Homefront: The Revolution has its sights on PC and Xbox One for 2015

Homefront: The Revolution has today been announced for PC, Xbox One and the Playstation 4 with an estimated release of 2015. You may recall the title of the game, which was published by THQ back in 2011, but received a rather severe negative reception from both critics and the fan base. Deep Silver has since picked up the IP from THQ and worked on a new installment in the series, titled The Revolution.

Deep Silver has fired up some screenshots and the below trailer, which itself looks pretty awesome. With Homefront: The Revolution, we're looking at an open world game with four player co-op, set in Philadelphia. Utilizing tech found in the Crytek engine, players will be able to immerse themselves in a dynamic environment, lifelike expressions on non-playable characters and simply a more realistic experience.

Look out for more information as we draw closer to its 2015 launch. Who's stoked for the upcoming revolution?

Source: TechnoBuffalo

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • I really enjoyed the first Homefront game a few years ago...The storyline was fantastic and the the game itself was a very good first person shooter with some fun online multiplayer elements...I highly recommend this game for anyone that enjoys the Call of Duty games...Very excited for a new Homefront!
  • I also enjoyed the first game.
  • LOVED the first homefront. It was my favorite shooter storyline ever. Also had a lot of fun with the multiplayer...in fact i still have the first game!   I will need to see gameplay on this though before I make a decision, although that announcement trailer was sweet.   Can't wait for e3!
  • Same here!! Very much looking forward to the sequel.
  • The ending of the first left room for a sequel, glad to see it happen. The campaign was short but the story was good. Will check this one for sure.
  • 1st homefront was great! Even tho not everyone liked it. Could u compare it with Cod. No not really. 2 different feel shooters imo. But it looks like The Division game has finally a good looking rival, till Crysis 4 is getting announced (Soon) Btw, I'm skipping cod AW. But going for battlefield Hardline. That game plays so good.
  • Homefront got boring very fast, it's got nothing extra on existing shooters.
  • I need to see actual gameplay.
  • +1
  • I really enjoyed the game, will definitely pick up the second.
  • Homefront was terrible, proably not going to buy this installment
  • I hope this game will be full HD.
  • Pretty sure no AAA title will be in full HD(w/60 fps) on the xbox one
  • Yea, I have a strange feeling you are right. Hope not though!
  • The first game was pretty fun until the glitches started (which made the game unplayable). I really hoped the game would take off because it was partially developed in the city I live in, but sadly never warranted more than the $5 price that I paid.
  • It looks like it could be a pretty fun game, but there's just one thing that bugs me. I know that they are trying to make a fun setting for the game, but the idea that North Korea is somehow able to not just take over America, but is also far superior technologically is just unbelievably ridiculous. North Korea is a country 1% the size of the U.S. with 8% of the population that can't even feed it citizens yet they're somehow supposed to be able to launch a successful invasion of the country with the best military in the world and a civilian firearm ownership rate around 36%. Not. Possible.
  • First one was garbage. They better pick it up with this next one
  • No Xbox360 ahhh shit
  • So. Halo?
  • Happy to see Homefront is getting a sequal.  I enjoyed the first one, especially the multiplayer.
  • Looks promising