Here's what's new, fixed, and broken in Windows 10 build 10130

Windows 10 build 10130 has just started rolling out to Fast ring members today, and of course includes some new stuff, like an updated look for icons, along with some bug fixes. Of course, there's still some stuff that's broken as well.

Here's the full breakdown of what's new, fixed, and still broken in Windows 10 build 10130:

Here is what's new in this build Start: You can now customize your Start experience by opening the Settings app > Personalization > Start.

Start-Settings: Here, you will be able to turn on full screen Start when in the desktop if you want. You can also customize the locations that are shown on bottom left of Start where you see Power and All apps listed. In 10122, it showed File Explorer and Settings but you can now customize this list here. (Note – in this build there is a known bug where after upgrading from Build 10122 to this build removes the File Explorer and Settings icons from the location area of Start. You can add them back in the Settings app as I mentioned previously and you'll need to sign out and back in to see changes you make to the list.Icon design: We've updated our icon design to reflect our Microsoft design language, creating a more consistent and cohesive look and feel across all our product experiences. These icons are more modern and lightweight, while creating a better visual relationship between typography and iconography. On top of that, app icons are now more consistent between desktop and mobile so apps like Word and Excel look similar no matter what device you're using.Feedback played a huge role in the current icon design refresh. In earlier preview builds, we heard our design was too flat and lacked richness. We've since iterated to deliver a balance between mono line style icons on mobile, and the three dimensional depth of desktop icons. The new icon set is familiar, yet fresh and usable.Between the legacy aero-style icons and new app icons, several thousand icons were designed and redesigned. We explored Swiss graphic design, Dutch product design, and modern architecture (among other design fields and styles) to inform and inspire the design process. The icon evolution will continue as we push more consistency and better functionality.Jump Lists on the Taskbar: We've refined the UI for Jump Lists so that it matches the rest of the new UI for Start and the Taskbar in Windows 10. Right-click on File Explorer if you have it pinned to your Taskbar and check out the updated Jump List.Continuum improvements: When in Tablet mode, you can now swipe the top edge to open up the app commands if the app has them just like you could on Windows 8.1. We heard a lot of feedback from Windows Insiders on this and we've brought it back based on your input.Improvements to Microsoft Edge: You'll see improvements with Microsoft Edge in this build (still codenamed "Project Spartan" while we prep our branding changes) including the ability to pin/unpin the Cortana pane, Favorites pane, Reading list pane, or any other pane in the browser.We've introduced more advanced print options. We've improved Address Bar badges. We've also made improvements to Reading view to support different content, window sizes, and device layouts such as the Surface Pro 3 in portrait. And playing full screen video on websites like YouTube or Hulu now work as you would expect.Taskbar settings for Virtual Desktops: A month ago we introduced two Taskbar configurations for Virtual Desktop users and asked Windows Insiders to vote for their favorite. On one hand there is the global Taskbar that shows windows across all desktops and on the other hand there is the filtered Taskbar that only shows windows on the current desktop. Thousands and thousands of you have taken the opportunity to rate your experience living with these configurations. On average the satisfaction score for global Taskbar was 3.8 versus 4.2 for filtered Taskbar. We also observed users are 34% more likely to be strongly satisfied with the filtered Taskbar and three times less likely to be strongly dissatisfied compared to the global taskbar. The Insiders have spoken! The Taskbar will be filtered by default starting with this flight. Don't worry global Taskbar fans, you can have it your way with just a settings change: Settings app > System > Multitasking > Virtual Desktops.Cortana keyboard shortcut: For all you keyboard shortcut lovers out there – try out Win key + C. This will now launch Cortana's speech recognition to ask questions, set reminders etc.Microsoft Print to PDF: The feature in Windows 10 for printing to PDF now called "Microsoft Print to PDF". To try it out, simply select "Print" from app and choose "Microsoft Print to PDF" as printer. If you were using "Print as a PDF" previously, you can remove it from Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers > right-click on "Print as a PDF" and select "Remove device".Playback improvements with the Movies & TV app: You can now play videos in the Movies & TV app in full screen mode with this build.

And, of course, there are some known issues still hanging around as well:

  • Mail app may crash due to a memory error, and may not synch mail when in the background. We plan to service this issue with an update via Windows Update.
  • In some cases, flyouts from the Taskbar (including Start, Cortana, Network, Battery, and Action Center) fail to fly out. This is a transient issue, and after retrying a few times it will succeed. We are also working to service this issue with an update.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity may fail at times due to a known issue. A system reboot is required to recover from this state.

Finally, Microsoft mentions that they will not be pushing the previous build, 10122, to Slow ring due to some issues with upgrades from Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. However, if this new build goes well, they will look at pushing it to the Slow ring.

Source: Microsoft

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Had to turn my monitor brightness down to read all that light blue text ;) Can't wait to update!   EDIT: Most excited for the Win+c Cortana for some reason.
  • Agreed, that blue could do with being a bit darker.
