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Best answer: To buy the Season Pass for Season of the Worthy, you need to buy it from Destiny 2's in-game store, Eververse. It costs 1,000 Silver, which is Destiny 2's in-game currency.

How you can get Season of the Worthy's Season Pass

To get the Season Pass for Season of the Worthy, you'll need to have 1,000 Silver for Destiny 2's in-game Eververse store. Silver can be bought outside of the game for real money; 1,000 of it is $10 worth, so at maximum you might need to spend $10 for the Season Pass. However, if you have leftover Silver from previous purchases, you can use it to get the Season Pass as well.

Why get the Season Pass for the Season of the Worthy?

The roadmap for Season of the Worthy.Source: Bungie

The Season of the Worthy looks like it's going to be a great time. There are new player-versus-environment (PvE) activities that involve working with other Guardians to defend the Warmind Rasputin from hordes of enemy attackers. Over the course of the season there we'll also be working with Rasputin in order to stop the Red Legion from destroying the Last City by crashing into it with their massive starship, The Almighty. Grandmaster Nightfalls that reward players with tons of loot are coming too, and the pinnacle player-versus-player activity Trials of Osiris is returning so that Guardians can test their mettle against one another for top-tier gear and cosmetics. Make sure to check the image above for the full roadmap for Season of the Worthy.

As you level up the Season Pass, you'll also get two brand new armor sets. If they're anything like the ones we got from last season, the Season of Dawn, these pieces of armor will have very high stat rolls. The set of armor we get towards the end of the Season Pass will also unlock as ornaments for players to use on any Legendary armor in the game.

Go the Eververse route

Destiny 2 Silver.

Destiny 2 Silver

The in-game currency option

You'll need 1,000 Silver in order to buy the standalone Season of Dawn Season Pass from Eververse with Silver.

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