitaire Collection game that's bundled with Windows 10. We reached out to Microsoft to get a feel on its view after seeing the reactions.

Microsoft has already released a version of the classic card game for Windows 8 and 8.1 that generates in-game ads that can be turned off for a monthly fee of $1.99 or a yearly subscription for $9.99. A version of the game is also available for Windows Phone as well. That same business model has been used for the Windows 10 version of the game, but many users and reviewers think the use is different because it comes with the operating system, rather than as a optional downloadable game from the Windows Store.

Windows Central got in touch with Microsoft and asked if, in light of these complaints, the company might consider modifying its business model for Microsoft Solitaire Collection in Windows 10. Here is their response, via a company spokesperson:

"Microsoft Solitaire has been free to play for the past 25 years on Windows, and continues to be free to play on Windows 10. Users can access and play everything within the game for free, including new premium features like Daily Challenges and Star Club. The Microsoft Solitaire Collection game experience and Premium Upgrade features such as Double Coins for Daily Challenges, and removal of advertisements, is identical to the Windows 8 version that has been available for purchase for years."

That response would seem to close the book on the company making any changes to Microsoft Solitaire Collection in Windows 10, at least as far as its use of in-game ads.

John Callaham