  • or do what Anandtech and other sites do where you put quotes over a darker background color to help them stand out.
  • That's good because its a familiar shortcut, use to be to open the charms bar. Is there a shortcut for the action center yet? I might've overlooked it when reading
  • Win + A
  • Thanks for letting me know, It's appreciated.
  • Actually in build 10122, hitting Win + W brings up Cortana with speech input enabled
  • I'm on 10122 and if I hit Win+W I get the Start Menu and with Win+C I get Cortana  
  • A three finger tap on the touchpad has brought up Cortana for many builds now. More convenient than multi-key combos IMO.
  • Not very useful when using a keyboard without a trackpad.
  • Awesome!
  • Can someone tell me the whole features on OneNote for windows phone 10? Or post a video??
  • how's your WP10 experience? mine's horrible .. it's super unstable apps don't always work .. i have to sometimes use the old app store some times use the new (beta) one, sometimes it just stays black and i have to do hard reset... it's slower than ever... i wish i never updated ...i loved my WP with 8.1 but with 10 it just doesn't work right... i love the things that are being implemented and i can't wait to see them released but as long as they are stable.  Don't get me wrong .. i knew where i was getting into that's what the insider group is for.. i just update after update don't see stability changes .. sometimes i just see less stability in the builds.   EDIT: Btw i'm using Lumia 1020
  • Awesome, Looking forward to more tablet enhancements, swipe down for app commands is a strong step in the right direction 
  • This doesn't currently work for a few people on SP3s. What device are you using?
  • SP3 here as well.... not working...
  • Hopefully, this is something someone finds a work-around for or they fix with an update. Are you also having the issue where you can't login w/ a PIN? If so, let me know. I fixed that one.
  • If you know how to fix PIN login please help! I can't get it to work.                  Thanks!!
  • Go to Settings>Accounts>Sign-in options. Select Change PIN. You can use the same PIN or create a new one, it doesn't matter. Before you hit ok, look at the check box at the bottom left that says, "Use 4 digit PIN." If this is checked, uncheck it. That should fix the issue. Note, you can still use a four digit pin even if this box isn't checked. Do a reboot after you've done this.   Let me know how you come out.
  • when i go to accounts page to set sign in options it just stalls after clicking and doesnt open up  
  • Here is how to get this working in 10130: 1) Go to C:\Windows\ServiceProfiles 2) Double click on the "LocalService" folder (you will be prompted to gain access to the folder, say yes) 3) Continue on to AppData\Local\Microsoft\Ngc 4) Delete the GUID Folder (it should be the only folder) listed below the Ngc folder. 5) Go to the Settings App>Accounts>Sign-in Options section. 6) You MUST change your password for this to work, or you will just get a spinning circle when clicking on "Add a PIN" which is now available - therefore ****CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD**** 7) Once you've changed your password, you can click on Add a PIN and you will be able to successfully set one. *****NOTE**** If you want your old password back, you'll need to jump through hoops, as MS has turned on the equivalent of AD Password Policy of (7) passwords remembered, and not allowing you to change back to your original password until you've gone past 7.  Therefore, you'll need to change your password 7 times, and on the 8th change, you can set it back to what you want...absolutely stupid of them, I know, but its what you'll need to do.
  • Would be interesting for me also, I have the problem on Build 10122.
  • See above.
  • Did not change anything for me, theres simply no input for a pin at login
  • Okay. Try these two things. Instead of selecting Change PIN, click on I Forgot My PIN and reset it that way. It will ask for your windows password. Put that in, then put in whatever PIN you wan. Make sure the Use 4 digit PIN box is unchecked and reboot.   The other thing... try installing the phantom firmware update: 5/14/2015. Then restart after that.
  • Still does not work. Doing as you described removed the PIN but when I try to define a new one its not possible with an error like "There is a problem with the PIN service". Well not that bad I will wait for the 10130 isos cause I am not able to update due to the 0x80246017 problem..
  • Forgot my PIN did the trick, along with unchecking the 4-digit PIN.  Thanks!
  • i cant login with pin too, only password, no option for pin. Also missing/not working jump list.
  •   See above.
  • PIN log in doesn't still work meh
  • error 0x80246071 on Surface Pro 3 when trying to install 10130
  • I got that too, tried a couple more times, several reboots then it did a firmware update and all good after that.
  • Is it worth updating from 10074?
  • Of course.
  • I've updated 10074 to 10122, and I think i should just wait for slow ring update. Much improvements, but sometimes freeze on my ASUS N43SL. Not yet try 10130.
  • must be nice. my damn computer is still stuck on 10074 ;(
  • I still have 10074, and i cant get any updates even im on the fast ring.  Whats the reason?!
  • Storage
  • I think you are in slow mode of updates. Check your update settings and put in fast mode. If it don't solve I think that you will have to download the ISO of the preview again.
  • I had this issue before. I set my time zone and region to US and it worked.
