Dell XPS 13

It sounds simple, but without a HDMI output on the XPS 13 you can't just pick up a cable, plug it in and away you go. It's a mild inconvenience, but never fear, there's always a way around these things, you just need the right equipment.

You've got a couple of easy options. The first is by getting an adapter. While the XPS 13 doesn't have a HDMI output, it does have mini DisplayPort if you're on the older model from early 2015, or Thunderbolt 3 on the refreshed version.

If mini DisplayPort is what you have, simply grab a mini DisplayPort to HDMI cable to hook up the laptop to the TV. These are really cheap and can be had for under $10.

There's a quick fix if you're on an older model, but what about the newer ones? Thankfully, Thunderbolt 3 ports are also USB-C, and you have a number of options open to you to not only get a video output but to further extend your connection options.

For example, you could use something like Microsoft's Display Dock which will give you HDMI capabilities as well as extra USB and Ethernet all in one little box. Or, you can get a straight USB-C to HDMI cable if you don't need anything else.

Microsoft Display Dock

The idea of a dock is something you can entertain on both models, especially if you're using the TV to get some computing done versus just plugging it in to look at some photos or watch a movie. There are a range of USB-C docks out there, some good, some not so good, but we're fans of Microsoft's because it's a well made, reliable product.

Dell has some slightly more powerful offerings that you can snag, too, again covering you on the older XPS 13 through to the latest Kaby Lake refresh. The downside is the price, with the Thunderbolt 3 dock costing $300. If a TV is what you're using, even a 4K TV, and nothing else, it's probably overkill.

Dell USB 3.0 Dock

If you are wanting to go Dell, the older, less expensive USB 3.0 dock at $170 is a better bet. It still allows a video output over HDMI as well as a bunch of USB connectors and gigabit Ethernet.

It ultimately comes down to use. Bottom line is if you want to just get the screen from your XPS 13 to your TV, get a cheap cable or adapter as described above. If you're entertaining using your TV as a monitor for some couch computing, maybe go for a USB-C or USB 3.0 dock. You've got plenty of options whatever you need.