How to easily check if your favorite service has two-factor authentication

If a service you use supports two-factor authentication, the smart thing to do is to take advantage of it. It's something we 100% recommend, but it's not always obvious if it's available especially if you use a lot of online services.

Fortunately, there's an easy way; add to your bookmarks.

2FA Auth

It's a simple but highly effective resource that allows you to check whether a service supports two-factor authentication, and in what form it takes. Not all 2FA is created equal, as some will only send an SMS code for verification, others will allow use of an app like Microsoft Authenticator (opens in new tab) and some, such as Steam, have a proprietary system in place.

There are categories to cover pretty much everything, and most of the popular options are listed. But also listed are those that still do not offer this added security; looking right at you Netflix.

So definitely head on over and check it out. It's also possible to add your own contribution through the sites GitHub repo, so if there's something you think should be on there go ahead and get it added. Everyone benefits that way!

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  • 2FA doesn't work with an Hotmail account and the Win32 version of Outlook 2016, and that's a damn shame.
  • Do you need to put in an app password for Outlook?
  • Your Hotmail ( email should allow for 2FA...but alas, Outlook 2016 will require an app-password, which sucks.
  • 2FA works perfectly well with your Microsoft account. For Outlook 2016, you just create an app password. It's a slight inconvenience, but you only need to do it once for any new device. The Office team will presumably support this eventually, but this is no reason not to enable 2FA right now.
  • No way! I just checked again and my Hotmail account does have 2FA.
  • Do people still use "" as their email addresses? is the branded service now, and yes it supports 2FA.
  • I still use "" and my mom uses "" Just because the site is now doesn't mean old Microsoft accounts are unsupported.
  • uhh...  I still use
  • Thx for the tip!
  • The huge problem with the Microsoft Authenticator app is that it doesn't support THEIR OWN REQUIREMENT FOR 7-DIGIT CODES!!!!  Sheesh, I'm sick of trying to verify a Microsoft site only to find I have to ask it to text me the 7-digit code because the app only generates 6-digit ones.
  • For me the app generates 8 digit codes. And i have a different problem: When trying to authorize other apps via OAuth (like Picsart) on my phone, the Microsoft website says "Enter this 2 digit code in your authenticator app", but the authenticator app receives a push notification with "Approve/Deny" buttons. No matter which button i tap, the website says i denied the request. :-\
  • Using the correct version?
  • New version of app gives 8 digit code for MS services and accounts. Make sure you have the correct version downloaded. 8 digit codes work.
  • Seems to be an issue with Quicken. Enabling 2FA causes the program to ask for a place to send the code, then never does.