  • I might try this one
  • So i just did changing region and the new build appears and ready to download. Im using my old laptop as my tester which has dead battery so i have to plug it in to run. The download couldn't start because it says my battery saver is on. I did turn off my battery saver but still 10074 build always detect my battery saver us on.
  • For me, the Windows Update (to newer build) always fail. You can download the latest ISO and install as "upgrade". (Actaully, I always install as new since I just test drive it)
  • Download Build 10130 here (Click to Go for Download)
  • I hope they fixed the memory management issue
  • Have they updated the name of Spartan to Edge with the new logo. Looking forward to it as I love the new explorer logo.
  • Didn't read the article I guess.
  • Dutch product design. What the hell is that? And I'm from Holland.
  • Being from somewhere doesn't make you any more expert in fields you don't know.
  • Wow Einstein.
  • +
  • You have a unique flag.... Maybe they got inspiration from that?
  • LOL 3 color bars
  • Come on now. The Dutch Oven? Known all over the world, and probably outer space.
  • Best comment ever!!  You Sir are a genious. And yes, I know that you are in fact a Sir, as this is classic juvenile male behavior. I applaud you.
  • Dutch product design, especially furniture is pretty highly regarded and has fantastic balance of clean modern lines, and natural organic curves. If you ever watched Madmen, much of the furniture in the shows is that Midcentury/Dutch furniture.
  • You mean Danish. Mid century Danish was the furniture in those Madmen suites and still among the most revered designs. When I hear Dutch I think of dikes.
  • Dutch product design means everyone pays their own meal. ; )
  • you never know. Americans are like Haines 57, they are from all over the world, except for American Indians. you could have 40+ different background from your dad and mom side.......................................remember U.S, is only 250~300 years old, where the rest of the world, is 100000s of years old. So, you never know:-)
  • Unless your a holy roller of course. Lmao.
  • +
  • I think you'll find that American Indians did actually arrive in America from elsewhere, albeit a very long time ago.
  • Lol it is the difference between European (nice and slick) design vs American (Fat and Chubby). Take BMW vs Ford as an example. :D
  • Still stuck in build 10074 thanks to error 0x80246017....
  • Stuck on 9*26/41; thanks to vhd installation...
  • Delete the vhd and do again?
  • 5.70731707317073170731..........?
  • From error 0x80246017 and vhs installation: "you're welcome"
  • There was a fix for that if you had followed it you would have it
  • Me too, stuck in build 10074 thanks to error 0x80246017
  • If it stops at 18% there's a fix. Just search.
  • It doesnt even start. I contacted support yestersay, they tried some magic over remote control, but still nothing.
  • error 0x80246017 on Surface Pro 3
  • I hope that MS will develop also Group policy preferences to manage start menu and apps via AD
  • I think once all the features are locked down they will provide all the templates for GPO management. Probably shortly after RTM...
  • The "Microsoft" part in "Microsoft Print to PDF" seems unnecessary, but it's obviously an insignificant issue. Great to see the list of known issues shortening build after build.
  • They added Microsoft to avoid it conflicting with other popular third-party Print to PDF solutions.
  • Probably legal issue..
  • Maybe it is like Google print
  • They broke Wi-Fi?? Oh Microsoft. But massive fix log!
  • This is a showstopper for me. Let's see how vad it is.
  • Wifi has been a dud for a long time on HP Spectre ... seems to be related to HW Drivers as another laptop I have is very stable.
  • Wi-Fi's sucked ever since 8.1
  • Nope, 8.1 is better than 7. I'd rather got failed on 7 than in 8.x, just in Win10, everything WiFi falls back to 7's way....
  • Why even release it if wifi is broken? Wtf... Who the hell uses wires anymore. Sheesh. Couldn't take them long to fix wifi. Seriously.
  • Um, plenty of people with desktop computers in offices, without wifi built in, that's who.
  • My wifi was broke but I rebooted and its been fine ever since prolly installs drivers after login.
  • It was broken for me as well. I ran the troubleshooter and it fixed it but the new build was riddled with bugs for me. Couldn't open the start menu, Edge wouldn't accept keyboard shortcuts again. I had enough problems that I rolled back
  • Print to PDF = awesome! It keeps getting better and better. :)
  • A native Scan to PDF option would be great too...
  • Its nothing new been using it in word for a number of years
  • It's Save as PDF in Word.
  • I think the naming is to differentiate it from all the 3rd party print to pdf producrts that may be installed to the computer. This way you know you are using the built in one.
  • I just have to say that taking user feedback and doing something with it makes me so happy. For software I use everyday for no fewer than 12 hours a day, I love that I can provide feedback and be part of something to contributes to my own experience. I hope the rest of the WP community on W10TP is enjoying the experience as well.
  • No, I am not. They've ignored almost every single one of my bits of feedback. They are only listening to Windows7 throwbacks.
  • They're obviously cat people.
