How to add an Ethernet port to your Surface Go

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If you want a stable and quick internet connection, your best bet is to connect your PC to the web using an Ethernet cable. The Surface Go doesn't have a dedicated Ethernet port like some chunkier hardware, but you can still get that stable connection thanks to devices like a dock or an adapter. Here's how to set it all up.

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How to add ethernet to the Surface Go

  1. Plug in dongle or dock into the USB-C or Surface Connect port depending on your hardware
  2. Connect an Ethernet cable to your router
  3. Connect the Ethernet cable into your dock or dongle

You don't need to configure the hardware to connect through an Ethernet connection. Windows 10 handles it smoothly and is plug-and-play. If you do run into any issues you can go to Network Settings in the Settings app.

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The Surface Go was kept trim by the people at Microsoft when it comes to ports. However, it does have a USB-C port and a Surface Connect Port and both can be used to add an Ethernet connection to your device.

The Surface Go is great as a portable device, but if you use a Surface Dock, you can set up all of your peripherals at your desk and just plug the dock into the Surface Connect port to get to work.

This dongle works with Gigabit Ethernet, so you'll be able to take advantage of high-speed networks. Thanks to the dongle being USB-C, it can also work with many other devices including other PCs, tablets, and even some phones (though support for phones will vary).

Additional Equipment

A Cat-6 Ethernet cable will handle just about any internet connection speed you throw at it.

Amazon Basics Cat 6 Ethernet cables

Amazon Basics Cat 6 Ethernet cables (Image credit: Amazon)

Amazon Basics Cat-6 ethernet cable ($7 at Amazon)

This cable supports up to 1Gbps connections, which is more than enough for almost any task.

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