Hitman: Absolution comes to Xbox One backward compatibility

Xbox 360 title Hitman: Absolution is now playable on Xbox One via backward compatibility. While it's the only game being added today, Hitman: Absolution joins a rapidly growing list of backward compatible games that numbers north of 300.

If you've somehow missed out on the Hitman series, Absolution plants you in the shoes (and suit) of Agent 47, the world's ultimate assassin. Throughout the game's story, you'll be sent on missions to take out high-profile targets with your bare hands or any variety of weapons you can get your hands on. Along the way, your knack for stealth will be tested as you track down your targets.

If you already own Hitman: Absolution, either digitally or on disc, you should be able to start playing it once again right away on your Xbox One. If you're interested in diving in fresh, however, you can pick Absolution up at the Xbox 360 Marketplace for $20. And for more backward compatible titles, be sure to check out our comprehensive rundown of every game on the list.

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  • In retrospective, I'm still surprised this game was the visual powerhouse that is was.
  • Good game. This was the first hitman game that I actually liked and enjoyed playing. I never really understood all the negative comments made about it. I'm still playing through the newest installment, and there are parts that I like, but it hasn't been able to capture that same feeling I had from playing absolute.
  • Well, Blood Money was such a great game with big open levels. There were so many ways to approach and complete a mission it was amazing. Absolution was a much more closed game where you had to mostly go from point a to point b and had limited ways of doing it. It just didn't feel like an hitman. ofc it all depends on how you play the game. I've enjoyed all the hitman games but absolution was the worst. It is still a good stealth game but it sure didn't feel like an hitman. 
  • The new approch for this game didn't bother me but the disguise system was pathetic. 
  • I already got for FREE!
  • This was a 360 Games with Gold free offer, so chances are many people will be able to play it for free on Xbox One.