  • nice
  • Ha... Everyone who replies negatively clearly has down syndrome. Lmao. Feedback is like voting. If u ask for all tiles to be beige and nobody else says that... Ur gona get no response retard. Go to iPhone and see what being ignored is all about. Took iPhone like 5 years to bring landscape texting. RETARD!
  • I don't like the new icons, it still look the same as 8.1, the previous were more win10, what i really want to see is a more unique icon for each type, only video icon or pic icon without the yellow folder in th background
  • True. It's MS regressing again to strike 'balance' from outdated 3D icons from the modern new flat ones. They just need to have good flat icons, why can't they do it?
  • I hope they either improve reading list or add pocket support, because right now it simply takes too long (like, days) to sync between mobile and desktop, and it's incredibly annoying.
  • those icons now look more consistent to what?! to Windows 98?!
    those icons don't fit to the flat metro look.
    those icons don't look modern nor fresh.
    those icons are not consistent to itself (just look at the different viewpoints).
    those icons have horrible, distracting colours
    those icons don't fit to the Office Icons.
    those icons don't fit to anything on Windows 10 mobile.
    those icons just look not very well made.
    those icons don't fit to the wireframe Icons of Settings.
    etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. honestly, what do they think?!
  • They look ok. But they definitely caves to that feedback who want everything to look like old school windows.
  • I think these look much better made than the ones they had previously. Plus, they do look consistent to each other to me (not that much to the rest, though) Pretty sure feedback will be more positive on these.
  • yes, they look better than the previous ones but that's not enough to be good icon design...
  • What everyone forgets is that these icons are not locked in until the "next" version of Windows. All they need is something acceptable to launch with (the previous W10 ones weren't) and then they can spend much longer perfecting new ones to release as an update. Microsoft are running out of time before RTM and they know it.
  • They want to strike balance, a compromise, and make everything familiar yet new to dozens of Windows 7 users. From hereon, I hope MS refreshes the icons to be more flat. Nobody uses isometric icons anymore!
  • I say screw the Windows 7 users. They make me sick.
  • Yeah all they need is hotdog stand
  • wow. so you talk alot of crap, which its is YOUR opinion. you talk like you talk for everyone else. it's what you see, not what others think, like me of course, because the icons are ok. of course you can keep spamming your crap on other sites like you are doing it. "honestly, what do they think?!" well I told you, I think you think you are talking for everyone else. I like the new icons and alot of people do. but if you don't like it, do you know instead of spamming the same message on all these sites like neowin or WC, you can just change them... get icon set from devianart and change them. instead of complaining, maybe you can move your fingers and hand a little... not to copy and paste comments, but to change the icons. you know, it's not like Windows 10 is taking away the 3rd party apps that does this easily. and it's not like YOUR opinion applies to others. again, (if you didn't understand the first time) change the icons yourself, if not, don't complain.
  • How about a powerful theme engine allowing users to choose custom icon packs. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • ok, how would you design a LIVE tile/icon that no one else have? Please design it, and make a link, so all can see your idea. Also please don't forget we are in 2015, and not in 80's or 90's or early 2000 anymore. I personally love LIVE tiles, and the colors it comes with. Its unique, informative and different. Now I just don't like old, boring icons anymore. In addition, I can create and organize my own icons, so I don't waste time looking for it, if I have 200+icons on my desktop. Also, 1 quick search on Cortana, I can access my app/progs I didn't make the tile icons. Having said that, I do like to see a 3D style Live tiles, with customizable color options/choices. So if you want them all to look white, black, red, green, gold, yellow, can be able to do it easily. In my case though, I like it the way it is, even if they don't offer that. Anyway let me know what you think.
  • For some people apparently everything is broken so who cares what's fixed. Windows 10 is looking better and better anyway. can't wait to get finally the stupid final version! I could use the preview version but with all these info around the web, it's fine, no time but still time to read or watch some videos :) but Windows 10 looks nice. at least the bugs aren't bigger than the fixe ^_________________^
  • Hmm, not available here ...
  • I think the second and third listed problems were in 10122 as well. Hopefully they're fixed soon.
  • Horrible icons. Should be flat. Period.
  • Effin 3D everywhere. 3D icons, 3D tiles. It just doesn't fit Windows 10 design!
  • Well, it IS Windows 10 design now. ;)
  • I guess Steve Ballmer may be the one approving this.
  • They should be 8 bit pixelated 2d icons
  • +1
  • You'll need it in favor of Hololens by Microsoft
  • Needs moar pretty.
  • I hope they let us change the pre-boot color. I like the current medium blue. I'd also really like it if they'd install an F12 "full-info" repair mode.
  • The icons are just bad. I wonder who aproves these designs. Damn. Metro design concept was great in WP7 and it looked futuristic... but now this Windows Moder Design looks outdated and very pale. Android Material Desin and Apple iOS 7/8 Look far better than the aging look and feel of Windows flat colorful icons. The sharp corners of the live tiles are not at all helping at least a 2px roundness would make a huge difference. In Windows 10 the use of 50 shades of gray everywhere doesn't really look attractive at all.
