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Homebrew Windows Phone Marketplace comes to all custom ROMs [Video]

Developed by dotcmpt over at XDA, the Deepshining Marketplace was an extension of the Deepshining custom ROMs for older HTC devices like the HD7. The Marketplace took advantage of the ability to install XAP files over Internet Explore, a trick developed by the Dark Forces Team. By hosting Homebrew XAP files on his own server, dotcompt was able to deliver XAP files via his Marketplace to folks using his custom ROMs.

Now he's released the XAP for his custom, homebrew Marketplace for others to use. This means of course that you could install it on any dev unlocked phone--but be warned, installing XAPs over IE won't work making this little more than a browsing tool (with some swanky wallpapers and site links). Having said that, others who have custom ROMs by other chefs could now install this thereby taking advantage of dotcompt's nice work.

In that sense, this news is clearly for the niche user out there but it's still a great move in the right direction. The DS Marketplace is smooth and elegantly made so it deserves a little more attention from those with custom ROMs out there.

Dotcompt also released a power tool call DS Supertool that gives quick links to certain settings and even a speed dialer. That will work on any dev-unlocked phone and is worth checking out if you like new homebrew apps to play with.

Find DS Marketplace here at XDA and DS Super tool here in these threads for more info. For another take on the Hombrew Marketplace scene, take a look at our Bazaar coverage.

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

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  • Didn't know the Lumia 800 had a custom ROM for it. Sweet!
  • It doesn't. You can just side load the Marketplace to your device but as the video shows, it's not very useful without a custom ROM.
  • Is this marketplace different/better than Bazaar? I love the PC client for bazaar just wish more devs put their xaps on it.
  • So I'm not sure what this means for a Dev unlocked Titan. I assume not much as usual.
  • Yeah, really only good for non-DeepShining custom ROMs.
  • This is only useful for custom ROMs & I think they only run on first generation wp7