    All I'm saying is, WP7 started a flat design trend that others have adopted and made better implementations of.
    Windows 10 Preview design looks fine but not great. So, I hope they use more defining colors or shades on apps and menus other than the grey gray gray all over. Because all apps look alike, somehow.
    Hope MSFT has a bigger surprise for us on design when W10 starts rolling on July 29th ✌
  • Deviantart solves all aesthetics problems!
  • For once I have POSITIVE comment for a Windows 10 build amogst the things I hate. I'm glad to see the swipe down for app menus come back. I hope this works with a mouse. I HATE being forced to use STUPID KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS for things. In Windows 8 there were mouse clicks or gestures that were great matches for touch gestures. Taking this away is about as retarded a move by Microsoft as it gets. Also, what's the deal wasting time with jumplists on the idiotic Task Bar and NOT bringing back the awesome All Apps experience from Windows 8 along with ITS jumplist?
  • I miss the Windows 8.x all apps list. Also the horizontal vs vertical scrolling.
  • WP is vertical scroll though. Shouldn't they be consistent?
  • Swipe down for app commands isn't currently working on my SP3. You can still right-click to get said commands, though.
  • my tablet is stuck in the automatic repair loop I can't get it past that I have tried everything so I guess I'm going to have to wait on this build or just save it for my desktop
  • You will need a Win 10 UEFI CD or USB stick to boot from. Choose "Repair your Computer" lower left corner.
  • In case anyone else hasn't discovered this yet, Cortana will now open things on your PC. I told Cortana to "open Microsoft word" and she opened the Win32 program of Microsoft Word. "Open twitter" results in her opening Twitter app. So works on both Win32 programs and Apps. Wow! I'm loving this!
  • Print to PDF has been in there the last couple builds, been using it when I did have Windows 10 running. Nice to see it added formally to the change log. Waiting for the ISO to give this a spin. I only dual boot using VHD, and you can't update VHD builds apparently. Really hoping they add in saving Start Menu/Screen layouts. It's already there in your backup. All I need to use this regularly is a better OneDrive experience honestly. So hard to move from what we have on Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. Having placeholders and access to virtually all your files is really nice.
  • if it were up to me they would just redesign windows for pc, making it look like windows phone on steroids, an infinite amount of deep dark menus with big ass fonts and cool animations, transparency-blur effects from aero and such things, but at this point I would be happy if they made it possible to have transparent b&w icons, like a wp8.1 start screen with a background, everywhere, and enough of the white backgrounds
  • Hope before they hit the RTM build, they realize of missing sensor drivers in flip-based notebooks, and they take the advantage of that sensor, and switch to tablet mode easily without getting messed with keyboard and touchpad that is still active when flipped.
  • Microsoft provide the Continuum API; it's up to the manufacturers to decide how their hardware interacts with it.
  • Ah, I didn't know about that. Must be missed some events. Thanks! Now I have to wait for my manufacturers to make it.
  • Microsoft really thinks Windows 10 is going to be ready for a full release this summer? That's just over a month (July). Not a chance.
  • Two months (late July) plus Their internal builds are at least 2-3 weeks ahead of these public ones. Aaaannnnddd ....theyll have everyone squashing bugs not adding new features. They'll make it.
  • What Tony said. Windows 10 is, for the most part, in feature lock. That means that the teams are doing nothing but fixing bugs. 2 months to fix what's honestly a mostly stable build anyways hardly seems impossible.
  • Summer ends on the 23 September.
  • It's already pretty stable, I've had only one crash using all the tech previews and I really push with a lot of multitasking and heavy programs. It's largely about aesthetics now IMHO.
  • Just updated to 10130. Colour is all washed out for some resaon, its rather bad. I really cant stand it. Video playback will not work now. "can't play. This item is in a formate we don't support." .mp4 Video and media player say the same thing. I really cant stand it, if I cant find out why its all washed out and cant fixed it I'll be rolling back.
  • Video drivers?
  • No, I found out the video playback looks like its a sound issue. I currently have no sound and i cant seem to fix it with any drivers. As for the washed out look I have uninstalled and resinstalled the nvidia drivers with no luck. Even turned up digital vibrance in the nvidia control panel and that didnt help. Just making a ISO boot and going to try a new install and see if that helps.
  • I think my colours look washed out too. Like the screen lacks contrast or something.
  • I had a computer with an older build plugged into a monitor. I plugged the computer with 10130 into it and sure enough the blacks are washed out and it lacks contrast. It's giving me a headache so hopefully they catch this one, it's subtle but sucks ass.
  • Yeah I reload my old image, I'll wait a week or so and see if there are any updates or I may just skip this build for now.
  • What I am still waiting for Edge is the ability to PASTE an GO and PASTE and SEARCH. It seems unworthy to be called a modern browser without that functionality. This ain't Konqueror after all.  Come on MS, I can't be the only one asking for this.
  • This^^
  • Interesting to note that when on the dual boot screen, technical preview is dropped from Windows 10. Close to RTM?
  • They weren't kidding about things not flying out from the task bar. The start menu has stopped responding numerous times for me. And I CANT get swipe from the top to open app commands to work at all.
  • Finally jump lists!!!! :-)
  • Just a tweak to them, been working fine in earlier builds
  • Oh I meant we can now click the letter groups in the all apps list to jump to any letter group! That is really important, no more long scrolling!
  • Been in rehearsals all morning, so I was going to start the update when I got home for lunch. Imagine my surprise to see it at 32% when I headed to my desk. Waiting to see what's up. Too bad the USB port on my Dell is broken. I have generally been unable to check out the tablet changes. : (
  • Hope they a bring new build for the slow ring soon. I had to revert to build 10049 from 10074 due to the start menu issue. The start menu just refused to open in that build. Coming so far, I can say build 9926 was the most stable and functional build till date.
  • Soo bad for phones no update is coming i think they don't thinking about phone so badd our phones hangs shame to be win phone user they are doing nothing for phone if any employee read this then please give update to phone s also otherwise people sold ur phones
  • Nobody give reply again shame on u
  • This isn't Microsoft... And Windows 10 for phones is also still a Technical Preview. Uninstall it if it's not working for you.
  • Microsoft Engineers/staff reading people's feedback and comts: We hate tiles                                                                                            We Love tiles We want the old start back                                                                      Do not bring the old boring start back, we like the full size metro, our top request We want Win10 to look just like Win7                                                       Do not make Win10 look like Win7 We want Win10 to look & perform just like XP, with new name                   Do not make Win10 to look and performe like 20 years old XP, EVER We want everything for FREE               How stupid is MS giving everything out for free, how those people bring food to their table spending hrs working Win10, Win8/8.1 UI is so ugly                                                                         Win10  Win8/8.1 has the best looking U.I. around and we LOVE IT  Win8/8.1 is the worst OS ever made                                                              Win8/8.1 is the best OS on the planet and works fantastic, we love it We will never install Win10 MS is going to charge us later                              Thank you MS for giving this OS for FREE for EVER, with no extra fees We hate MS, just cuz                                                                                        We love MS, for making the BEST prods in the world, with great prices We will never pay for our OS, and not going to with Win10                      We so grateful, for MS offering Win10 OS for FREE with no additional charges. What happen to Win9, did win8 was that bad?                          We know that 9 was skipped due to prog conflict written for win95 and 98 by developers Win10 was copied from Apple's OSX                    thank you for not copying from CrApple's OS and making it work for TOUCH or Nontouch, flawlessly We hate Charm Bar, that was the worst thing ever                         We LOVE the Charm-bar, and MS better bring it back ASAP, its our #2 request What happened to the Start??                                                          WOW , we love the new full page Start, that we can customize to our needs How can we shutdown, restart, Sleep our PC's now ?                      It is so great to use the """"WINDOWS POWER MENU""""(Win key+X, or right click                                                                                                             (on Start), this feature has way more options than that boring start did. Thanks MS We don't want search on the Taskbar                                              We want the search bar on the Task bar, please don't move it We hate Cortana                                                                             We love cortana and want her to do way more, its the BEST thing ever invented We hate our desktop PC look like smart phns                              We LOVE the way Windows offers BOTH Desktop and touch friendly options. Is like                                                                                                           having 2 OS in one. If we are on the DESKTOP screen, its just like any Windows                                                                                                                 OS that we are use to,....AWESOME Windows is dead, MS is dead                                                     WOW MS, you keep reporting record profit every quarter, and your OS 's are the BEST                                                                                                     in the world, installed on over 1,000,000,000+ PC's around the world Win8/8.1 does not work on my PC its MS's fault                  We realize hardware parts goes bad in ANY device, and its NOT Windows fault at all, we                                                                                                   have installed it in our OLD 7 or 8 years old PC's with good hardware, and Win8/8.1/10 is                                                                                                    been working fantastic with 0 issues from day one. We are very happy with Windows 8/8.1/10 Well you get the picture, now imagine you are the one that keep getting these type of feedback/comts, and trying to make all these Low and HI IQ that blame everything on Windows, like nothing else matters or exists(like, motherboard, WiFi, CPU, GPU, Memory, Power supply, Battery, Fan, transistors, capacitors, diodes, Hard Drive,................and so many more components that makes our computers), people happy. Just think, one person says one thing, and another says something else. Just read the comts here, and see how many people are BoooHoooing, and Whining, and how many people are happy and are grateful/exited. 
  • Hats off to you. Very well said.
  • thank you very much. Honestly it's up to us, to make win10 a success, and block all the negative BS, that will discourage people from getting it, so they can see it for themselves, instead of them listening to some apple, and Google lovers, that don't even tried it or own own it. You think I am joking, but I've come across lots of those people, bashing windows, then after few comts exchanged, and proved them wrong over and over, fund out they don't even own or used windows. I personally love MS/windows for life. One of my main reason, MS spends a lot of money, ever year to find cures, and support many charities all over. Unlike CrApple that doesn't give a crap, and ONLY supports gay organization, and nothing else. Why just 1, with $160 billion cash on hand overseas? Oh well. I know MS is working hard to make as many people happy as much as they can with Win10, working around the clock and reading all the reviews and feedbacks, but even that has its limitations. I do like everything they are doing on Win10 though so far. However, I do like to see 1 thing, and that's an visible way to access"""Windows Power Menu""""(win key+X, or Right click on Start button,....), with a small arrow or symbol right next to the start button, for everyone to see. You would not believe how many people don't know that feature is even there on Win8/8.1/10. I've shown that to 100s of people, and they love it. Its a hidden feature that should not be hidden I think a small arrow, or symbol next to the start button should fix that.what do you think? (I sent my idea to Win10 feedback, hope someone will see it as helpful feature:-). sorry, I hope I didn't bore you. Thanks again.
  • You don't have to sign out and back in to make changes to the start menu, just resize it.
  • Am I in the twilight zone here? The Youtue comment section hasn't been able to load in any build sincethe insider program began for me. I can't possibly be the only one experiencing this. All I see is "Loading...." in the commen section. Works fine in ie, chrome and firefox but in dice. This isn't happening to anyone else?
  • nope. but you'll not be missing much, the YouTube comments section is a one-stop shop when it comes to viewing all thats wrong with humanity.
  • I agree that the youtube comment section isnt exactly a gathering of intellectuals, but the fact that it doesn't show is troubling. It could be a sign of a deeper issue with the browser and might end up affecting other areas.
  • What's the settings to use to enable Cortana in Australia?
  • my pc finish to install  windows 10 build 10130. but same icon do not see anymore. in sparta page.. mybe the will fix with restart... but looks ok.
  • Sorry on my last post. i tried to keep everything separated in 2 sections, but somehow, it mixed up the left and right side columns that i made(left side was all the negative comts, and the right side was all the positive comts). You can still read it and figure it out, as negative side was only 1 line.  it just didn't work the way i wanted to work. Oh well, hope you still get my point. I do realize there are those who try so hard to make MS/Windows look bad, to get people discourage and mislead them to buy other products. More likely they are working for CrApple or Google, and get paid to just write bad reviews and post hateful, untrue,........... BS comts. Unfortunately that's EVIL CrApple, and Google way of practice, and those low IQ people that buy these nonsense untrue junk BS garbage. Just look what that did for CrApple MacCrap/iJUNK, and Android sales. there are many ways of marketing, brainwashing, fooling, passing lies around, misleading,........are all part of CrApple's marketing. Just pay attention next time when you go to different site talking about windows, and you'll see people are posting bad, BS comts about Win8/8.1/10, without them even owning it, and those who starts to believe what they say, and will look at CrApple and Android devices, instead, that never had intention of looking before. Do you makes You say huumm.  Oh well, i hope we all work together and STOP CrApple's evil way of practice, no matter how hard they try to make MS/Windows look bad. So remember next time you see a negative comt or post about Win8/8.1/10...., ANYWHERE, its more likely coming from an iSHEEP CrApple or Google paid employee. I learn that few months ago. By now I can tell who these people are, since their comts are absolute BS lies, with BS info. DO NOT LET THESE EVIL CRAPPLE PEOPLE WIN. CrApple and Google will do everything to make Win10 look bad AGAIN, like they did with Win8/8.1.   
  • What about problem with WD Mybook? Is it still here?
  • There has been a problem with the wifi on my surface pro 3 at times on build 10122. I don't think the wifi issue will make any difference from now. A reboot is fast on surface ;)
  • Nice, they spent time redesigning icons which brings no benefit beyond visual pleasure, but still Edge lacks a proper ability to import bookmarks after they have been deleted. Got their priorties in order then. This is what happens when you open up testing to idiots who have no clue about software testing
  • Yes, because they told the entire Edge team to design icons instead of coding... Edge is a seperate team, maybe their changes weren't ready for this build. Given Microsoft never release builds on a Friday (historically speaking), it's a surprise build anyway.
  • Great
  • After updating to this version the audio doesn't work, when I do a sound test I get an error saying "Failed to play test tone" other than that everything works great. This happened in a previews version too and somehow I fix it but now I can't, even if I tried the fix tutorials in the web. Any help would be appreciated.
  • Lower sound frequency from 24 to 16 bit. Thats what helped me. CORRECTION: Enabled test tone. Trouble shooter will not run nor will any other program make sound.  
  • That fix it, thanks a lot.
  • Sweet
  • Can anybody tell when next update comes on windows 10
  • Adendum to my previous comment the fix I tried did work BUT it got switched back by windows second time setting held.
  • window 10 build 10130 get here (Click to Get)
  • Hope they don't mess up the icons... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Update to 10130: No sound from my Soundblaster Z or realtek motherboard only sound from R9 270x over hdmi work.
  • WOW, a feature that I have been "trolling" around was added, FREAKING awesome. When your in the start menu, click a letter or number, now they all show up, clicking it brings you right to the letter in the start menu. Just like in WIndows Phone, awesome, now the start menu is much easier to get to a program instead of scrolling to find it..
  • How to change tile grouping layout to 4 in-a-row (like on the title pic above)? 
  • Well this build seems a step backwards after the last one on my SP3.
    Taskbar no-longer autohides, so apps no-longer run full screen.
    App commands are completely missing in action.
    The full size start screen now only has two colums of two wide tiles, had three columns in the last build making the screen very empty and fisher price in appearance.
    All settings button broken in action centre.
    Build 22 was a clear improvement on the one before that but this one (30) has taken many steps backwards imho.
  • I 100% agree. Huge step backwards. I went back to 22
  • Still waiting to update past 10079, keep getting an error!
  • Sr tell me when next update comes for phones
  • Running on Venue Pro 8. I no longer have 3-D tiles, but easy-ease animations from bottom to top. Anyone else have the same?
  • The Win + C for Cortana is cool, but I think that was the combo for app commands before. Has that been replaced by anything? And I really hope they roll out some fixes and improvements for mail, calendar and OneNote soon. Those apps are the worst part of the W10 experience (mail especially) with a long list of issues in Feedback and tons of upvotes.
  • My windows installation remains stucked at copying files 3%. Any salvation ?
  • Will you get this build even though build 10122 didn't install for some bizarre reason?
  • Well, as soon as this build hits ISO, I'm going to think about putting it back on my daily tablet. Took it off earlier this year, but I think it's about ready for prime time now.
  • just did this last update and it ruined my windows it doesnt start anymore now
    build 10122was great and i loved it but the last one was bad or it was just for me i dont know please fix this
  • Installed. Only had about 5 minutes to play around with it, and most of that time was spent trying to get Spartan to work in light of proxy errors (won't connect regardless of settings, while Chrome will...regardless of settings. Had this problem in 10122, though so it's not a 10130 thing. Hope to play around with it more tonight. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Windows 10 still had problems with my AMD processor. And it doesn't recognize my graphics card either. I like the concept but it still seems rough, I don't mind but if it releases with these bugs is gonna be bad... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Do i have to purchase new peripherals with this new Windows 10 or can it run old win 7 drivers for my peripherals? Win 8 could run win 7 drivers but not Win 8.1. So I ditch Win8.1 as I don't think its reasonable to expect equipment manufacturers to write new drivers for older equipments. Changing equipments that are working fine with Win 7 or Win 8 just to use Win 8.1 doesn't make sense especially when it comes to manufacturing equipments or even some of your own stuff. Just wish MS have some sense in this. They were very adamant that it's equipment manufacturer's job to write new drivers. So the world just showed them the middle finger& stick with whatever versions of Windows that works resulting in the new OS having a small share compared to their older Win products. If this is the same case with Win10 , then wish MS the best of luck in their quest to get all users to switch to this new OS. Having new features in OS doesn't make it more powerful or superior. It also needs to be 100% backward compatible.
  • I can't use internet after this update. It shows there's no internet connection :( anybody else having the same issue?
  • Audio service has stopped working after this update. What to do?
  • This as well.
  • I can no longer sign in with my pin. On my tablet there is no back button, but on my laptop if I use tablet mode, the back button appears. My icons have disappeared from the taskbar on my tablet, even in desktop mode. I can't pin apps to the start menu on the tablet. I do say it is more stable on my laptop, but missing language switcher, etc. are really annoyances.
  • How is it possible that Wi-Fi still seems like something Microsoft hasn't solidified at this point? - Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 - Windows Phone 7 / 8 / 8.1 and now Windows 10? Surface Pro 1, 2 , 3...
    Wi-Fi connectivity may fail at times due to a known issue. A system reboot is required to recover from this state.
    The fix of course is still the same reboot the system. Which is better than, forget this network > restart > reconnect
  • My after effects stopped working...
  • I installed build 10130 on Samsung Ativ 9 plus and I experience some new problems with respect to previous builds. From Ituns I cannot see the Iphone or the iPad connected to the PC. They are recognized by Windows Explorer but they do not appear in iTunes. I reinstalled iTunes from scratch after deleting all the Apple stack, but the problem remains there. Let me know if there is a work around to see Apple devices from iTunes.
  • windows 10130 - Chrome wont accept me making it default app. I have to manually set in default programs. Please dont tie me to bing. Wifi connection needs 2 mins after login on 0ne of my lenovo x201's. Perhaps needs a clean install if I can be  bothered. After 10130 update pre-existing profiles log in as if new (this wont take long - its taking longer than usual..text displays).
  • My favorite feature of Windows 8.1 was the swipe from the right corner to choose sleep or power down. It no longer exists in Windows 10. I have to wait for the screen to timeout. Please bring back the swipe and choose sleep!